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OMNI CELEBRATES UNITED NATIONS DAY OCTOBER 24, OMNI UN DAY NEWSLETTER #6, October 24, 2013, for a Culture of Peace and Justice, COMPILED BY Dick Bennett


For “the vast majority of mankind. . . .the United Nations is a symbol” of “the guarantee that there is sense in the world and that there is equity in the world. . . .How great our moral responsibility is, and how endless the demands. . . for devotion and for the giving out of all we possibly can.”   Quoted in Hammarskjold: A Life by Roger Lipsey, 247.  See OMNI’s Hammarskjold Newsletter Oct. 19, 2013.

“I wonder how the foreign policies of the United States would look if we wiped out the national boundaries of the world, at least in our minds, and thought of all children everywhere as our own.”  Howard Zinn

“If I define my neighbor as the one I must go out to look for, on the highways and byways, in the factories and slums, on the farms and in the mines, then my world changes.”   Gustavo Gutierrez, Founder of Liberation Theology

 “The brotherhood of nations represents an ideal which is becoming ever more intelligible and more desirable to humanity.” Tolstoy 1895.   Tolstoy’s Writings on Civil Disobedience and Non-Violence.  New American Library, 1968.

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Contents of UN DAY Newsletter # 3, 2010
Past UN DAYs
UNA-USA 2010
United Nations Day 2010 Activities, Millennium Development Goals
UN for Women
UN Activities for Children and Youth

Contents of Newsletter #4: 2011 FOCUS ON POPULATION
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the 7 Billion
UN Population Fund (UNFPA)
Film: The War Against War

Contents of #5 2012
United Nations Day 2012
UN/USA 2012
UN/USA 2011
The War Against War Film
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Contents #6
United Nations Day 2013
About the UN
The Interdependent
UNA/USA 2013
Rotary and UN

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United Nations Day, 24 October

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"This year again, we saw the United Nations come together on armed conflict, human rights, the environment and many other issues. We continue to show what collective action can do. We can do even more. In a world that is more connected, we must be more united. On United Nations Day, let us pledge to live up to our founding ideals and work together for peace, development and human rights. "
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
UN Staff celebrates UN Day
UN staff members dressed in their national costumes celebrate UN Day © UN Photo
UN Day marks the anniversary of the entry into force in 1945 of the UN Charter. With the ratification of this founding document by the majority of its signatories, including the five permanent members of the Security Council, the United Nations officially came into being.
24 October has been celebrated as United Nations Day since 1948. In 1971, the United Nations General Assembly recommended that the day be observed by Member States as a public holiday.
UN Web Services Section, Department of Public Information, © United Nations

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A Picture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt
by David A. Adler. NY: Holiday House, 1991. The early life of Eleanor Roosevelt for primary aged children.
Three Promises to You
by Munro Leaf. Originally published in the US by JP Lippincott, 1957; in India, 2008 by Arvind Kumar Publishers and available in UN bookstores in Geneva and NY (in the visitor’s lobby of the General Assembly (GA-32) or call 1-800-553-5210.)  In a kind of coloring book format Leaf questions very young children about their own differences, needs and fears, and explains how these translate into the world family. One of the few really simplified efforts to address the goals of the UN for primary age children.
UNICEF: United Nations Children’s Fund
by Anastasia Suen. PowerKids Press, 2002. Part of the Helping Organizations Series that also includes Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross, children K-3 learn when the UN and UNICEF started, what it stands for, and some of the ways it raises money and helps children and families worldwide. Includes details on how children can be fundraisers (“trick or treat” for UNICEF) Available through


