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OMNI ACTIONS FOR PEACE, JUSTICE, AND ECOLOGY Newsletter #6, March 24, 2013.  Compiled by Dick Bennett for a Culture of Peace,   (#2: June 23, 2011; #3 1-1-2012; #4 April 9, 2012; #5 Nov. 27, 2012)

My Blog focuses on US empire, militarism, Pentagon, and peacemaking and peacemakers:  War Department/Peace Department.

I am also filming Short Takes on peacemaking and peacemakers on Community TV, shown also on my Blog.  


My blog:  The War Department and Peace Heroes
Newsletters on Peace, Justice, and Ecology:

Most of OMNI’s newsletters could be filed under ACTIVISM:  Gandhi, MLKJr, nonviolence, et al. etc.  The stories and arguments cover a broad range of striving for world peace, justice, and environmental preservation. The only restriction is the rejection of violence.  See the newsletter on Nonviolence.

“Nonviolence, of course, does not mean that we shouldn’t take action in the world.  Nonviolence is not passivity; it is not inaction.  Nonviolence denounces apathy.   In fact, apathy is one of the greatest threats to peace.”    Scott Hunt, The Future of Peace, p. 336.

Here is the link to all OMNI newsletters:   For a knowledge-based peace, justice, and ecology movement and an informed citizenry to recreate the world.  

Nos. 3 & 4 at end

Contents of #5 (in roughly chronological order of subjects)

Franklin Folsom, the Unemployed  Organized

Bollinger and Tran, From Tecumseh to Harvey Milk

Folsom, Peace March 1986

Film about Brian Willson

Thich Nhat Hanh, Love in Action
Berlowe, Compassionate Rebel 2002, Anger and Love
Berlowe, Compassionate Rebel 2
Zinn, Collected Speeches
Goodman and Moynihan, Resisters Today
Post-Nov. 6, 2012 Election Movement Building
Amy Goodman
Dreier and Cohen

Contents #6
Anti-War Film
Protest, Social Change Film: Let Fury Have the Hour
Rights of Disabled Campaign: Learning Hardball
Critical Thinking
Mann, Progressive Organizing
Split This Rock Poetry Festival
RESIST: Funding for Change

THE ACTIVISTS, anti-war film, see the trailer if you are short of time right now, and full film when you have time.  Dick

For a limited time, an hour-long documentary on the peace movement of the 2000s, The Activists, is available to anyone to download for free at this link:  Thanks to Michael Heaney for calling our attention to this film.  (from HAW)

1.                             Let Fury Have The Hour
Theaters · About the Film · Synopsis · About the Filmmaker · About the Cast · About Creative Response · A Personal Journey · Q&A with Writer/Director Antonino ...

2.                    | 2012 Film Guide | Let Fury Have The Hour
In his feature directorial debut, author and visual artist Antonino D'Ambrosio spins a lively social history that chronicles how a generation of artists, thinkers, and ...

3.                             Let Fury Have the Hour (2012) - IMDb
 Rating: 5/10 - 56 votes
Let Fury Have the Hour -- A documentary that chronicles how a generation of ... and spoken word, the film spans three decades of change--from the cynical ...
Directed by Antonino D'Ambrosio. Starring Chuck D., Ian MacKaye.

4.                             'Let Fury Have the Hour' review: Passionate - SFGate
Jan 18, 2013 – If passion were all that mattered, "Let Fury Have the Hour" might be the film of the year. The documentary offers several dozen artists, whose ...

5.                             News for Let Fury Have the Hour, film

1.                                                      Review: 'Let Fury Have the Hour' doc features artistic protest
Los Angeles Times ‎- 4 days ago
... and uniquely whole —documentary that is "Let Fury Have the Hour." ... what's termed here "creative reaction," the film hears from a stirring ...

6.                             Exclusive preview clip of 'Let Fury Have The Hour' movie out Friday ...
6 days ago – LOS ANGELES: The exclusive Los Angeles engagement LET FURY HAVE THE HOUR movie looks at the last 40 years of social history to ...

7.                             Let Fury Have the Hour | Facebook


Disabilities Campaign: Direct Action, Civil Disobedience
     Some social change results from patient, non-violent drop by drop insistence usually necessarily by a group of people, the larger the more effective.  But many problems are intractable—the people in power defending some oppression--and require the direct action of civil disobedience taught by Gandhi and King.  (See Gene Sharp for the multifarious situations and nonviolent responses.)
      An example is the campaign by disabled people during the 1960s to 1980s.   Disabled people appealed and petitioned until they concluded such softball methods were futile and began using hardball nonviolent force.  “It’s not going to happen until we make it happen,” became a slogan.   So they marched on the White House, blocked streets, chained their wheelchairs together in congressional offices, crawled up the steps of the capitol--until preliminary bills and finally the Americans with disabilities Act were signed.   See the excellent PBS, Independent Lens film, “Lives Worth Living” (12-17-12). 


