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OMNI PENTAGON WATCH NEWSLETTER #9, March 17, 2013.    Compiled by Dick Bennett for a Culture of Peace.   (#1 June 21, 2011; #2 October 29, 2011; #3 March 15, 2012; #4 May 17, 2012; #5 June 23, 2012; #6 August 1, 2012; #7 Oct. 5, 2012; #8 Feb. 13, 2013).  

     With an annual budget of over $600 billion supporting one illegal, unnecessary war after another amounting to permanent war (the War Department), the expansion of empire of over a thousand bases throughout the world, secrecy, surveillance, and repression increasing at  home (Homeland Security a domestic Pentagon), our representatives, the Congress, not only giving the military all they request but more (the military-industrial complex in every congressional district), and all of this massive terrorism motivating violent opposition throughout the world, a peanuts resistance which our double-speaking warrior leaders designate as “terrorism,” we the people can be thankful for the many independent, sustained organizations resisting these violent powers.  In my Peace Movement Directory (2001), I described over a thousand peace and justice organizations in North America.  This newsletter specifying “Pentagon” and our several other closely related newsletters are meant to help sustain this movement.        Consider this Blog a collecting station to encourage the building of an even more concerted scrutiny of the Pentagon.   I have also started a Hagel Watch; send items for that too.   (Always include complete source, and I will cite you with thanks.)   Let’s see what ordinary citizens can put together.

My blog:   War Department/Peace Department
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See OMNI newsletters and related materials:   Bases,  Climate Change,  Conversion from Militarized Economy, Imperialism,  Military Industrial Complex, Pacific East Asia, Torture, individual U.S. Interventions, Invasions, and Occupations: War Crimes, Waste, Whistleblowers, more (Blum, Killing Hope and Rogue State, HAW, Peace Action, VFP, WAND and the hundreds of peace and justice and ecology groups).


Contents #8
Wand Supports Hagel to Head Pentagon 2013
Hightower Supports Hagel
Dick : Chappelle,  Critical Thinking and Geneva Conventions at West Point?
Military Sexual Trauma the Real Sex Scandal
Lepore, How Much Enough?
Sacred Cow
Dick: The Clueless, Why US Needs are Neglected
Military Spending Creates Fewer Jobs
from HAW
Priorities Network: Cut Military Spending
POGO: Investigating Pentagon Spending
BP Pentagon Contracts
Pentagon Rx Spending Soars

Contents #9
This newsletter has always functioned as a heuristic, but in this number that approach is made explicit for a steadier and deeper focus on the Pentagon..
POGO:  Project on Government Oversight
Google “Pentagon Watch”
Bolger, VFP:  Appeal to Sec’t. Hagel
Peace Action:   Move the Money
[POGO is an excellent defender of honest government and democracy and watcher of the Pentagon.  The latest letter I have from them dated Oct. 15, 2012, describes their exposure of Pentagon weapons programs and contractors.   But they also try to help the public keep informed about other aspects of government.   We need not only a POPO: Project On Pentagon Oversight, WE NEED SEVERAL!
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March 16, 2013
Over the last 40 years, the Watergate scandal has been dissected every which way, but the lessons learned continue to shape our politics and legislation to this day.
March 15, 2013
FOIAonline may revolutionize the way the public accesses government information, but first, more agencies need to buy into the system.
March 15, 2013
In celebration of Sunshine Week, a number of organizations released studies of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests that indicate how government agencies measured up in terms of providing information to the public in 2012.

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[These are our heroes.  Ralph Nader once said that all corporate and military domination of this country would end if all the employees who know the truth would speak up.   But I recognize, as did Nader, that whistleblowing can be hell.  They need supporting laws and our assistance.   More about whistleblowers in future blogs.  –Dick]

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1.                             Pentagon report says Defense Department whistleblowers have been › Collections
May 5, 2012 – The Defense Department has inadequately protected from reprisalswhistleblowers who have reported wrongdoing, according to an internal ...

2.                             Pentagon's code of conduct: Blow a whistle, face reprisals — RT USA
May 6, 2012 – Reporting misconduct or waste of money may get you punished if you serve in the US military.

3.                             Pentagon delays endanger whistle-blowers, report says - USA Today
Feb 22, 2012 – The Pentagon takes too long to investigate whistle-blower complaints, report says, endangering attempts to fight waste.

4.                             Pentagon whistleblower Franz Gayl is reinstated | The Center for ...
Nov 16, 2011 – Senior Marine Corps science advisor Franz Gayl wins case, plans to return to work.

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For virtually his entire adult life, Franz Gayl has served his country. Enlisting in the United States Marine Corps from an early age, he moved over...

9.                             Why is Pentagon Whistleblower Franz Gayl Being Retaliated ...
Nov 19, 2010 – In trying to protect troops and civilians in the Iraq and Afghan wars,Pentagon Science and Technology Advisor Franz Gayl never imagined he ...

