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What’s at state:  Celebrating the End of Wars, not Wars and Warriors

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Contents: Armistice DAY Newsletter #9, Nov. 11, 2015
Veterans for Peace VfP
War Resisters League WRL
Iraq Veterans Against War IVAW
Vietnam War Whitewash
Noam Chomsky, US History of Terrorism
Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich, the Distortions Caused by 9/11
Dick, Support the Troops?

Stand with Veterans For Peace on November 11
Nov. 2, 2015
Veterans For Peace is calling on all our members to take a stand for peace this Armistice Day.  We are calling on all our friends and allies to join us at the barricades of peace on November 11.  
Over the last several years, Veterans For Peace chapters have taken the lead in celebrating Armistice Day on November 11.  We are reclaiming the original intention of that day – a worldwide call for peace that was spurred by universal revulsion at the huge slaughter of World War One.  In Canada and the United Kingdom, this day is known as Remembrance Day.  
After World War II, the U.S. Congress decided to re-brand November 11 as Veterans Day.  Who could speak against that?  But honoring the warrior quickly morphed into honoring the military and glorifying war.  Armistice Day was flipped from a day for peace into a day for displays of militarism.
This November 11, it is as urgent as ever to ring the bells for peace.  Many Veterans For Peace chapters ring bells, and ask local churches to do the same, at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, as was done at the end of World War One.  
There are so many reasons we must press our government
to end reckless military interventions
that endanger the entire world.
·  In Syria, the U.S. has armed and supported rebels who share its goal of overthrowing the Assad government. U.S. intervention in Syria has been a major factor in the ongoing tragedy that has made refugees of half of all Syrians, and has done irreparable destruction to the nation of Syria.  The U.S. government and military must end its support of the rebels and abandon its efforts at regime change.  It must join in sincere diplomatic efforts with the Syrian government and Syrian opposition forces, along with Russia, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  All sides know that the solution to the Syrian war is political, not military.  It is time to stop the bloodshed and the exodus of refugees, and to start talks that respect the self-determination of the Syrian people.
·  In Afghanistan, the deliberate U.S. bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital was followed by a weak apology from President Obama, and his announcement that he would break his promise to end that war, and keep thousands of U.S. troops in Afghanistan beyond his presidency.  Fourteen years of deliberate and reckless killing of thousands of Afghanistan civilians has not brought Afghanistan peace or stability. 
All U.S. troops, planes, drones, contractors and NATO allies must leave Afghanistan.  Let the Afghan people find their own peace and determine their own future.
·  Don’t Tempt Nuclear War – End the U.S./NATO Confrontation with Russia.  With Russia and the U.S. bombing different rebel targets in Syria, and with the U.S. and NATO pressing Russia on its very borders, the threat of yet another World War looms.  The U.S. and Russia have thousands of nuclear weapons pointed at one another, with the capacity to kill many millions of people in each country.  Nuclear war between Russia and the United States, which was miraculously avoided during the tense standoff of the Cold War, has re-emerged as an all too real possibility. 
·  In Ukraine, the U.S. poured in many millions of dollars to stir up opposition to the elected (if corrupt) government, even supporting fascist gangs who led a violent coup that brought a rightwing, western-friendly government to power. Russian speaking Ukrainians in the east were immediately targeted by fascist elements who took control of Ukrainian military and security forces.  The Russian speaking minority felt it necessary to organize armed self-defense. Russia facilitated a plebiscite in the Ukrainian province of Crimea, where Russia’s Black Sea naval fleet is based, leading to an overwhelming vote to rejoin the Russian federation.

