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United Nations Day October 24, 2011

UN Day 2011 - In Everyone's Interest

 The UN Association of the USA to jbennet

October 24th is the most important day of the year for UNA-USA. As an organization, we believe that United Nations Day is a great opportunity to focus national attention on the work of the United Nations on the anniversary of its founding.
UNA-USA's 2011 UN Day theme is The United Nations – In Everyone's Interest. During a time when some of our elected leaders doubt the value of the UN, we must use UN Day to demonstrate all that the UN does!
UNA-USA chapters organize a variety of UN Day celebrations across the country from film festivals, concerts, and award ceremonies, to gala receptions, Model UN simulations, speaker series, and serious debates of issues before the UN. There are many different ways for you as a UNA-USA member to celebrate the founding of the UN within your community.
UNA-USA has sent letters to select governors requesting that they appoint Honorary UN Day Chairs in their home states, and has provided them with a sample UN Day Proclamation. Chapter leaders should email Tanisha Dyall if they are interested in working with a State UN Day Chair.
National research conducted from April 27-May 2, 2011 by Public Opinion Strategies and Hart Research, on behalf of the UN Foundation, shows that 85% of American voters believe the UN is an important organization in which the U.S. needs to maintain an active role. The survey showed that Americans continue to view the UN as an important global forum and organization. Those who perpetuate myths about negative American perceptions of the UN are ignoring the data.
UN Day is the most important day for Americans to stand up with our elected representatives to prominently display our overwhelming support for this critical organization!
We hope that you will join us in organizing UN Day events in your community!
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