Enchantment of the World Series
NY:  Children’s Press, a division of Scholastic Inc. Individual color-photo books devoted to many of the member states of the UN – also for Middle School, provides great background information for young participants in model UN
Lending a Helping Hand: Humanitarian Relief Operations
by Roger Smith. Philadelphia: Mason Crest Publishers, 2007. Part of the Mason Crest series, this chronicles one of the most successful roles of the UN, large-scale, compassionate disaster relief, Colorful photo illustrations and understandable text.
Stateswoman to the World: A Story About Eleanor Roosevelt
by Maryann N. Weidt. Minneapolis: Carolrhoda Books, Inc., 1991 an easy to read large print bio with b&w drawings.
United Nations –Peacekeepers?
by Edward Johnson. NY: Thomas Ning, 1995; UK: Wayland (Publishers) LTD. Part of the Global Issues Series, provides not only a guide to the UN’s peacekeeping missions around the globe, and the difficulties involved, but acts as a springboard for discussions on the successes and failures of the UN as peacekeepers.
The United Nations
by Stewart Ross. Chicago: Raintree, a div. of Reed Elsevier, Inc., 2004. Part of the World Watch Series, this is a critical but fair evaluation of the UN’s history and efforts around the world. Covers the humanitarian work of the UN in addition to the political –many colorful photos.


A Global Agenda: Issues Before the United Nations 2009-2010
A compendium of very readable and critical essays, by internationally recognized writers and editors, Sr. policy associates, ambassadors, journalists and academics on current issues in which the UN is involved. A publication of United Nations Assn/; adult
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About the United Nations
A good  introduction for middle and secondary school students-colorful, informative, many visuals –an excellent resource for teachers as well. Part of the School Kit provided by the Public Inquiries Unit, Dept. of Public Information, United Nations, NY, NY 10017; Tel: 212-963-4475; E-mail:; On the web at
by Brian Urquhart. NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1972. The definitive, in depth and well-documented account of the second and perhaps most revered Secretary-General’s years at the United Nations, until his death in a plane crash in 1961, by a former Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs, who describes him as “that most unusual of creatures, a truly good man.” Some wonderful anecdotes here, of Hammarskjöld’s use of personal diplomacy, when 11 American airmen were shot down over China, Kruschev’s shoe-banging episode in the General Assembly, as well as the struggles in the Middle East, Hungary, and finally the Congo, which cost Hammarskjöld his life.
Markings by Dag Hammarskjöld
NY: Alfred A. Knopf, 1964. Translated from the Swedish Vägmärken. Stockholm: Bonniers, 1963. Hammarskjöld’s spiritual journal, poetic and elusive in spots, which never mentions the UN, but is essential to understanding the personal side of the man, and his mindset during many of the crises in which he was involved. Many entries are dated, which helps in correlation.
Ralph Bunche: An American Odyssey
by Brian Urquhart. 1993. Available through This is the first major biography of the Nobel Prize-winning Bunche, by his closest assistant from 1954-71, who was given  access to Bunche’s private papers by the Bunche family. Urquhart brings to life this “Jackie Robinson of American Diplomacy” who was at times, treated as a second-class citizen in his own country.
Kofi Annan: A Man of Peace in a World of War
by Stanley Meisler. John Wiley & Sons, 2007. Considered a “readable, wise, balanced and thoughtful” portrait of the widely admired 7th Secretary General. Drawing on personal interviews with Annan, as well as numerous friends, UN colleagues, diplomats and world leaders, Meisler, a long time and respected reporter on the UN, examines the undeniable achievements of this remarkable man, as well as events like the Iraq War and his son’s participation in the Oil for Food scandal that threatened to undermine his credibility.
Man Without a Gun
by Giandomenico Pico. A real page-turner, chronicles the efforts of the author, an Italian diplomat working almost single-handedly with Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar to rescue Lebanese hostages in 1992; in spots his adventures read like a spy novel; yet his diplomacy with the leader of Hezbollah, ultimately winning his respect, is an example of what can be accomplished if people have the courage to talk with one another. Out of print, but available in libraries.
The United Nations: The First Fifty Years
by Stanley Meisler. “A strikingly readable behind- the -scenes account of the UN’s first half century” “sprinkled with rich anecdotes of a colorful cast of characters, warts and all.” Available through
UN Jigsaw
by Wilfred Grey. NY: Vantage Press, 2000. A wonderfully observant and wide-ranging overview, accurately defining the growing role of civil society in partnership with the UN system. Pays special attention to the role of women and people from developing countries. Available at the UN bookstore. 1-800-553-5210.


