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Media Reporting about Nuclear Power

This is intended to inform readers about reporting on nuclear power appearing in local newspapers and to encourage local research .   I hope someone will carry this forward.   It’s not a systematic collection, but based only upon items I clipped on the subject since 2007 when interest in reviving nuclear power revved up.   During this time I was not opposed to nuclear power, but thought it should be our last choice for energy.    However,  I notice I have more items opposed than for, and cannot say with certainty that is an accurate reflection of the newspaper content.   At present (2010-11) I am focusing my own reading and writing on US militarism and empire, so I am glad some of these reports acknowledge the danger of nuclear power leading to nuclear weapons.     Dick

Charlton, Angela.  “Nuclear-waste impasse hampers renaissance.”  ADG 1-20-08.  A comprehensive (for a newspaper), apparently well-researched article on global responses to radioactive waste.
Perry, Mark.  “Yes to nukes.”  ADG 3-12-10.   Perry is Prof. of Econ. at U. Michigan, Flint.
Crenson, Matt.  “Quakes Rarely Damage Reactors: Engineers design nuclear plants with natural disasters in mind.”  TMN 7-18-07.    This AP report, written when preparation for a 7.75 magnitude earthquake seemed sufficient, seems out-of-date after the 2011 Fukushima 9 earthquake, sunami, and nuclear reactor partial-meltdowns.
Seeley, Tina. “Nuclear Industry Ponders Policy.”  TMN 5-25-07.  “Regulator Warns of Nuclear Bubble.”  TMN 5-26-07.  Both articles, from Bloomberg News, about a meeting of the nuclear energy industry. 
Mahapatra, Rajesh.  U.S. Nuclear Firms Eye Indian Market: Company Executives Scouting Opportunities.”  MN 12-2-06
AP.  “Nuclear energy hot topic again in U.S.  MN 7-2-07
Caterinicchia, Dan.  “Energy Industry: NRG Plans Nuclear Reactor: Application first in nearly 30 years.”  MN 9-25-07
Wilen, John.  “Power industry likely to focus on nuclear: proponents: next generation of plants to be safer, cheaper.”  MN 9-23-07
Caterincicchia, Dan.  “Congress expands nuclear loan program.”  MN  12-18-07
Seeley, Tina.  Entergy applies to build new Mississippi reactor.”  MN 2-28-08
“Group: New nuke plants by 2016 unlikely.”  ADG 2-22-08
Dowd, Alan W.  “We need more nuclear power.”  5-20-09
Cogburn, Cecil  “Spent fuel valuable resource.”  NAT  11-9-09
Bloomburg News.  “Nuclear power up; waste still problem; burial seen as ideal, but where?”  ADG  11-1-09
Faiola, Anthony.  “British plan nuclear power expansion.”  ADG  11-15-09
Dallas Morning News.  “Obama’s nuclear option.”  ADG  2-26-10
ADG Editorial.  “So much for nuclear; don’t do this, Mr. President.”  ADG 3-9-10
King, Llewellyn.  “Nuclear plants are the future.”  ADG  3-19-11
Kahanak, Gary.  “Pro-nuclear environmentalist?”  NAT 11-22-10
Hobson, Art. “What about nuclear powerNWA Times 6-20-09
Hobson, Art. “Where will we get our electricity?”  NWA Times 11-27-04

Nuclear Information and Resource Service
Organizations, with newsletters:
Nukewatch Quarterly  
Desert Voices 
The Nuclear Resister

Patterson, George Dean.  “Nuclear Power No Safe Option.”  Morning News (3-20-9)  LTE (Letter to Editor)
Ringquist, Evan. “Nuclear is not competitive.” Arkansas Democrat Gazette (5-20-9)
Pomeroy, Robert.  “Nuclear power problematic.”  ADG (3-23-10).  LTE. 
Baetz, Juergen.  “Germans turn out in throngs to bash use of nuclear power.”  ADG (3-27-11)
Adcox, Seanna.  “Nuclear Waste Poses Threat: Agency Can’t Track Material.”  MN 9-26-08
Associated Press (AP).   “Nuclear waste to go though Arkansas.” ADG 7-15-08
Washington. “Nuclear-waste dump cost up $32 billion.”  ADG 7-16-08
Wald, Matthew L.  “Nuke waste delays costing U.S. Billions.”  ADG 2-17-08  (NYT).
Wess, Mitch.  “Drought Threatens Reactors.”  MN 1-24-08  “Water is the nuclear industry’s Achilles’ heel.”
Kole, William.  “Seized uranium highly dangerous, police say.”  ADG 11-30-07 (AP).  Nuclear black market.
Zenko, Micah.  “South African Attack Should Sound Alarms.”  MN 12-22-07.   (Washington Post).   Two simultaneous armed attacks on nuclear power plants. 
Wald, Matthew L.  “Design questions cloud nuclear-reactor construction.”  ADG 12-9-07
Grieshaber, Kirsten (AP).    “Fire At German Plant Fuels Nuclear Debate: Country Considers Closing Atomic Energy Program.”  MN 7-17-07
Walker, Lauren E.  “Nuclear Power Lobbyists get last laugh.”  ADG 8-4-07.   LTE condemning nuc power subsidies and lobbyists.
Koch, Wendy. “Public support for nuclear industry slips.”  USA Today 3-30-11
Clenfield, Jason.  “Nuclear record a blot on Japan.”  ADG 3-18-11
Reactors ADG 3-14-11

Pro and Con
Riedmueller, Jessica.  “Nuclear Power: Is it the answer to our dependence on fossil fuels?”  Free Weekly (2-5-09)
Motavalli, Jim  “A Nuclear Phoenix: Concern about climate change is spurring an atomic renaissance.”  Free Weekly 7-19-07

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