Thursday, February 17, 2011

World War Warming: Global Warming Genocide


I am preparing a keynote address for the 5th International Environmental Congress at Clarion University located in Clarion, PA (about 1 hour NE of Pittsburg). My focus will be on how the developed world is basically committing global warming genocide against the developing world (primarily Africa). It’s really a new imperialism like the European powers did in the 19th century. Tentatively I have titled this presentation: WWW: World War Warming (The CO2 Reduction Imperialism and Climate Change Genocide). We must reduce our carbon emissions to below 350PPM. But such ambitious goals must be closely related to environmental justice issues to avoid the industrial nations ‘colonization’ of the earth’s atmosphere: they taking the lion’s share of carbon allotments and leaving the rest of the world with very little.

Does this make any sense to you? I would be most grateful for your comments and suggestions.

Here’s an outline.

1. Introduction (basically lay out the message as I wrote about above)
2. Global Warming Overview – every presentation I give will have a basic discussion of how we know global warming is happening and that it is primarily caused by man’s activities. This must be said over and over and over – and the urgency of 350PPM or below.
3. Bearing the Burden of a Warming Planet & Global Warming Genocide. The increased warming and resulting climate changes come from the developed world and the majority of impacts affect the developing world.
4. CO2 Imperialism. The Western nations want all to make reductions in CO2 at the same rate. But these western nations have already gobbled up the lion’s share of the carbon dioxide emissions over the past 2 centuries. This is an immoral and unjust allocation.
5. Equitable Remedies. The western world must impose stringent rationing, rapidly become carbon neutral and share their wealth and knowledge to allow the developing nations the resources to create clean / renewable energy and sustainable economies.
6. Conclusion.

(The speech will appear in Robert's E-newsletter 350 PPM and here. Dick)

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Dick's Wars and Warming KPSQ Radio Editorials (#1-48)