Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hayden's Newsletter on US Militarism and Wars

Tom Hayden
The Peace Exchange Bulletin
Published by Tom Hayden, The Peace Exchange Bulletin is a reader-supported journal, critically following the Pentagon's Long War in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, as well as the failed U.S. wars on drugs and gangs, and U.S. military responses to nationalism and poverty around the world.

In This Issue
The Most Dangerous Time
Obama's Big Choice in Latin America
U.S. Deepens Secret Military Intervention in Mexico
House Votes, Defeats Kucinich
Eighty Congress Members Join Lee in Demanding Faster U.S. Withdrawal
Gillibrand Afghanistan Proposal Mirrors Pentagon
Obama Defends Pentagon Treatment of Bradley Manning, Rejects State Dept. Criticism of Abuse
Malalai Joya Denied Visa, McCarthyism Against Muslims on Rise
Rep. Peter King Opens Inquisition on Muslims in U.S.
Irvine 11 Face Criminal Prosecution
Follow the Voices of Afghans for Peace

The Most Dangerous Time
by Tom Hayden
It feels like the most dangerous crisis of my lifetime.
We are fighting a trillion-dollar Long War in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and a dozen other secret battlegrounds, including Saudi Arabia. Our government claims we are fighting terrorism, but the wars are breeding more terrorists. Our most questionable allies in the war on terrorism - Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan, etc - are going down or faltering fast. Now we lurch into intervention in Libya, and we back the theocratic Saudi dictators as they invade Bahrain with our Apache helicopters.

The underlying deal is that we buy their oil, they spend the petrodollars on our weapons, we look the other way, and the lobbyists get rich. All that real-politick is as solid as the sand.
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Dick's Wars and Warming KPSQ Radio Editorials (#1-48)