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OMNI GENE SHARP NEWSLETTER #1, December 31, 2012.
Compiled by Dick Bennett for a Culture of Peace and Justice.

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Below are two links to Sharp. The first link is a down loadable PDF free book. The  next is his web site.

His writings have inspired countless numbers of people and are presently being used as a guide to the peoples’ revolts such as in Egypt.
If you want to know what the word “comprehensive” means, check out the 3 vols. of Sharp’s The Politics of Nonviolent Action  plus his other books! 
It’s time we applied Sharp to our situation in the US as well.

Sharp’s Books
Civilian-Based Defense
Civilian-Based Defense Association
Albert Einstein Institution

1.                             Nonviolent Action - Albert Einstein Institution
by G Sharp - Cited by 13 - Related articles
Gene Sharp There Are Realistic Alternatives is a short, serious introduction to nonviolent struggle, its applications, and strategic thinking. Based on pragmatic ...

VOL. I, Power and Struggle
Vol. II, The Methods of Nonviolent Action
Vol. III, The Dynamics of Nonviolent Action

I.                   Power and Struggle
Roots of Political Power, Theory of Nonviolent Control of Political Power, Examples:  Gandhi v. British, Norwegians v. Nazis, US Civil Rights struggles, etc..
II.                 The Methods of Nonviolent Action
Political Jiu-Jitsu, 54 Methods, 10 Groups, etc.
III.              The Dynamics of Nonviolent Action

Preparation, Strategy, Repression v. Solidarity, Winning Support, Arousing Dissent, etc.

Gene Sharp - Politics of Nonviolent Action
This is a review of The Politics of Nonviolent Action by Gene Sharp. In part one,Power and Struggle, Sharp discusses the nature of political ... solely as a technique—the theory behind it, its methods, its dynamics. .... Waging Nonviolence ...

2.                             The politics of nonviolent action - Gene Sharp - Google Books
 Rating: 4.5 - 11 reviews
Review: Power and Struggle (The Politics of Nonviolent Action #1). User Review ...Waging Nonviolent Struggle: 20th Century Practice And 21st Century Potential · Gene.... Book Summary of The Dynamics of Nonviolent Action by Gene Sharp ...




Power and Struggle (Politics of Nonviolent Action, Part 1): Gene ... › Books  Education & Reference
 Rating: 5 - 6 reviews - $9.95 - In stock
Power and Struggle (Politics of Nonviolent Action, Part 1) [Gene Sharp] on *FREE* ... Waging Nonviolent Struggle: 20th Century Practice And 21st Century Potential by Gene Sharp ... Dynamics of Nonviolent Action (Politics of …

3.                             Power and Struggle by Gene Sharp - Reviews, Discussion ... › Social Issues  Activism
 Rating: 4.4 - 46 votes
Power and Struggle (The Politics of Nonviolent Action #1) ... I'll probably read the other parts (Methods, Dynamics) soon. ... A foundational text in nonviolent direct action theory and practice, Gene Sharp's first volume develops a .... From Dictatorship to Democracy · Waging Nonviolent Struggle: 20th Century Practice and ...

4.                            Waging Nonviolent Struggle
Building on the power analysis of his seminal Politics of Nonviolent Action, Dr. ... “With Waging Nonviolent Struggle, Dr. Gene Sharp adds a new page in his ...



7.                             Gene Sharp is no utopian / Waging Nonviolence - People-Powered ...
Oct 1, 2011 – The Politics shows power as the basis of nonviolent civil resistance, ...will release Sharp's Dictionary of Power and Struggle: Language of Civil ...



Waging Nonviolent Struggle: 20th Century ... - Resource Library
Building on the power analysis of his seminal Politics of Nonviolent Action, Dr. Sharp... With Waging Nonviolent Struggle, Dr. Gene Sharp adds new page in his brilliant.... PART THREE: THE DYNAMICS OF NONVIOLENT STRUGGLE ...

Nonviolent Success
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Nonviolent Success: A Review of Gene Sharp's Waging Nonviolent Struggle -- Page 1. First published in ... ideals, revive hopes, and awaken the people power needed to force crucial ... Part Three, "The Dynamics of Nonviolent Struggle," ...