10.                         Pentagon Whistleblower Suffered Years of Retaliation, OSC Says
Nov 9, 2011 – By NICK SCHWELLENBACH A senior auditor with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) was subjected to years of reprisal in violation of ...

11.                         Pentagon Closing Whistleblower Reprisal Cases - US -
Feb 22, 2012 – You're in the military. You blew the whistle. Something bad happened to your career. You ask your military service Inspector General or the big ...

GOOGLE “PENTAGON WATCH” to Reveal the Absence of a Watch to Google.  What you find are disconnected questions, investigations, and exposures, but none of the ongoing organizations are listed on the first page of the Google Search, except for SOA Watch, which keeps its eye on one Pentagon program.  However, the Search is useful:  two reminders of the Pentagon Papers, a study of Hollywood and the Pentagon, exposure of the Pentagon’s “Military Analyst Program,” and more.

1.                             9/11 PENTAGON ATTACK - INDEPENDENT ANALYSIS - YouTube
Aug 31, 2007 - Uploaded by 721508

2.                             An Interrogation Center at Yale? Proposed Pentagon Special Ops ...
Feb 21, 2013 - Uploaded by democracynow
Proposed Pentagon Special Ops Training Facility Sparks Protests ... To watch the entire weekday ...

3.                             Watch Video | What Ellsberg Learned from the Pentagon Papers - PBS
Oct 6, 2010
Daniel Ellsberg, the Pentagon Papers and The New York Times Additional Video ... A veteran reporter and ...
4.                              More videos for Pentagon Independent Watch »

5.                             Hollywood and The Pentagon: A Dangerous Liaison | Watch Free ...
Go through this great collection of documentary movies and watch free ... There is even a special bureau, the Film Liaison Office, that oversees these issues for the Pentagonand the Capitol. It has a ... Independent Media In A Time Of War ...

6.                             The Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg and The Times - PBS Video
Watch online: The Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg and The Times from POV. On demand, streaming ... Reportero: An Independent Newspaper in Mexico ...

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In early 2012, as the U.N. senior military advisor for the HRC's Independent ...Watching the attack via satellite form a room in the Pentagon, Garlasco threw his ...

8.                             Pentagon military analyst program - SourceWatch
John Stauber on PBS NewsHour debating the Pentagon military analyst program .....the Side: Propaganda Meets Corporate Lobbying," PR Watch, May 2, 2008. .... replacePentagon cheerleaders with independent military analysts," Nieman ...

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Feb 13, 2013 – Home News Press Releases SOA Watch vs. the Pentagon ... SOAWatch is an independent, grassroots movement that provides citizen ...

10.                         Sequestration will leave Pentagon cash-strapped but operational ...
Feb 28, 2013 – In part, this is because the Pentagon has been planning for the 9 ....take a 3 day weekend to sit at home watch what a terrible job they on TV.

11.                         Pentagon plans for multinational operation in Mali - The Independent › News  World  Africa
Dec 6, 2012 – U.S. officials said the Pentagon's planning efforts are contingent on the U.N. ... Some independent analysts have questioned whether the ...


Mon Mar 4, 2013 1:09 pm (PST) . Posted by:
Hello all,
I recently wrote an open letter to Chuck Hagel--FYI.

An Open Letter to Secretary of Defense Nominee Chuck Hagel: A 10-Point Plan
Dear Senator Hagel,

Congratulations on your appointment as the Secretary of Defense. As you
take the reins in this new capacity, I would like to express to you some
ideas about what I would like to see from this office. I am the member of
an organization called Veterans For Peace (VFP), which has been around
since 1985. VFP was formed by a Viet Nam veteran with the intention of
creating a bridge between the peace movement and veterans. VFP members
believe that our collective experience as veterans allows us to speak about
the true costs and consequences of war and militarism with a voice of
credibility and true standing. We feel a responsibility to speak out
against war and militarism, particularly when it is manifested in illegal
and immoral wars of choice and aggression. I appreciate very much that
President Obama has chosen you--someone who has seen first-hand the horrors
of combat--to fill the position of Secretary of Defense. Like the members
of VFP, your voice will carry an extraordinary credibility, because you
understand war in a way that a civilian cannot. It will not be easy to
dismiss your words when you caution against military force, or speak in
favor of abiding by the Geneva Conventions. I hope that you will become a
force for reshaping the Department of Defense, by consideration of the

1. Refuse to put troops into harm’s way as part of an illegal, immoral war
of aggression. The 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF), signed
as a knee-jerk reaction to 9/11 has been used, first by the Bush
administration, and now by the Obama administration, as a blank check for
perpetual war. As the Secretary of Defense, you should refuse to deploy any
combat troops until Congress provides a legally binding authorization to do
so. As a combat veteran, you truly understand that no one should be asked
to kill or be killed for a war of choice, particularly one that has not
even been legally authorized. Demand adherence to the War Powers Act.
[image: page1image18376]

