Monday, March 8, 2021

OMNI Climate Memo Mondays #13

OMNI Climate Memo Mondays  3-8-21

Public Announcement: Protests to Stop the University of Arkansas Nuclear Weapons Program is this Tuesday, March 30th, at 12:30 P.M.  We will protest at the entrance to the U of A, at the intersection of M.L.K. Blvd & Razorback Rd  (1417 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Fayetteville).  Please wear a mask! 

Catastrophe and Utopia: Kim Stanley Robinson’s ‘Ministry for the Future’. (2-27-21).

We need no longer speculate about whether we live in a climate emergency. The scientific verdict has been out for some time now, each year’s report grimmer than the last.  | more…  share on Twitter Like Catastrophe and Utopia: Kim Stanley Robinson’s ‘Ministry for the Future’ on Facebook


Tina Gerhardt.  “How Biden Can Tackle the Climate Crisis.”  The Progressive (Feb.-March 2021).

Biden is taking the climate seriously by centering it and appointing motivated and capable leaders.   “Most importantly, by centering the climate crisis the Biden Administration makes clear it views it…as a lens through which to view all else. . . .The Green New Deal exemplifies this approach.”  Before he was elected Biden established the Biden-Sanders Climate Task Force, co-chaired by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and John Kerry, and he had “adopted many of the benchmarks of the Green New Deal.” After election, he created two new positions and appointed their heads: the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate (John Kerry) and the National Climate Adviser (Gina McCarthy).  And he has nominated outstanding people known for their concern for climate change and climate justice to be Secretary of Energy, Secretary of the Interior, chair of the Council on Environmental Quality, and head of the EPA.  “The Biden Administration has both the need and the potential to move forward quickly on the climate crisis.  So much depends on how well it does.”  

Gearhart’s writing focuses on climate change, UN climate negoti ations, energy policy, and sea level rise.  --Dick


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Dick's Wars and Warming KPSQ Radio Editorials (#1-48)