Guided Tours
To book a tour for your class, call 212-963-4440;
Model UN
A simulation for Middle School, High School and college students. See the following websites for an overview, FAQs, How to start a Model UN club, How to Plan for a Model UN Conference, Research Tips etc.:, You can also google Model UN for examples of Model UN programs done at various schools and universities. See also Global Model UN, an initiative of the Educational Outreach Division of the United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI); for 1,000 university students; rotates annually among all regions of the world ensuring geographical diversity and gender balance. or contact Yvonne Acosta, Chief of Educational Outreach DPI, 212-936-7214,
A large variety available from the Public Inquiries desk on the ground floor of the General Assembly, across from the coffee shop call 212-963-4475.
School Kits
This is separate from the School Kit envelope provided by the Dept. of Public Information. Designed by teachers for teachers, these three books, intended for primary, intermediate and secondary levels, contain a selection of texts and activities arranged thematically. Check with Public Inquiries.
Speakers Bureau
Invite a UN speaker to your classroom in person or via video conference, or arrange a briefing for your students at UN Headquarters (Minimum age: 14) email www.unitg@un.orgor call 212- 963-7710.
UN Chronicle
A quarterly, easy-to-read magazine-covering a range of UN activities. Suitable for high school and above. Available in the UN Bookstore or online at


A Common Goal
This film introduces and explains what the United Nations is and how it operates using a soccer game as a metaphor. Using footage from all over the world, the program explains the concepts of peacekeeping and human rights and defines the UN’s role in these areas. It also explains what the General Assembly and Security Council do and how they work. For elementary and intermediate students. Available from Films for the Humanities and Sciences: or call 1-800-257-5126.
60 Ways the UN Makes a Difference
This DVD presents, through the voices of young people around the world, a sampling of what the UN and its agencies have accomplished since 1945, and the vast array of its undertakings.  Available in the UN Bookstore -call 1800-553-5210, or in book form from UN Publications at
A VirtualTour of the United Nations
On CD Rom – contains 150 interactive panoramas, more than 2 hrs. video, 114 gifts and artworks, the history of the UN, over 40 interviews, and a tour of UN Headquarters. For Mac OSX-3.9 and later or Windows 2000/XP. From Spinning Eye LTD.
Visions of a Secretary General: Dag Hammarskjöld and the United Nations 1953-1961
A finely –tuned portrait using newly recorded interviews, and archival film and photo material gives a sense of Dag Hammarskjöld as a person, his struggles during the cold War and his death in a plane crash in Africa. Available in English and Swedish on DVD from the UN Bookstore, or from Athena Films
Core Concepts of the MDG’s
A self-paced UN Interagency course, available on DVD with an accompanying book, for teaching the 8 Millenium Development Goals. Available from the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) UN Development Group Office 1 UN Plaza NY, NY 10017 212-906-5885


United Nations Homepage.
Links to all UN Departments and up-to-date news and activities in the six official languages.
Center for UN Reform Education (CURE) An umbrella organization founded in 1978 to generate interest in, and report on, proposals that have the potential to improve and strengthen the UN System.
Cyber School Bus
A variety of resources, activities and information for teachers and students in all grades, including a video contest for students to express their own views of what could be done to save the world.
Materials, news and information about children’s rights, health and education throughout the world. See also for teaching materials and activities
.© 2010 CTAUN - Committee on Teaching About the United Nations


Here is what readers were offered recently in The Interdependent (, an online publication brought to you by the United Nations Association of the USA and the United Nations Foundation:

