Thursday, April 14, 2011

Abolish Nuclear Weapons: "Countdown to Zero" Film

Tune in tonight!  April 14, 2011
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Countdown to Zero broadcast premier  Countdown to Zero will have its broadcast premiere tonight April 14, 2011  at 9 PM on HISTORY. This is a great chance to revisit the film and share the experience with friends, family and colleagues who haven't seen it. So spread the word! After you watch, visit Countdown to Zero on to see what celebrities are saying about nuclear proliferation, download our discussion guide and get involved by signing the Global Zero declaration.
Thank you for your ongoing activism and support. 
The Demand Zero Action Team
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Tune-In Alert: Countdown To Zero's Broadcast TV Premiere TONIGHT

Looking for something great to watch on television tonight? Set your DVRs, because the stunning, frightening, and ultimately extremely important documentary Countdown to Zero is making its broadcast television premiere tonight on The History Channel.
Written and directed by the acclaimed documentarian Lucy Walker, Countdown To Zero traces the history of the atomic bomb, and outlines the terrifying prospects for our world if we allow nuclear weapons programs to continue unchecked.
From the threat posed by rogue nations, to the dangers of unsecured nukes in the crumbling facilities of the former Soviet Union, Countdown To Zero is Must-See TV for anyone worried about global security—especially in light of the ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan.
Countdown To Zero premieres tonight on The History Channel at 9pm. Check out a teaser below.
Countdown To Zero was produced by's parent company, Participant Media.

Take Action 5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Rid The World Of Nuclear Weapons

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