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MARCH 1, 2020
Compiled by Dick Bennett for a Culture of Peace, Justice, and Ecology

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 Tim Bakken.   The Cost of Loyalty:
Dishonesty, Hubris, and Failure in the U.S. Military.    Bloomsbury, 2020.
Media of The Cost of Loyalty

·                     WEST POINT PROF PENS BLISTERING TAKEDOWN OF U.S. MILITARY ACADEMIES By Kelley Beaucar   February 20, 2020
Above Photo: West Point professor Tim Bakken and the cover his new book, due out February 18, 2020. (courtesy of Bloomsbury)
This whistleblower from West Point is exploding the myths surrounding the US military. He points to constant failure as well as widespread corruption and incompetence. While all of this is no doubt true, the foundational problem is the misuse of the military as a tool of aggression seeking to create US dominance and the ability for US corporations to profit from cheap natural resources and low-wage workers. 
The US military budget needs to be dramatically cut as part of shrinking the military so it is truly only a defensive force. Since the US has never been attacked by another country since the attack on Pearl Harbor, a defensive force can be quite small. This means closing all US foreign bases and bringing troops home from abroad. 
The profit must be taken out of war. Weapons makers should be socialized so they are part of the government without the exorbitant salaries of executives and returns for investors. Weapons should only be made for defensive purposes not as a profit center or tool of domination. The military should be audited annually. It has only been audited once and failed that audit. There should be accountability and consequences for the misuse of funds and audit failures.

Not only is the US military losing wars, it is creating chaos and insecurity around the world. It is causing mass deaths and mass migration which is causing problems in neighboring countries as far away as in Europe from US wars in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. 
The United States has tremendous needs at home. There is a desperate need for affordable housing throughout the country. College education should be free and graduates suffering from student debt should have that debt erased. Infrastructure repairs are needed and transition to a clean energy economy is urgent. Senior citizens are living in poverty because of inadequate Social Security payments which should be tripled. Poverty impacts tens of millions of people in the United States. These are just some of many of the needs at home. The trillion dollars spend on weapons and war needs to be ended so that human needs can be met and environmental degradation can be confronted. 
This whistleblower is another wake-up call that the US military needs a complete rethinking, shrinking and change in mission KZ
What do you call a civilian law professor who, after successfully filing for federal whistleblower status to keep his job teaching at West Point Military Academy, proceeds to write a bombshell book about the systematic corruption, violence, fraud, and anti-intellectualism he says has been rampant at the historic institution for over a hundred years?
Well, if you are part of the military leadership or an alumnus of the storied military academy, you may call him a traitor.
But if you are anyone searching for reasons why the most powerful military in the world has not won a war in 75 years, you might call him a truth-teller. And a pretty brave one at that.  MORE    EDUCATE!
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I like your prescriptions at the top, Kevin. I second them all.
Since the military is the global enforcer of the new world order, it's going to be a hell of a battle to reduce it. Especially now that they are so close to total global domination. A lot of people are against their first in line status for raises though. I hope the book is a big success and wakes up a lot of people.
The military already has its people writing poor reviews on Amazon for the purposes of damage control and to keep people away from this book, so when you read it, rate and review on Amazon when you get a chance.
A West Point professor deconstructs the many failures of America's most beloved institution: the armed forces. Bakken—the first civilian hired to teach law at ...

This article, with a statement signed by 70 former U.S. Senators including 18 Republicans and 52 Democrats, seems quite significant.  America is beginning to turn into a dictatorship.   
Art Hobson

Trump’s Party
“An Unqualified Loyalist.”  (Washington Post).  NADG (2-24 -20).  Richard Grenell appointed acting director of national intelligence “is manifestly unqualified for the job.”  Nevertheless he has “won the president’s favor in a familiar way: by loudly praising him  and his agenda….”
“WOMACK Chairs Military Meeting.”  NADG (11-24-19).  “The West Point board of visitors, chaired by Arkansas’ 34d District U.S. Rep. Steve Womack, met in Washington earlier this month.”
“Womack Reelected to West Point Post.”  NADG (3-1-2020).  To his 4th term as chairman of the Board of Visitors (2017-), first appointed to the board in 2012 by Republican Speaker John Boehner.  Womack served 30 years in the AANG, retiring as a colonel in 2009.  His brother Jim graduated from West point.

Military Industrial Complex MIC
US Military-Industrial  (Corporate-Wall Street--White House- Congressional) Complex (Dems and Repubs One War Party)
MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL Newsletter #1, Feb. 19, 2012
Contents MIC Newsletter #1  Feb. 19, 2012
Ike’s MIC Speech
Ledbertter, Eisenhower and the MIC
Hartung, Lockheed Martin
De Rugy, “
Today we are living Ike's nightmare.”
Kaul, “We’re the most war-prone people on earth.”
CodePink Protest
Contents MIC Newsletter #2  August 19, 2013
Corporations-Pentagon-Congress-White House-Mainstream Media-Empire
Meier and Martin:  Weapons Industry Promotes Weapons Via Video Games
Neff and Price:  Blackwater’s Hand Slapped
Danielle Ivory:  BP Contracts Suspended
Weissman, Oil Companies and Pentagon
Gainza:, Nationalize the US Weapons Industry
Swanson Book, MIC (+C, MM, E) at 50
Turse, Why the Military Invades Our Everyday Lives
Giroux, Military-Academic Complex
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# 3 in preparation

·                     GRASSROOTS MILITARISM, ARKANSAS, NEWSLETTER #3, February 18, 2017
·                     Compiled by Dick Bennett for a Culture of Peace, Justice, and Ecology
(#2, Dec. 29, 2016)
Northwest Arkansas Regional “Our Community” Phone Directory/Yellow Pages 2016-2017, the Cover for Veterans
 The Rise of the Military Welfare State by Jennifer Mittelstadt
Local Newspaper Record of Grassroots Militarism
Memorials, Monuments and Museums to Celebrate War and Militarism (2008-2017)
American “Valor” and Honoring “Heroes” (2009-2016)
State of Arkansas Tax Support
State of Arkansas Medical Support
Benton County Support:  Veterans Services Office
Local Military Industrial Complex
Militarism Promotion in Schools and Universities
Businesses and other Institutions Supporting Militarism
Public Officials Promoting Militarism



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