Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vote to End the War

In two days, Congress could vote to end the war in Afghanistan
Dear Dick ,
Last month, we came within 6 votes of ending the war

This time, let's get more than 'close'. Tell Congress to end the war NOW.

Congress is about to vote on the annual appropriations budget for the Pentagon and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And we've gotten word that our progressive champions in the House will offer a number of amendments to cut off funding for the wars.1
This is our best chance to end the wars. But it won't be easy -- the House is still controlled by Republicans who want to cut every government program EXCEPT the wars. And just last month a similar amendment came within 6 votes of passing.2
That's closer than we've ever come before on a vote to end the war. But as the old saying goes "close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades."
Help us get more than 'close'. Send your Representative a message asking them to end the war this week by voting for amendments to end funding in the Defense appropriations bill. alerts@truemajority.org
This will not be an easy vote to win. But we've never had momentum like this before either:
All the talk in DC is about WHEN and how fast to end the war, not whether to end it.3
Some Republicans have already broken party ranks to support amendment votes to end the war, and we only need 6 more votes to win.4
The debt ceiling talks have everyone in Congress focused on how to save money, and nothing in our budget costs more than the wars - over $6 billion a MONTH.5
But even if the conditions are right, most Representatives will only support an amendment to end the war if their constituents specifically ask them to. And with the first votes scheduled for July 7, that makes your voice the most important one they can hear right now.
Make it happen - Tell your Representative to vote this week to end the war.
Darcy Scott Martin
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Dick's Wars and Warming KPSQ Radio Editorials (#1-48)