Gene Sharp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gene Sharp (born January 21, 1928) is Professor Emeritus of political ... For Sharp, political power, the power of any state - regardless of its particular ... Sharp publishedWaging Nonviolent Struggle: 20th Century Practice and 21st Century Potential in 2005. .... ISBN 978-0-87558-071-5; III, Dynamics of Nonviolent Action.


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1.                             025 Civilian-Based Defense - The Albert Einstein Institution
Civilian-Based Defense: A Post-Military Weapons System by Gene Sharp ... For Further Reading on Civilian-Based Defense ... - Cached - Similar
2.                              [PDF]
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
Improvised Nonviolent Struggle and Civilian-based Defense ...
3.                             Nonviolence & Civilian-Based Defense
This article explores the potential of civilian-based defense—the technique of defending a nation's social institutions using strategic nonviolent action. ... - Cached - Similar
4.                             Gene Sharp Lecture MP3 Audio
Civilian-Based Defense, Sharp suggests, may provide an effective nonviolent ... - Cached - Similar
5.                             Civilian-Based Defense: A Short History
The effect of King-Hall's proposal and the subsequent discussion represented a turning point in the development of the civilian-based defense concept; ... - Cached - Similar
6.                             The Memory Hole: Civilian-Based Defense
This association "is a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1982 to promote widespread consideration of civilian-based defense (CBD) and to engage ... - Cached - Similar
7.                    Civilian-Based Defense: A Post-Military Weapons System ...
"Two things are certain about the future of politics and international relations," writes Gene Sharp. "Conflict is inevitable, and effective defense will be ... › ... › LawCriminal LawLaw Enforcement - Cached
8.                             civilian-based defense « Will's Way
Aug 9, 2010 ... Sharp then introduces the concept of “civilian-based defense,” in contrast to “military-based defense.” He points out many surprising ... - Cached - Similar
9.                             The Metta Center – Civilian-Based Defense
Civilian-Based Defense. A nonviolent form of defense against invasion or internal overthrow of a regime. This technique was well documented and made ... - Cached
10.                        Feminists look at civilian-based defense, by Schweik Action Wollongong
Feminists look at civilian-based defense, an article by Schweik Action Wollongong, published in Civilian-Based Defense, Spring 2001, providing a survey of ... - Cached

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Civilian-Based Defense Association

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Civilian-Based Defense Association (CBD) "is a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1982 to promote widespread consideration of civilian-based defense (CBD) and to engage in educational activities to bring CBD to public attention.
"CBD means protecting a nation against invasions or coups d'etat by preparing its citizens to resist aggression or usurpation by withholding cooperation and by active noncooperation rather than military force. Tactics include strikes, encouraging invading forces to desert, encouraging other countries to use sanctions against the invader, etc. Citizens would learn how to use CBD before aggression starts, which distinguishes it from spontaneous resistance. Prior preparation and publicity would enhance its effectiveness and also make it a deterrent to attack." [1]



Board of Directors [2]


Resources and articles

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  1. Home Page, CBD, accessed July 13, 2007.
  2. About, CBD, accessed July 13, 2007.

Albert Einstein Institution

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The Albert Einstein Institution (AEI) as described in its own website:
Founded in 1983 by Dr. Gene Sharp, The Albert Einstein Institution is dedicated to advancing the study and use of strategic nonviolent action in conflicts throughout the world. It is committed to the defense of freedom, democracy, and the reduction of political violence through the use of nonviolent action.
To further its mission, the Institution has supported research projects (for examples, see our publications section), actively consulted with resistance and pro-democracy groups (including groups in Burma, Thailand, Tibet, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Serbia, and the Occupied Territories), and worked to publicize the power and potential of nonviolent struggle around the world through educational materials, analyses, translations, workshops, and media visibility.[1]
In 1989, "The Einstein Institution’s Board of Directors, meeting in September, approved a grant of $6,000 to the Civilian-Based Defense Association, a one hundred percent increase over last year’s funding level. The grant is specifically to provide general support for the production and distribution of the Association’s newsletter, Civilian-Based Defense: News and Opinion." [2]
In 1995, AEI noted that "The Program on Nonviolent Sanctions, which receives financial support from the Albert Einstein Institution, has now joined with the Cultural Survival Center, the research arm of Cultural Survival, a human rights organization, to run the Program on Nonviolent Sanctions and Cultural Survival (PNSCS) at Harvard University’s Center for International Affairs." [3]



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