Sunday, June 5, 2011

Soldiers for Peace International

Like many great movies, the Matrix lays out a reality most of us do not recognize at an intellectual level but sense at a visceral one. The problem is that it portrays those who control it as too powerful to fight, even with the power that full Enlightenment brings. In the end, the society of those who resist is reduced to an almost animal level and the matrix retains its power over the mass of humanity that is trapped in its drugged dream state.

The international corporate terrorists who control the US government and media and those of the Puppet governments of the Empire believe that they have succeeded in creating a fascist New World Order supported by an American citizenry living under the delusion of American exceptionalism. Those of us who trouble ourselves to follow events outside of the matrix understand that only by awakening enough of the dreamers can we succeed in creating a united front against fascism and war that will save humanity from enslavement by the selfish, shortsighted and self-destructive men who have anointed themselves as Masters of the Universe.

In the United States, many are partially awakened by the quaking of the Earth as Tectonic shifts occur in the economic and social structures that have sustained civilization since its founding. As the corporate war machine rolls through the streets of America it is finally arousing the public that slept while it acquired its strength by the ruthless exploitation of those powerless to fight alone against it. We have been made to believe that war is inevitable so have allowed the international corporate terrorists free rein to wage endless war in the interest of protecting the rights of Americans to live a life of indulgence while the rest of the world suffers.

In the United States, a powerful force is arising to combat the enslavement of the American people, awakening as many dreamers as possible as they move across the nation and gather their forces. I have identified this loosely connected movement Soldiers For Peace International because we will not allow hatred, anger and violence to divide us. We are one People, citizens of the Earth and demand that there be liberty and justice for all because we recognize that our only hope for survival is to put aside our nationalistic, racial and other prejudices to stop the international corporate terrorist from enslaving us all in the fascist dystopia.

The mission of Americans in the united front against fascism and war is to end corporate control of our government through amending the constitution to abolish corporate personhood. This fascist doctrine was established by generations of Supreme Court justices installed in their powerful positions by the fascists in order to protect their stolen wealth and positions of power and privilege. It is the rising awareness that this is not just another problem to face but the central problem that we need to address to emerge victorious in the war against the working class being waged by the Puppetmasters of the US government against the people of the United States.

When those who have the most influence on the American public realize that this must become the object of our efforts to unite the American people in common cause, then victory will be assured. With nearly 80% of self-described conservatives and liberals agreeing that Citizens United is the last intolerable act we will let our government commit, we will end the unCivil War and finish the Revolution that had its roots in the fight against British fascism and Empire.

We will continue to support the nonviolent struggle for liberty and justice for all being fought on all continents. We need the support of those in other countries in our own struggle to create a government of, by and for the People in the US if all of us are to escape enslavement in a fascist New World Order. To break through the corporate media blockade and the gates guarded by the gatekeepers of the Left and Right, those struggling for freedom in other nations must help us bring the message to the world that the sleeping giant that is the collective will of the American public is awakening.

When enough of us awaken to our moral responsibility to those who have died in defense of freedom and to generations yet unborn, we will assure freedom, justice and liberty throughout the world.

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Rick Staggenborg, MD said...

1Thanks for sharing this, Dick. I cannot say how much I appreciate it when people share my writing on their websites.

Sharing ideas and information is how we build a united international front against fascism and war:

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Dick's Wars and Warming KPSQ Radio Editorials (#1-48)