UN Dispatch, a blog edited by Mark Leon Goldberg, providing daily commentary and coverage on the UN;
·  An end-of-year article by Barbara Crossette on two crises testing the UN: Côte d’Ivoire and attacks at a WHO food center in Pakistan, featuring a commissioned photo of Ivoirian refugees in Guinea; as well as additional Côte d’Ivoire coverage: “Laurent Gbagbo, A Man Intent on a Collision Course” and “New Sanctions Aim to Break the Will of Gbagbo’s Camp
·  What Germany, India, South Africa have planned for their two-year terms on the Security Council: “The New Players at the Table,” by Barbara Crossette, Irwin Arieff and Helmut Volger.
·  Two op-eds: one by a Korean University professor on the climate change conference (“Resolving Some Issues Before the Next Step in South Africa”); and the other suggesting that Haitians are highly capable of fixing their problems (“The Other News You Don’t Hear About From Haiti”)
·  How the US Mission to the UN engaged youths around the world to submit their profoundest thoughts on peace (“Calling on Youths to Answer a Not-So-Simple Question” and “A Student Asks, ‘How Does a War Last So Long?’”)
·  Features on what it’s like to be an interpreter at the UN (with an original video, “Flies on the Wall, Fitted With Fine-Tuned Antennas”); how Bhutan follows its heartbeat in “Measuring Happiness in a Happy Holiday Season”; what Juan Clos, a former Barcelona mayor and the new head of UN-Habitat, says about the vitality of cities and the vagaries of slums (“The New Champion of Urban Living”); and important personnel changes at the UN – at the Population Fund agency and in the Department of Public Information.
·  New ICC Memo blog posts covering the court’s Assembly of States Parties conference in December at the UN.

Since its founding in 1973, The Interdependent has provided valuable information on news and features at the UN. This online journal is one of the best ways to get up-to-date news and feature articles about the UN.

To read The ID, go to, and while you’re there, become a member of UNA-USA, which is now part of the United Nations Foundation, to help support its cause of connecting the UN to the American public.

·                                 70TH ANNIVERSARY

Global Classrooms

·                                 Global Classrooms Home
·                                 About Global Classrooms Model UN
·                                 How to Participate
·                                 For Educators
·                                 GC Model UN Conferences
o                                                                International Model UN Conference
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Global Classrooms International Model UN Conference

The 15th Annual Global Classrooms International High School Model UN Conference (GCIMUN) will be held May 15-17, 2014 at UN Headquarters and the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York, NY.

Conference Frequently Asked Questions

In Review:  GCIMUN -- 2013 & 2012

The 2013 conference, held May 16-18, 2013, brought together students from more than 20 countries to discuss diverse and pressing international issues. Committees and topics include Empowerment of Rural Women, Cyber Terrorism, and Childhood Immunization. This year’s regional committee is the MDG review summit.

The 2012 conference brought together students from around the world to discuss diverse and pressing international issues such the role of women in peace and security, the elimination of racism and xenophobia, and the effects of atomic radiation. This year's General Assembly regional committee simulated the 2012 Earth Summit (Rio+20), focusing on climate change, sustainability and the challenges of global environmental stewardship.

GCIMUN 2013 and 2012 provided an unparalleled, authentic simulation of the United Nations in a world class setting, and the chance for delegates to work side-by-side with thousands of students from across the country and around the globe.

The entire Opening Ceremony was captured on video and isavailable online.

A photo gallery of Opening Ceremonies is available on ourFacebook page.

In Review: 12th Annual GCIMUN -- 2011

Did you miss GCIMUN 2011 Opening Ceremonies? The entire event has been captured on video and is available online.

A photo gallery of Opening Ceremonies is available on ourFacebook page.

The 12th Annual Global Classrooms International Model UN Conference (GCIMUN), sponsored by the United Nations Association of the United States of America's Global Classrooms® program, was held on May 12 – 14, 2011. Welcoming 2300 students from more than 20 nations, the three-day conference was held at United Nations Headquarters and the Grand Hyatt Hotel in mid-town Manhattan, and featured both Opening and Closing Ceremonies in the General Assembly Hall of the UN.


Global Classrooms Model UN



The UN Foundation

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Tel: +1 202 887-9040
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Register online to take part in Rotary-UN Day on 2 November. The daylong event offers a unique opportunity to learn how Rotary works with the United Nations to advance peace and improve the lives of those most in need.
This year’s event at UN Headquarters in New York City will feature presentations from senior UN staff and Rotary leaders as well as panel discussions on health, water, literacy, and youth.
Speakers will include Peter Kyle, Rotary’srepresentative to the World Bank; Jan Eliasson, UN deputy secretary-general; and Andrei Abramov, chief of the nongovernmental organizations branch of the UN’s Economic and Social Council.
High school-age students, including Interactors and Rotary Youth Exchange participants, can attend a special youth program in the morning as well as join the afternoon program.
Get more information about Rotary-UN Day, and download the event registration form or student registration form.
Rotary News
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