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Mark Hertsgaard's HOT, on Warming's Speed and What We Can Do

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My new number of The Nation arrived yesterday in which I discovered Hertsgaard's essay "Confronting the Climate Cranks." It's an electric challenge to those who have obstructed efforts to reduce C02. Perhaps we here can helpfully support his plans to confront the cranks, in addition to what we are already doing.
Interesting connection of this essay and Hansen's book pub. 2009. Hansen's is dedicated to his and all grandchildren. In the essay Hertsgaard connects the birth of his daughter and his visit to Sir David King both in 2005 with his initial, full awakening to the recent acceleration of the warming.
The unread, confused, fearful, evading, and denying public of NWA will someday thank you all for recognizing the facts of warming and its speed.
Dick Bennett STOP Wars and Warming

Google author and title for numerous commentaries. Here's one.
Long before Al Gore and the rest of the world were paying any attention to the issue of global warming, The Nation’s environmental correspondent

Mark Hertsgaard was travelling the world attempting to understand this largely misunderstood phenomenon and the threat it posed to our existence. Recent environmental catastrophes, including the floods in Pakistan that have left nearly a fifth of the country under water and 20 million people homeless, have only driven home the unavoidable fact that global warming has, without a doubt, arrived—more than a hundred years earlier than expected.

Considered one of the most informed and judicious journalists covering the issue of global warming today and described by Barbara Ehrenreich (Nickel and Dimed) as “one of America’s finest reporters”, Hertsgaard illuminates how our day-to-day experience is going to change in the next five, ten, and fifty years: Chicago’s climate transformed to resemble Houston’s; the loss of cherished crops and luxuries, such as California wines; the redesign of U.S. cities.

Addressing problems we'll face very soon and revealing where they'll be most serious, Hertsgaard offers "pictures" of what unbiased experts expect, and looks at who is taking wise, creative precautions. All the while, he delivers a resounding, motivating message of hope that will spur activism among parents, college students, and readers alike. Taking Bill McKibben’s Eaarth to the next essential step, Hot is a call to action, not just about how we'll live, but about how we will survive.

“I know what you're thinking: The problem is so massive I can't bear to read any more about it. But you’re wrong. Mark Hertsgaard not only makes the workings of climate change clear, vivid and comprehensible but gives us some reasons for hope. Some of the ways to fight or adapt to global warming are simpler—and more unexpected—than you would think, and some of the places where these lessons are being applied you never would have guessed. Hot is a lively, personal, very human piece of reportage about an issue that will ever more be at the very center of our lives.” -- Adam Hochschild, author of King Leopold’s Ghost

“Mark Hertsgaard is the master of a kind of travelogue reporting that lets you understand possibilities and problems in a deep way. But this time, one of the places he's traveling to is the near future, and the news he brings back is equal parts scary, invigorating, and full of challenge. This is an important book.” -- Bill McKibben, author of Eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet

Mark Hertsgaard has written for The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and Time, and is author of four books, including Earth Odyssey. He has traveled the world seeking answers to the question of how to keep humanity alive in the face of global warning. A Soros fellow, he recently attended the Copenhagen Conference, widely considered the most important global meeting in the history of the climate issue.

Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth (Hardcover) By Mark Hertsgaard $25.00

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