Fri, 12/28/2012 - 11:27
by The TCBH Collective
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Call it a tip if you like, or call it an investment in fearless journalism.
We work for nothing at TCBH! All we have is your donations. Without them, we all have to do our day jobs, and that keeps us from reporting and writing for ThisCantBeHappening!
TCBH CollectiveTCBH! Collective
Once again, our "business plan," if you will, was for every reader of our publication to donate $5.00 per year to support the site. It's a tiny sum, but with 30,000 regular readers, it would add up to enough to allow all five of us to spend half out time at least working all out to be reporters for ThisCantBeHappening!, which would make this publication a real voice in independent alternative journalism. , , ,

Check out . is a service of Capitol Advantage, a private, non-partisan company facilitating civic participation. allows users to:
-Identify and contact leaders in Congress, the White House, and state legislatures.- Post letters online in Letters to Leaders and read what other Americans are saying to elected officials.- Create and post Soapbox action alerts to enlist others on your issue.- Have letters printed and hand-delivered to Congress.- Find and contact local and national media by ZIP code or by state with Media Guide.- Have your representative's votes sent to you weekly via e-mail with MegaVote.- Search alerts and take action in the Issues and Action area Go to to get your organization's alerts on, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL and more sites).

Playbook for Progressives: 16 Qualities of the Successful Organizer by  Eric Mann.  Beacon, 2011.
Copyright Date Ed: 08/09/2011 

An organizing manifesto for the twenty-first century, this comprehensive guide is a must-have for the activist's toolkit.
This comprehensive guide articulates pragmatically what is required in the often mystifying and rarely explained on-the-ground practice of organizing. Here, Eric Mann distills lessons he learned from over forty years as an organizer, as well as from other organizers within the civil rights, labor, LGBT, economic justice, and environmental movements.

Read the Introduction

Split This Rock Logo and Poem

Poems of Provocation & Witness
Save the Date! March 27-30, 2014

May this gathering inspire and affirm the
the spirit of many, especially younger poets and teachers, who have felt betrayed by corporate government and media, by broken promises 
and opportunism. Thank you for your belief 
in the freeing power of language and action.
—Adrienne Rich

Venus Thrash

Dan Wilcox
Photos ©Jill Brazel

Split This Rock at AWP: March 6-9!

Join us for our annual Split This Rock reception at AWP!

Friday, March 8 from 7 to 8:15pm
Room 207 of the Hynes Convention Center

If you're going to the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference in Boston this year, 
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Gratitude ... and Planning for 2014!

Immense gratitude to all who joined us for Split This Rock Poetry Festival 2012 ... poets, partners, activists, interns, volunteers, allies, board members, sponsors, supporters. All who came to bear witness, honor, give voice, listen, provoke, hope, respond, dance, dream, and speak your truths.
We invite you to read the Cento we created together on March 23 at the steps of the US Supreme Court, and to return to this site, to Blog This Rock, to Facebook and Twitter (@Tweet_This_Rock), and to all of the real places and connections you made or rekindled at the festival. Jill Brazel and Dan Vera and others are already posting photos on Split This Rock's page on Facebook.
We encourage you to send us your responses, thoughts, and hopes for future festivals. And please, save the date for our fourth Split This Rock Poetry Festival: March 27-30, 2014!

Please Support Split This Rock

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RESIST funds and supports grassroots groups organizing for peace, economic, social and environmental justice.
Erie Rising

·                         Grantee Beyond Toxics is fighting pesticide use
·                         Profile of Grantee Queerocracy, "What Queerocracy Looks Like"

To No More Anniversaries

What can RESIST say that hasn’t already been said about the Iraq War?

Our Prescription for Sequestration

Are you feeling a bit sequestered? 

Symptoms may include: cuts to education, housing, child care, environmental protection, HIV/AIDS programs, family planning, and health care services. 

A Note from Noam Chomsky

In the 45 years since we had our first meeting that founded RESIST, I’ve been gratified to watch us grant nearly $5.6 million to thousands of the most dynamic grassroots activist groups in the United States – all of them working for the kind of change I know we both believe in.


Contents of ACTIVISM #3
Sending a Petition
Z Magazine January 2012
Yes! Fifteen Activists
New Book:  Becoming the Leaders We Need
New Book: Save the Humans?
New Book: Dream of a Nation
New Documentary on Effects on People of US Capitalism and Remedies
Occupy Wall Street
Justice for Tomato Field Laborers
Global Rallies for Renewable Energy
Journalistic Dilemma in Reporting Protest
Looking Back


Contents of ACTIVISM #4 April 9, 2012

The People’s Charter to Create a Nonviolent World
Civic Resistance
Book:  Dream of a Nation
Book:  Mobilizing
Book:  Collaboration
Mark Ruffalo
John Graham, Giraffe Project
Nonviolent Method:  Shame
3 Dissenters: Press, Joya, Jacob George

 Here are Dick’s most recent .newsletters, all about becoming informed and then taking action:
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Jan. 30, 2013 Wikileaks/Assange #10
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1-16 Book Samplers (books on peace)
1-16 Guantanamo #4
1-14 Afghanistan-Pakistan #19
1-12 US Empire--Continental Westward Conquest #4
1-3 War Resistance, Dissent
1  CIA
Dec. 31  Costs of War #5
31  Gene Sharp #1
30  Islamophobia #1
28  Economic Conversion #1
28  Nonviolence #5
etc. nearing 200 numbers on a wide variety of peace, justice, and ecology topics.


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Dick's Wars and Warming KPSQ Radio Editorials (#1-48)