Tuesday, October 25, 2011

World Moving to a Culture of Peace

FROM WAR TO PEACE by Kent Shifferd (Franciscan Associate)

“The book is my little attempt to live up to Francis’ prayer; O Lord make me an instrument of your peace.
This is how Kent Shifferd describes his new book from War to Peace: A Guide to the Next Hundred Years. Divided into two parts, the book first outlines the ways in which war is deeply embedded in our culture, the second part illuminates a quiet and often overlooked revolution that has been going on for over a hundred years leading us toward a culture of peace. Kent concludes that while war is still around, it is no longer the only story and that we have a real chance of outlawing it just as we outlawed another ancient institution-slavery. The final chapter, “The Wellsprings of Peace,” summarizes our spiritual traditions of peace.
Available now from McFarland Publisher Co., Inc. (www.mcfarlandpub.org) and www.amazon.com
Introduction: The Tragedy of War and the Expectation of Peace
Section I: War

Chapter 1: Describing and Analyzing War
Chapter 2: The Psychology of Killing
Chapter 3: The War System, Part I
Chapter 4: The War System, Part 2

Section II: Peace
Chapter 5: Defining Peace
Chapter 6: The History of Peace in Ancient and Medieval Times
Chapter 7: The History of Peace, 1800 to the Present
Chapter 8: The Successes of Nonviolent Struggle
Chapter 9: Abolishing War and Building a Comprehensive
Peace System
Chapter 10:  The Wellsprings of Peace

Twenty-two Trends of the Last Hundred Years Leading to the
Evolution of a Peace System
Some Common Terms to Research for Further Information
and Websites
A Sampling of Peace Organizations on the World Wide Web

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