U.S. and NATO forces must pull back from Russia’s borders.  U.S. and NATO forces are stationed in Poland and the Baltic nations, encircling Russia on its own borders.  A coordinated international media campaign portrays Russian President Putin as the aggressor, while NATO carries out threatening war games and the U.S. beefs up its first strike nuclear capacity in Europe.  
NATO, originally organized to confront the Warsaw Pact forces of the Soviet Union, should be dismantled, instead of being used to intimidate Russia and morphing into an international intervention force serving the aims of those who believe in U.S. and Western global hegemony.
·  The U.S. should pull back from its so-called “Pivot to Asia,” where 60% of U.S. naval forces will be deployed, and where the U.S. is building regional military alliances to confront China.  In so doing, the U.S. has pressured the Japanese government to abandon its constitutional pledge not to deploy their military outside Japan’s borders, forced the South Korean government – against the will of its people – to build a naval base on Jeju Island, and continues to ignore the pleas of the Okinawan people to return a sense of sanity to their island by removing omnipresent military the U.S.
·  The United States, Russia and all nuclear powers must begin living up to their obligations under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), which requires them to negotiate in good faith to reduce and eventually eliminate all nuclear weapons. The Marshall Islands is suing the U.S. and all nuclear powers because they are doing just the opposite.  The U.S. government recently announced a thirty year program, estimated to cost One Trillion Dollars, to “modernize” its nuclear arsenal.  In other words, the U.S. is building new generations of nuclear bombs and missiles.  This cannot stand.
·  U.S. drone wars in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and beyond must end
·  The U.S. must begin dismantling its 900 military bases around the world.
·  War Abroad Mirrors Racism and Violence at Home.  The militarization of U.S. foreign policy and use of violence and war around the world is mirrored here at home by racist police killings, and the militarization of law enforcement and schools, where military recruiters often have total access to students. Racism and xenophobia are used to dehumanize Muslims and others in order to justify killing them in war in their own countries.  We in Veterans For Peace realize this is the same hatred used here at home to justify killing black, brown, and poor people. It is the same fearmongering used to criminalize honest, hard-working people and tear immigrant families apart through deportation.

This Armistice Day Veterans For Peace calls for justice and peace at home and abroad. We call for the end to racist policies, and for equality for all people. 
·  Stop the War on Mother Earth.  Veterans For Peace also sees the links between war and the destruction of the natural environment upon which all living creatures depend.  Stubborn reliance on fossil fuels, and wars for control of them, are primary causes of the perilous climate change into which the world is descending. The ongoing nuclear meltdown in Fukushima, Japan reminds us that nuclear power is neither green nor safe.  Shortsighted energy policies threaten to make entire regions of the planet uninhabitable, turning millions of people into climate refugees. New and dangerous wars for water, land and other precious resources are almost certain to follow.
·  Between nuclear war and climate disaster, we are facing the possibility of Hell on Earth, UNLESS we create a united worldwide movement for peace, justice, equality and sustainability.
For all of these reasons, stand with Veterans For Peace on Armistice Day, November 11, 2015
Remember to visit the Armistice Day page for ways to get involved!
Veterans For Peace, 1404 North Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63102, 314-725-6005
Veterans For Peace appreciates your generous donations.
We also encourage you to join our ranks.

·  Read VFP’s position statement on Armistice Day, related to today’s current global situation.
·  Find a local event near you or consider hosting one of your own and register it.
·  Get your community involved, send the sample op-ed or send the sample letter-to-the-editor to your newspaper

·         Celebrate GI Resistance on Veteran's Day

War Resisters League

11:45 AM (3 hours ago)
to me  11-11-15

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Resisting War at Home & War Abroad since 1923

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Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. 
--Howard Zinn

Hi Dick!

Today on Veteran’s Day, War Resisters League remembers that a holistic antiwar strategy means supporting the resistance of veterans and soldiers, who bravely defy their employers to dismantle the elaborate pillars that uphold the military industrial complex.
Facing the harsh realities of war and militarism, we look to a vision of freedom from oppressive systems and reclaim today as a day to call an end to all war. That’s why we’re uplifting the work of veterans in soldiers who in single acts of defiance or organized resistance demand an end to injustice.
Today, support veterans and soldiers by uplifting their work to end war. Heed Iraq Veterans Against the War’s call to “Drop the MIC” (military-industrial complex)--an ongoing campaign to "interrupt the business-as-usual of the Military Industrial Complex and fight for our right to heal."  

