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US Empire and Permanent War: Films and Books

BOOKS AND FILMS (google for more information)

Dean Kuippers, Operation Bite Back. Interv. Democracy Now 9-8-10 expansion and hardening of terrorism laws, including against environmentalists like Rod Coronado
Alex Gibney Dir., My Trip to al-Qaeda. Gibney also created Taxi to the Dark Side.
See Need to Know (9-10-10) interview. Goal of Al-Q to provoke democracies to reveal their hypocrisy re peace and freedom. See book on US exceptionalism/double standards: Michael Ignatieff, ed., American Exceptionalism and Human Rights.Many films are available on the “War on Terrorism,” some free over the internet.

Here are 11 sources I found via google: War on Terrorism Videos Films

1. Videos for war on terrorism videos films
In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and ...
151 min - Nov 23, 2007
Uploaded by Tetrahedron Films

2. Hollywood and the War on Terror: Filmmaker ...
Apr 10, 2010
3. Breaking the Silence: Truth and Lies in the War on Terror ...
John Pilger dissects the truth and lies in the 'war on terror'. From Bullfrog Films, the leading source of DVDs & videos about the environment, ecology, ... - Cached - Similar
4. 911 & War On Terror Documentaries :: Watch Full Films Free Online
Films from around the world which tell the truthful story behind the 911 massacre, and which expose the realities behind the ongoing War On Terror. - Cached - Similar
5. World War III in popular culture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1964 three films about the threat of accidental nuclear war were ..... Recently, World War III has also become the topic of several popular video games, ... and the "War on Terror" Rutgers University Press, ISBN 0-8135-3830-0. ... - Cached - Similar
6. I Don't Agree With the War On Terrorism Videos and Movies
These I Don't Agree With the War On Terrorism videos on YouTube may be helpful to your movie search- utube videos are provided to supplement films our users ... - Cached
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War on Terror DVD movies and films at CD Universe, Great service, ... War on Terror video. In his directorial debut, Charles Ferguson explores the reasons ... - Cached - Similar
8. Garage TV - video film category: 'War on terror'
video, film, category:, 'War, on, terror' ... Video films by hotpotatoes » War on terror • videos - Final Salute part II: American soldiers in Iraq ... - Cached
9. Movies catch up with global war on terrorism - The Boston Globe
Feb 6, 2008 ... If the past year is any indication, the US global war on terrorism - and all that it entails, from Iraq and Afghanistan to homeland security ... - Similar
10. Terrorism and War Iraq Videos free download
Dec 1, 2005 ... Videos that they show the horror of the terrorism and the war of Iraq, gratis makes download in the site below of the done films of the ... › Internet & Technology - Cached - Similar
11. Hollywood, Military Join Forces on War Films - CBN TV - Video
With the War on Terror, some critics accuse Hollywood of crossing a cultural line and promoting films that trash the troops while the nation is still at war ... - Cached

--Ahmad, Shamshad. Rounded Up: Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment after 9/11. Troy Book Makers, 2009. Rev. The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (May/June 2010). Tells about an FBI-instigated fake terrorist plot that terrorizes Albany, NY and sends two to prison in a media frenzy. Unfortunately, this cruel scenario is being played out across the country.
-- Al-Ali, Nadje and Nicola Pratt. What Kind of Liberation? Women and the Occupation of Iraq. U of Calif. P, 2010. Rev. Fellowship (Fall 2009).
--The Best Terrorists We Could Find: False Plots and Phantom Justice: A Decade on the Domestic Front of the War on Terror by Petra Bartosiewicz. Nation Books, 2011. Petra Bartosiewicz has written for Harper’s Magazine, Mother Jones, the Associated Press, Fortune Magazine, Salon, Hustler Magazine, the New York Times, New York Newsday, and has reported for NPR’s “This American Life.” “The Arms Trader,” her one-hour documentary on the Hemant Lakhani case for “This American Life” was a finalist for the 2005 Livingston Awards and the Scripps Howard Awards. She holds an M.A. and a M.S. from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, for which she received fellowships provided by the Lorana Sullivan Foundation and the president of the university, Lee Bollinger.
--Blum, Gabriella and Philip Heymann. Laws, Outlaws, and Terrorists: Lessons from the War on Terrorism. MIT P, 2010. On the adaptation of law in order to provide a legitimate basis on which such wars can be fought.
--Comras, Victor. Flawed Diplomacy: The United Nations & the War on Terrorism. Potomac Books, 2011.
-- Cordaro, Tom. Be Not Afraid: An Alternative to the War on Terror. Pax Christi, 2008. Rev. Fellowship (Fall 2009).
--Donadio, Rachel. “Under Western Eyes.” NYT Book Review (June 11, 2006). Discusses several books by westerners trying to grasp the minds of terrorists. John Updike, Martin Amis, Yasmina Khadra, Lorraine Adams.
-- Martin, Geoff and Erin Steuter. Pop Culture Goes to War: Enlisting and Resisting Militarism in the War on Terror. Lexington, 2010.
-- I am rereading Moore's DUDE, WHERE'S MY COUNTRY, and find it holds up well. If you want some help in answering your right-wing neighbor, check this book out on 9-11 and terrorists, Bush lies about Iraq, War on Terrorism vs. true security, corporate war against the people of the US. and much more. And the chapter by God entitled "Jesus W. Christ" is a kick. D
--Pape, Robert and James Feldman. Cutting the Fuse: The Explosion of Global Suicide Terrorism and How to Stop It. U of Chicago P, 2010. Our current military strategy serves only to breed a new generation of terrorists.
--Rosen, Nir. Aftermath: Following the Bloodshed of America’s Wars in the Muslim World. Nation Books, 2010. Rev. Mother Jones (Nov. Dec. 2010): “embedded with militiamen and jihadists” for the “other side of US military and foreign policy.”
--Stack, Megan. 'Every Man in This Village Is a Liar
See excerpt of review below.
--Todorov, Tzvetan. The Fear of Barbarians: Beyond the Clash of Civilizations. U of Chicago P, 2010.

