Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pentagon Corporate Welfare, Deficit, and Debt

 Real Security is Social Security
Kevin Martin, Peace Action to jbennet 7-27-11
Dear James,
The Far Right talks about wasteful government, but when you come right down to it, the big ticket items it wants to gut are programs like Social Security, Medicare and now Obama’s newly installed healthcare reform.
Peace Action has developed a strategy that offers more than a list of priority spending items in the federal budget. The Far Right uses the financial mess as an excuse to implement its agenda of cuts in vital services. Those working to protect the constituencies these programs serve need to sharpen our message as to where cuts are needed, starting with where most corporate welfare resides - in the Pentagon budget.
At this critical moment, I need your help to push for deeper cuts in Pentagon spending. Your contribution to Peace Action will ensure our voices are heard not only in the Halls of Congress but in their districts as well.
Our activist network consists of hundreds of veteran organizers at work in their local communities and tens of thousands of members like you.  Alone we’re drowned out, but acting together, we make sure we’re not ignored.
Debt and deficits have deeply divided our government. Congress and the President have been debating for weeks about how to address the country's fiscal issues, even playing a potentially disastrous game of chicken with the debt ceiling.
Tea Party compliant Republicans are offering a false choice - either raise taxes or cut desperately needed domestic programs that are keeping American families afloat in the economic crisis.
Between now and the 2012 elections we have a real opportunity to finally force the President and Congress to face the facts.  War and weapons are not making us secure and we can no longer afford the failed policies of militarism.
Your generous financial support is urgently needed today to keep our demand – cut Pentagon spending not Social Security and Medicare – at the forefront of the debate on debt and deficits.
Humbly for Peace,

Kevin Martin
Executive Director
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