This Veteran's Day, let’s build key movement infrastructure to shift our society’s consciousness to the reality that we can build a world held up by pillars of justice, solidarity, and self-determination. Make war history.
War Resisters League

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War Resisters League
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United States

Don't Thank Me For My Service
Matt Howard, IVAW via 11-11-15
1:05 PM (2 hours ago)
to James
Iraq Veterans Against the War Our Work: Donate Now
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Dear Dick,
This day isn't one our community takes pride in. We have always cringed at the "Thank you for your service" platitudes we are offered. Thanking us assumes that our service and support of the occupations is something to be grateful for, and it shuts off any chance for dialogue about the atrocities of wars. We refuse to forget what we took part in and we will not stop in working to end these wars of choice, wars of greed, wars manufactured by people who don't bear their burdens. Our community of veterans is marking this day a bit differently than most. Today, we are launching our #DropTheMIC (military industrial complex) campaign.
Drop the MIC is focused on highlighting how U.S. militarism affects everyone's lives- those living abroad facing the brunt of U.S. forces and weapons and those living here, facing over militarized police. The same companies that provide weapons to Saudi Arabia and militias in Syria are equipping police departments with armored vehicles. U.S. militarism shows up in the recruiters in our schools, the surveillance aircraft monitoring our protests and the Pentagon sponsored 'Salute our Veterans' spectacles at sports arenas across the country. It is immersed in our lives and we are committed to working to make the invisible seen and to put it to an end.
Today we ask for your support in two ways:
1.) Share the countless ways U.S. militarism shows up in your daily life. Post a picture on social media of the many ways militarism shows up in your community and use the hashtag #DropTheMIC (military industrial complex). By using the hashtag on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, others will be able to search for like minded posts and see each way militarism shows up in communities across the country. If you don't have a picture feel free to post a relevant article or video with the same hashtag. The goal is to have our friends and family thinking about how widespread U.S. militarism is here at home and abroad.
2.) Contribute to our ongoing Indiegogo campaign to fund our new work areas. We are only $5,000 away from reaching our goal! It makes a big difference for our continued organizing and putting this work into the world. 
On a day that often feels more focused on hiding the wounds of war and ignoring the reasons we have so many veterans, we appreciate the fact that you are by our side in this struggle. 
In Solidarity,
Matt Howard
Iraq Veterans Against the War


Telling the Truth About the War vs. Pentagon/Pres. Obama Official History
Editorial, “Commemorating the American War in Vietnam.”  Peace in Our Times (Winter 2015).   Argues for full disclosure, “an honest commemoration” of the war, instead of the one initiated by the Pentagon, supported by President Obama, and funded by Congress at $65 million.  The official commemoration avoids many realities of the war, including the “moral injury” many returning soldiers experience as PTSD.  Veterans for Peace offers a Vietnam Full Disclosure campaign in rejection of the Pentagon’s efforts to “sanitize and mythologize the Vietnam war and to thereby legitimize further unnecessary and destructive wars.”   See for more information.    –Dick

Veterans for Peace Editorial, “A CALL TO THE WALL.”  PEACE IN OUR TIMES (Winter 2015).    Announces a demonstration at The Wall in Washington, D.C. on Memorial Day, May 25, on the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the American War in Vietnam, in opposition to the Pentagon’s initiative to convince young people the war was a noble enterprise.  For more on the Vietnam War Full Disclosure movement go to .  VforP calls us to send a letter addressing the Vietnam War Memorial (i.e. US soldiers who died) and the millions of killed Vietnamese, who deserve their own memorial, to share our memories of the war from any perspective.  Email your letter to, with subject line Memorial Day 2015, or mail it to Full Disclosure, Veterans for Peace, 409 Ferguson Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, by May 1.  –Dick.

VIETNAM WAR NEWSLETTER #7, March 24, 2015.
Compiled by Dick Bennett for a Culture of Peace, Justice, and Ecology. 
  (#1 July 24, 2011; #2 June 9, 2012; #3 Sept. 25, 2012; #4 April 13, 2013; #5, April 9, 2014; #6, Feb. 18, 2015). 

2015, the 50th anniversary of the start of US direct combat operations in Vietnam.

What’s at stake:  To the Pentagon and Obama: don’t whitewash this war.
We must not forget this atrocious war, the destruction and suffering it caused for no good purpose.   The Pentagon, President Obama, and others are trying to turn it into part of US patriotic history.  Let us instead seek the truth about the war—and all the other US wars of aggression since WWII.