1. The Best Terrorists We Could Find: False Plots and Phantom Justice ... Book - Rent Buy Sell The Best Terrorists We Could Find: False Plots and Phantom Justice in a Post-9/11 World by Bartosiewicz, ... - Cached - Similar
2. The Best Terrorists We Could Find: False Plots and Phantom Justice ...
by Petra Bartosiewicz • data of the book Best Terrorists We Could ..., The. - Cached - Similar
3. - The Best Terrorists We Could Find Bartosiewicz, Petra ... ... or encountered a technical issue on this page, we want to hear about it. ... - Cached
4. Can we find 1 MILLION People & Say The World Biggest terrorist ...
Sign UpCan we find 1 MILLION People & Say The World Biggest terrorist Israel is on ... The best known of these organizations, the Gush Emunim Underground ... - Cached

'Every Man in This Village is a Liar' Tells What It's Like, Getting Cut By the Fray
By Carolyn W. Fanelli 28 July 2010
“I wanted to see, and so I went to watch."

…….Stack has an incredibly evocative way of describing things—often vividly poignant, occasionally slightly bizarre (“fingers dripping like algae onto my ears and cheeks”). The details she captures are stunning. In wartime situations when you can’t imagine having the wherewithal, or even the desire, to write and remember, Stack has seemingly jotted down everything she felt, saw, smelled and heard.

The most dramatic example is her interview with a police officer seriously injured in a suicide bombing. His face “looked like a broken plate that had been plastered together with blood for glue.” She feels dizzy and nauseous. “With the salt of a stranger’s blood in my nose, I squinted into my notebook, clenched the inner skin of my cheek between my teeth, and made myself write his words”. At times like these, perhaps the notebook itself served as both safety blanket and talisman—Stack is alive and sane as long as she can continue to write.

All of her stories are compelling, but is there any larger narrative that Stack is trying to illuminate? If so, it is one that is quite nihilistic. She portrays the war on terror as a myth designed to assuage Americans’ fears, and describes the US as “running uphill to nowhere in pursuit of a receding mirage of absolute safety.” Everyone is chasing phantoms, and normal people trying to live their lives are caught up in the chaos.

She thinks Americans put too much emphasis on the future, on a “new” Middle East, when, in the minds of people from the region, “there is no past or present, there is only everything, and it weaves together, shimmering and seamless”. She does not use this book to make specific recommendations for US foreign policy, although she does point out some of the blatant hypocrisy of American actions –- such as toning down talk of democracy in the Middle East once Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood make electoral gains.

In large part, Stack leaves it up to you, the reader, to use what she has witnessed to draw your own conclusions about where developments in the Muslim world may lead us.

What Stack does most effectively is illuminate the many lessons she learns during her travels. One example is the book’s title, a sentence Stack hears in Pakistan before crossing into Afghanistan after September 11th. She finds that all the people she talks to have other motives, other hands they are playing, and that the truth is elusive.

One night she writes an article about the bombing of a small village, which she personally visited. When the story runs the following day, it begins with a Pentagon official denying that the bombing ever occurred. Stack writes: “Were we to believe that the village had spontaneously collapsed while U.S. warplanes circled overhead?” Stack becomes more comfortable with the notion of emotional truth than objective truth, which can be morphed and molded to fit anyone’s needs. For example, in Israel she uncovers the “emotional truth” that Israelis and Palestinians have actually become two halves of one whole, endlessly torturing each other.

Stack also learns that it matters what you do at war. The war may happen far from you, like in Iraq, or on the other side of a wall, as in Israel and the Occupied Territories. Still, no matter how you try to block out the war, “[w]e become what we do… All of that poison seeps back into our soil”. Stack believes it is possible to overcome things done to you, but not the things that you have done. She wants us to stop thinking of war as something that can be held at arm’s length, neatly concluded with no repercussions.

In Afghanistan, Stack finds that “[t]o write about the battle in an organized way, to shuffle the pieces, tap the sides and square it into paragraphs and quotations was a fabrication”. This statement could describe all of the events covered in her book. In fact, the only clean narrative may be Stack’s own story—one of a young woman thrown into the life of a war correspondent, and how it changed her forever.

As a story about how war transforms you, the book is not unique—Stack’s voice in the midst of war, however, is.

Juan Cole: What the Tunisian Revolution and WikiLeaks Tell Us about American Support for Corrupt Dictatorships in the Muslim World
"Counterterrorism" has taken the place of "communist threat" as the catch-all excuse for supporting corrupt police states.

“How the Power of Myth Keeps Us Trapped in War”
By Ira Chernus,, posted January 20, 2011

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