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Edited by Dick Bennett for a Culture of Peace, Justice, and Ecology

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     OMNI’s JULY VEGETARIAN/VEGAN POTLUCK is Wednesday, July 11, 2018 (2ND Wednesdays), at OMNI, Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology .  We start eating at 6:00.      All are welcome. 
      OMNI’s director is Gladys Tiffany.  OMNI is located at 3274 Lee Avenue parallel to N. College southeast of the Village Inn and south of Liquor World.  More information: 935-4422; 442-4600.     Or take College to Harold St (at Flying Burrito), turn east (right if you’re heading north). Go one block to Lee and turn left.  Go one block to Bertha and we’re the gray brick on the corner, 2nd house south of Liquor World, solar panels on roof! 

CONTENTS: OMNI’s Vegetarian/Vegan Action Newsletter #50, July 11, 2018

Health, Nutrition

Wiley Barnes will reveal more about our edible yards.
VegNews (July/August 2018)   
Two of the many ads.     Special attention to Los Angeles as a Veg/Vegan city. 
Article on the decline of the dairy industry.     Have a vegan wedding.  
Veg/vegan in social media.  And much more.


Protection of Animals, Empathy, Compassion    
Vegan Advocacy Initiative.
 New book: Animal and Disability Liberation. 
 Leaping Bunny Program: cruelty free companies.

Protection of Planet, Carnism, Climate Catastrophe, Mitigation, Adaptation

Google Search July 10, 2018


Health, Nutrition

Full-page ads in VegNews (July-August ’18):    Eden Foods, Dried Mushrooms:  Maitake and Shiitake.  These mushrooms “offer valuable polysaccharides, especially beta-glucan” and are “very rare sources of vegetable vitamin D as ergosterol, the reliable vitamin D2 precursor.”  “Veestro, gourmet plant-based meals delivered.”   “Organic and preservative-free.”  Won a VegNews 2017 Veggie Award.  Etc.

Editorial on LOS ANGELES, “the epicenter of the plant-based lifestyle.”  VegNews name LA “the #1 vegan city in America.”  And the city is featured in an article by Chris Miller & Kristy Turner.  “Made in LA.”  But Miami, Baltimore, and Vienna! And other cities are praised too.  An article on dairy milk, “Dairy Downfall” recounts how vegan options are dethroning dairy.  An article on vegan weddings!   Or throw a vegan summer bash.    Also a page on “Get Digital,” vegan happenings in social media.  And a page on books; e.g. “The Plantpower Way: Italia”  I have just now told you about 5% of this rich publication on the enjoyment of plant-based food.





Protection of Animals, Empathy, Compassion

Our Mission. Vegan Advocacy Initiative (VAI). VAI is a people of color, animal advocacy and food justice organization. As animal advocates, we support a shift ...
Dr. Linda Alvarez, PhD, Co-founder and Director. Linda ...
Donate to VAI. Thank you for donating to the Vegan ...
People of Color: Animal Rights, Advocacy and Food Justice ...
VAI co-founder Liz Ross interviewed on Collections By ...
2016 People of Color: Animal Rights, Advocacy and Food ...
If you have any questions about any of our programs or ...

See “Five Fierce Humanists” by Christopher Cameron.”  The Humanist (July/August 2018).  Liz Ross, a co-founder of VAI, is one of the five black “Fierce Humanists.”

New Book:  Beasts of Burden: Animal and Disability Liberation by Sunaura Taylor.  The “entanglements within disability and animal rights.”

LEAPING BUNNY PROGRAM  LeapingBunny.org,  info@LeapingBunny.org  Connecting compassionate consumers with cruelty-free companies since 1996.”  Download & tap the new cruelty-free APP.   Leapingbunny.org/APP



Protection of Planet, the Climate Catastrophe, Mitigation, Adaptation

Eating Meat and Climate Catastrophe, Google Search, July 10, 2018 
What you eat has a climate impact! Here are ... Food and climate change. The sun sets over ... As global meat consumption increases, so does its climate impact.

Apr 7, 2016 - People Still Don't Get the Link between Meat Consumption and Climate Change. A new kind of messaging could make it easier to appreciate ...

Animal agriculture and eating meat are the biggest causes of global warming .... To full address climate change impacts, we need to consider different types of ...

Nov 22, 2017 - According to NASA, at least 97 percent of publishing climate scientists agree thatclimate change is real. The debate over whether human ...

by J de Boer - ‎2013 - ‎Cited by 68 - ‎Related articles
This paper addresses the relationship between meat eating and climate change focusing on motivational explanations of environmentally-relevant consumer ...
fortune.com › Commentary › Climate Change
Jul 19, 2017 - Eating a vegetarian or vegan diet could have a positive impact on climate change, since so much energy goes into meat production.
Climate change has been called humankind's greatest challenge and the world's ... the most important thing that you can do is stop eating meat, eggs, and dairy ...
Dec 12, 2017
Eating our way out of climate change ... Even so, the U.S. still has one of the highest per capita meat ...
Sep 15, 2017 - To stop climate change, we need to eat less meat ... But if the aim of all this was to reduce meat consumption, those efforts have failed.


Contents: OMNI’s Vegetarian/Vegan Action Newsletter #49, June 13, 2018
Vegetarian Summerfest 2018, arranged by NAVS, North American Vegetarian Society, July 4-8, Johnstown, PA.  VegetarianSummerfest.org

Health, Nutrition
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: Vegetarian Starter Kit
D’Andrea, 10 Best Vegan Cities
Vegan Restaurant in Each State of USA
Cookbook Reviews

Protection of Animals, Empathy and Compassion for Animals
Two Books
    Rollin.  The Unheeded Cry
    Lindstrom.  The Skeptical Vegan
Farm Sanctuary
Humane Farming Association
Brutal Slaughterhouse Industry
Vegan Leather Industry
Eating Animals

Climate Change, Extreme Weather, Resistance
Vegetarian/Vegan Diet vs. Fossil Fuels: 3 essays

END OMNI’s Vegetarian/Vegan Action Newsletter #50, July 11, 2018

Dick's Wars and Warming KPSQ Radio Editorials (#1-48)

Dick's Wars and Warming KPSQ Radio Editorials (#1-48)