My blog:  War Department and Peace Department
See: Agent Orange, Air War, Chemical War, Civilian Deaths and Suffering, Deceit, Imperialism, Kissinger, Killing Civilians, Land Mines, Literature About the War, Lying, Militarism, Nixon, Pentagon, Propaganda, Protest, Recruiting, Suicides, Torture, US Westward Empire, VFP, War Crimes, Waste, Whistleblowing, and more.

See OMNI’s Westward, Pacific/E. Asia Empire Newsletters

Contents #6 at end.

Contents: Vietnam War Newsletter #7
Telling the Truth About the War vs. Pentagon/Pres. Obama Official History

Editorial from Peace in Our Times
A Call to the Wall, Peace in Our Times
Veterans for Peace, Vietnam: The Power of Protest.  Telling the Truth.
     Learning the Lessons
Lembcke, Refuting the Myths
Keating, GI Resistance During the War
Peace Movement
From HAW, Two Commemorations
Consequences of the War to US and Vietnamese Troops and Vietnamese People
Dick, Literature and the Wall

Contact Pres. Obama

Noam Chomsky, The Long, Shameful History of American Terrorism
Reader Supported News, Nov. 15, 2014.
Chomsky writes: "'It's official: The U.S. is the world's leading terrorist state, and proud of it.' That should have been the headline for the lead story in the New York Times on October 15, which was more politely titled 'CIA Study of Covert Aid Fueled Skepticism About Helping Syrian Rebels.' The article reports on a CIA review of recent U.S. covert operations to determine their effectiveness."

Dennis, Elizabeth Kucinich | American Journey From Terror to Peace, 9/11 to 11/11.
Dennis Kucinich, Elizabeth Kucinich, Reader Supported News, Nov. 16, 2014.

Excerpt: "While Armistice Day signals a renewed interest in Europe in the practicality of peace and reconciliation and unity, here at home we observe Veterans Day still riveted to the narrative of deep fear derived from September 11, 2001."

Definition Power (who controls the language controls the people)
The U. S. Constitution grants power to Congress to call out the militia to “suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.”  The Constitution declares our right of national self-defense.    But what is the “nation”?   Now our leaders include in the US “nation” all its advanced bases.    Attack any base anywhere and you have attacked USA.    And what is “defense of the nation”?    US soil has been invaded only three times: War of 1812, Pearl Harbor 1941, and World Trade Center/Pentagon 2001.    Yet now “self-defense” is defined as “national security,” and our leaders go to war around the planet—over forty illegal invasions and interventions since 1945 and now “projecting force” through 900 military bases in over 100 countries all part of the US “nation” to be defended.. From D. C. trace your world map westward:   Homeland, Pacific, Asia, Europe, Homeland!   
Slogan Power: “Support the Troops”
How our leaders persuaded its populace to believe such an absurd yet massively bellicose and lethal a definition of the USA is the dark reality of US history since WWII.   The definition breeds the slogan:  the unceasing call to “support the troops,” which functions to sustain US wars for the “security” of the “nation” strung out around the globe.  And the slogan “support the troops” helps to explain how the new disastrous definition has been sustained.   It also reveals why the slogan is losing its powerful grip over the public, as the public increasingly questions the “self-defense” claimed for the wars and the legitimacy of the new name in 1947 for the Department of War    The “support the troops” slogan, while it might be valid in defense of the homeland, has lost its persuasiveness in the defense of all of the advanced US bases scattered over land or sea in the several military jurisdictions into which the planet has been divided by the Department of War—the Department of Conquest and Empire.  Consider the logic of our leaders which has undernourished the public for sixty years:  The US has the right to invade and intervene in order to defend what? old conquests.   Heard that before?   Listen to the speeches and the boots of the Roman, British, and Nazi imperial rulers and troops.
Of course we want our loved ones and those of our friends and of our countrymen and women to return safe.   But as the public learns more about the illegality, immorality, and massive waste of the US wars, the more urgently do we want our loved ones home and the less we support initiators and leaders of the wars.  For several years the public majority has wanted the troops to leave Afghanistan and Iraq.   And as the excuse of “self-defense” for the wars is increasingly found untrustworthy, and as evidence of the subversion of the morality of our troops by war has become more available (we should support all the troops?), even respect for the troops, the imperial instruments of conquest, and the righteousness of the troops in their killing and being killed, has declined.


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