Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pro-Life: Help These Victims

Pakistan Flood Victims Tell of Suffering, Unfolding Disaster in Southern Sindh Province (from Democracy Now 9-10-10)
Pakistan is still reeling from the worst floods in its history. Some 21 million people have been affected even as the flooding continues. Forty villages were submerged in the past few days, and a fifty-foot breach in an embankment this morning has sent flood waters surging toward three more towns. Independent journalist Madiha Tahir was in the flood-ravaged Sindh province last week and filed this report from Sukkur.
Madiha Tahir, freelance journalist currently based in Karachi, Pakistan. Her work has appeared in The National, Columbia Journalism Review, Global Post and Current TV.
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Rape Survivors in the Congo Recall Horror (from Democracy Now 9-10-10)
Rape survivors in the village of Luvungi in the Democratic Republic of Congo have begun describing the recent horrors they suffered when rebel forces mass-raped hundreds of women over a two-month period. Zaina Nyangoma is one of the rape survivors who has talked about her ordeal.
Zaina Nyangoma: "After they raped us, they would walk out, and we would do our best to escape into the bush. And sometimes we would have to crawl on the ground, while they would rape others until dawn. They would also sometimes follow us into the bush or wherever we were hiding at night, and if we were found, they would then rape us again. And that’s how they managed to rape all the women of Luvungi."

Marian Wright Edelman lays out the grim truth of how many children are not given the opportunity for growth and development. The statistics she uses are national numbers (one in six). Shockingly, the rate of poverty of children in Arkansas now exceeds one in four!
I hope you will mark your calendar and attend this month's LWVWC member meeting to learn more about Rising Child Poverty in Northwest Arkansas. We cannot continue to ignore this problem without recognizing the consequences it will bring to our future.
Go to our website for program details.
Joyce Hale, President 10-14-10

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Dick's Wars and Warming KPSQ Radio Editorials (#1-48)