Wednesday, July 27, 2011

U.S. Army Killing Civilians

Pentagon's Skeletons: WikiLeaks puts war crimes in spotlight

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Uploaded by on Jul 27, 2010
The U.S. military is desperately trying to close-in on the sources behind the biggest leak in its history. Pentagon chiefs admit it will take weeks to assess the damage to U.S.-led operations in Afghanistan after the revelations, which include the killing of innocent citizens. Meanwhile, the Wikileaks website is promising that further revelations are on the way. The online whistleblower is now checking into reports dealing with American conduct in Iraq. It's thought they could expose similar findings to the thousands of documents already posted on the web.
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  • @Blueracer66
    Just like 9/11 right?
  • sick..
  • US Army acting like Nazies Yes Nazies
  • Thats rich, coming from a Russian based "news" organisation.
  • Americans should wake up before they are hated worldwide like the nazi's , they are no different then them.. they were working on the extinction of jews and americans are trying to wipe out the muslims ...
  • I love RT than other news, see how they show the truth..
  • testing

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