Friday, March 18, 2011

"Meeting Resistance" Film About Iraqi Resistance to US Occupation

Interviews of early, diverse Iraqi resisters of the US occupation.

“A rare glimpse into the hearts and minds of those who have dedicated themselves to ridding Iraq of its invaders.”
“The documentary equivalent of a Seymour Hersh investigative story in the New Yorker!”
San Francisco Chronicle
“A powerful, fascinating documentary!”
The New Yorker
“A remarkable piece of war reporting.”
The Washington Post


Meeting Resistance

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Meeting Resistance

Theatrical release poster
Directed byMolly Bingham
Steve Connors
Written byMolly Bingham
Steve Connors
Distributed byNine Lives Documentary Productions
Release date(s)October 2007
Running time84 min
Country United States
LanguageArabic and English
Meeting Resistance is a 2007 documentary film about the Iraq War. The film presents the views of eleven Iraqi resistance fighters in the Adhamiyah neighborhood of Baghdad. The film was directed by journalists Molly Bingham (USA) and Steve Connors (UK).
The interviewees are all anonymous and (with one exception) faceless or out-of-focus on camera. They are presented as nicknames: The Teacher, The Warrior, The Traveler, The Imam, The Wife, The Syrian, The Fugitive, The Local, The Republican Guard, The Lieutenant, and The Professor.
The US military currently organizes showings for its forces in Iraq so they can know who they are fighting.[citation needed]

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