2. Take responsibility for the deaths, damage and harm done by the
U.S. The “Collateral
Murder” video leaked to Wikileaks showed the world just one instance of war
crimes conducted by U.S. forces. For the United States to have any moral
credibility whatsoever, we must take responsibility for our actions.
[image: page1image21256]

3. State unequivocally that the U.S. will abide by the Geneva Conventions and
will not torture, or participate in the extraordinary rendition of

4. Stop the illegal use of combat drones that are responsible the
extrajudicial assassinations of thousands of civilians in Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.
[image: page1image24464]

5. Call for the closure of all U.S. military bases in foreign countries. The
U.S. currently has military troops stationed in more than 150 countries around
the world. Bringing U.S. troops back to the U.S. will send a strong message
to the international community that the U.S. is not interested in hegemony,
or in being the world’s policeman.
[image: page1image27768]

6. Call for the dismantlement of all nuclear weapons, and immediately take
nuclear weapons off of naval vessels. There can never be a justified use of
a nuclear weapon

and if the U.S. is going to demand that other countries refrain from
obtaining nuclear

weapons capabilities, then it needs to lead the way in disarmament.
7. Stop the use of Depleted Uranium weapons. “DU” weapons violate the

Conventions. Once exploded, DU particulates enter ground water, travel on
air currents, and are inhaled by innocent civilians. DU weapons are
responsible for a huge spike in deformities, birth defects and other
ailments in Iraq where they were widely used.

8. End foreign military sales to countries who violate international laws
and basic human rights, and who have child soldiers.

9. Push to become a signatory to the Land Mine treaty. The international
community recognizes land mines and cluster bombs as weapons that kill a
high number of civilians, often long after the “official” conflict is over.

10. Slash the Pentagon budget. The U.S. spends more on the military and war
than the rest of the world combined. Bring our war dollars home.

In summary, I hope that you will use your unique qualifications and
experience to push this administration into adherence with international
law. I urge you, as a fellow veteran, to use your voice, your influence,
and your power to guide and inform this administration towards a new type
of Department of “Defense...” one that uses military force only for its
actual defense.

Leah Bolger, CDR, USN (Ret), Past President, Veterans For Peace

Leah Bolger
Past President, Veterans For Peace

*Organized Locally
Recognized Nationally
Exposing the true cost of war and militarism since 1985*

MOVE THE MONEY from the Pentagon and wars to meeting the needs of people. 

Peace Action: Working for Peace Since 1957
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Home » Issues » Move the Money

Move the Money

While the recommendations of the Sustainable Defense Task would cut over one trillion dollars from the Pentagon budget over the next 10 years, this would still leave the Pentagon a ten year budget of over six trillion dollars.
Today, military spending accounts for more than half of the federal government's entire discretionary budget. Nuclear weapons spending alone accounts for over $40 billion annually, and is scheduled to increase.  There is an obvious connection between the bloated Pentagon budget and the critical budget shortfalls facing virtually every community in the country.
Peace Action is partnering with Peace Action Education Fund on its Move the Money Campaign.  This effort will serve as a platform for average people to voice their opinions and demands regarding military spending.  Communities will utilize public forums, education, public demonstrations, local resolutions and petitions as tools to influence decisions made by our elected officials.
 The following are goals that Peace Action’s Move the Money Campaign has for 2011:
  •  Build stronger alliances between the peace movement and labor, economic justice and human needs groups, whose constituencies have been devastated by the economic crisis.
  • Raise the stakes for President Obama and other elected officials in the 2012 elections as they define their positions on military spending issues through Peace Action’s Peace Voter 2012 organizing,  
  • Develop educational tools on the federal budget and the impact of military spending on their communities for local organizers to use in their outreach.
  • Work in key states to raise awareness and public support for reducing military spending by 25%.
  • Support the local efforts of Peace Action affiliates and chapters in strengthening local alliances with civil rights, labor and other community groups and build city, state and national coalitions focused on reductions of military spending to meet human needs, and encourage participation in the Congressional budget process in 2011 and beyond.

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Contents #6
TomDispatch, Kramer: Spending Waste and Corruption
Tomgram, Militarism
Cappaccio, Pentagon Budget
Update: Budget Passes House
VFP, Bloated Pentagon
Wheeler, F-35 Costs Still Rising
People’s Guide to Budget
Pentagon Dissent/ Crowd Control
Pentagon Reading Our Email
Contents #7
War Costs Campaign
Lofgren:  Militarized GOP
Ryan Budget  (2 reports)
Pentagon Budget and GOP Petition
Budget Debate
Ryan’s Budget and Pentagon Strategic Thinking
Dick, Defending the Pentagon Budget by Militarism and Fear-mongering
IG Report on General William Ward
Rape at Lackland AFB
U. S. Empire, Rome, Military Bases: Chalmers Johnson, Nemesis, Dismantling the Empire


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Dick's Wars and Warming KPSQ Radio Editorials (#1-48)