Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mayday Message: Save the Earth from Man Induced Climate Change!‏
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Protesters Pushing the Envelope. By Kelpie Wilson,, September 26, 2007. "More than 80 heads of state met at the UN on Monday to discuss the launch of post-Kyoto climate negotiations. Although this was the most high-level UN meeting yet held on the global climate emergency, President Bush refused to attend. He did, however, assent to an invitation from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to attend a private dinner afterward... Ironically, who eats and who does not eat is very much what the climate crisis is about. Scientists with the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predict global warming is likely to cut African crop production by half in the next dozen years... On Tuesday, film stars and celebrities from Bollywood and Nollywood (the Nigerian film industry) rallied near the UN with a Mayday Message on behalf of Africans and Asians. They said: 'Please help save us from climate change. We are the ones who have done the least to cause it, but we are suffering from climate change now. If you don't come to our help today, tomorrow it will be all of you'. Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi said, 'There are 854 million hungry people in the world today - 54 million more than when the world leaders pledged to halve hunger 11 years ago.' As global warming saps food production in poor countries around the world, the Millennium Development Goals of halving hunger by 2015 recedes into impossibility. While Bush was eating his dinner with Ban ki-Moon, a half-dozen American climate change activists continued a weeks-long fast to protest American inaction on climate, 'so that others might eat.' The fast began with participation from more than 1,200 people on September 4, the day Congress came back in session... [Climate activists],Ted Glick and others, are doing their best to organize the grassroots revolution. On Thursday, Glick will join a non-violent civil blockade of the second climate meeting this week, President Bush's...'Major Emitters Meeting'... where Bush will try to steer the world away from any mandates or caps on emissions and substitute vague 'aspirations' (voluntary action for legal obligations)... In addition to the civil resistance planned on Thursday, the Climate Emergency Council is holding a rally protesting Bush's 'Major Emitters Meeting' at noon on Friday, September 28 near the State Department building where the meeting is being held. On October 22, peace, justice and climate activists are sponsoring a 'No War No Warming intervention' in Washington to pressure the government to stop the war in Iraq, shift funding to rebuild communities, and go green with new jobs in a clean energy economy. On November 3, Step It Up 2007 is organizing coast to coast actions to demand leadership on global warming... Glick endorses all these actions and more. 'When you have everything from letter writing to riskier actions that push the envelope, you have a powerful movement that can't be ignored'."

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The truth about the climate crisis is an inconvenient one that means we are going to have to change the way we live our lives. Al Gore

. . . unless we advance beyond thinking only in terms of conservation and alternate sources and begin to think in terms of a carbon pie, we will have no chance to stop the rise in atmospheric CO2. Wallace S. Broecker

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