Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Abolish US Prsons Industrial Complex

FSTV 7-31-09 Meshe Monge Ingirray?? Critical Resistance, www.criticalresistance.org

Perkinson, Robert. Texas Tough: the Rise of America’s Prison Empire. Metropolitan, 2010. Rev. Columbia Journalism Rev. (May/June 2010).
Kerman, Piper. Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison. Spiegel & Grau, 2010. Rev. CJR (May/June 2010).
Kerman and Perkinson give “two takes on the folly of our prison policies.”

Democracy Now (10-19-10) Amy Goodman interviewed Angela Davis for most of the hour, much of it about Davis’s experience with, views about, and advocacy of abolishing prisons. Prisons reflect a failed society. A genuinely caring society would largely eliminate prisons, as in Finland. Prison abolition is part of “building a new world,” as in the UN's phrase, A Culture of Peace.
Ms. Davis referred to the book Instead of Prisons. Here's information about it:
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1. Instead of Prisons Table of Contents
A Handbook For Abolitionists, Online book, Originally published 1976.
Show map of 3049 E Genesee St, Syracuse, NY 13224
2. Instead of Prisons Chapter 2
[47] "By freely giving out ... drugs, wardens and guards keep many prisoners ...
3. Instead of Prisons Chapter 6
4. We should further reduce our excessive reliance on prisons by making ...
www.prisonpolicy.org/.../instead_of_prisons/chapter6.shtml - Cached - Instead Of Prisons: A Handbook For Abolitionists :: AK Press
From discussions on the range of voices that comprise the movement for prison abolition to demystification of the myths surrounding the justification of ...
www.akpress.org/2006/items/insteadofprisons -
5. Treatment Instead of Prisons
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Treatment Instead of Prisons: A Roadmap for Sentencing and Correctional Policy Reform in Wisconsin. This report would not have been possible with- ...
www.drugpolicy.org/.../Wisconsin_Report_Treatment_Instead_of_Prisons_Jan_06.pdf - Similar
6. States Eye Drug Treatment Instead of Prisons - 018751
Oct 31, 2006 ... The use of drug treatment instead of incarceration by states in order to cut costs is examined. For ...
nicic.gov/Library/018751 - Cached
7. Treatment Instead of Prisons | Justice Strategies
RESEARCH. BY STATE • BY ISSUE • BY PUBLICATION. Treatment Instead of Prisons. Treatment Instead of Prisons. CONTACT: Justice Strategies / A Tides Center ...
www.justicestrategies.org/treatment-instead-prisons - Cached - Similar
8. Building Schools Instead Of Prisons | Education
Aug 27, 2010 ... This could serve as a model for the rest of the country as to how communities can effectively build schools instead of prisons. ...

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Dick's Wars and Warming KPSQ Radio Editorials (#1-48)