Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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 Bulletin of World Report on the Culture of Peace for August 2011mailto:%7Ccoordinator@cpnn-world.org to cpnn
Despite the absurd culture of war that pervades the world, when we read about your activities in CPNN, you show us that the Global Movement for a Culture of Peace continues to grow everywhere. It may not be evident, but history is moving!
Thank you for your many responses to the June bulletin. You will find some of the articles that you sent below. Click on any photo to go to its full article and discussion.
Thank you for assigning several new reporters to write about the news from your organization. In any case, you are always invited to send an article on the submit article page. Please consider also writing about other culture of peace news and initiatives, as well as films, books and music that promote any of the 8 domains of the culture of peace listed below as defined by the United Nations resolution.
CPNN is now publishing articles in French, Spanish and Portuguese as well as the English translation, so do not hesitate to write in one of those languages. Soon we hope to have the entire website displayed in all those languages.
Note: if the photos do not show up, you may also get the bulletin at http://cpnn-world.org/bulletin/bulletin-11-8.html.

 Life-Link Program Promotes a Culture of Peace

 A Call from Africa for Sustainable Tourism: the Lusaka Declaration

 Reflection on Non-violent Training Course, Fletcher School June 2011

 Gender Perspective on a Culture of Peace: A Book Review

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on peace education
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on sustainable development
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on human rights
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on women's equality

Hope in a Shanty Town: Story of a Woman in Bangkok

Alice Walker: Why I’m joining the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza

GPPAC’s Peace Portal: Share Your Story

On Peacekeepers’ Day, UN honours those serving and fallen heroes
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on democratic participation
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on tolerance and solidarity
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on free flow of information
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on disarmament

We look forward to hearing from you.
Do not hesitate to contact us at decade@decade-culture-of-peace.org

Peace, through struggle,
The CPNN Team
P.S. CPNN also encourages discussion based on the content of the articles. Here are the most recent moderators' choices for the best ongoing discussions. You are invited to read and take part in these and the other discussions by registering and logging in at http://cpnn-world.org/cgi-bin/ib3/ikonboard.cgi.
PEACE EDUCATION: What are the most important books about the culture of peace?
SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Does military spending lead to economic decline and collapse?
HUMAN RIGHTS: Is there a new international generation of human rights activism?
WOMEN'S EQUALITY: Do women have a special role to play in the peace movement?
DEMOCRATIC PARTICIPATION: The Arab spring of 2011, Can it inspire democratic movements around the world?
TOLERANCE AND SOLIDARITY: How can different faiths work together for understanding and harmony?
FREE FLOW OF INFORMATION: How can we know if the culture of peace is advancing?
DISARMAMENT AND SECURITY: Presenting the Palestinian Side of the Conflict

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