Friday, September 10, 2010

Nonviolent Direct Actions Against Nuclear Weapons

Happy Anniversary Plowshares, and Important Dates!
GZ Cntr for Nonviolent Action

Greetings Friends of Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action,
Here's an update on important things going on in our GZ community and beyond. Check them out. Peace (one day at a time),
Leonard Eiger, Media and Outreach Co-Coordinator
Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action;

Wednesday, September 15 Jessica Arteaga stands trial in U.S. District Court, Tacoma for her May 3rd (2010) "blue line" crossing at Bangor gate during Ground Zero's vigil and nonviolent direct action. Jessica is charged with trespassing on government property. On the day of the arrest Jessica sat down on the blue line that indicates the border between the County side and the Federal side. Initially the State Patrol intended to arrest Jessica and ordered her to stand up. When she stood up, she was over the blue line, and after further discussion between State Patrol and Base military police, the military police arrested her. You can read more about the May 3rd events in the July Ground Zero newsletter .

Jessica's trial takes place at 1:30 pm in Judge J. Richard Creatura's chambers. Supporters are invited to meet in front of the courthouse for a pre-trial vigil at 12:30 pm that same day. The Tacoma Union Station Courthouse is located at 1717
Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Washington, 98402. It is well served by public transit and there is ample pay parking behind the courthouse. Click here for more information on location and parking.

Yesterday, September 9th, marked the 30th anniversary of the first Plowshares action. Happy Anniversary Plowshares! Read more at

Tuesday, September 21 is United Nations International Day of Peace (Peace Day). Events around Puget Sound include Bellevue, Seattle and Vashon. The Seattle Raging Grannies will be showing up at the Bellevue event at Eastside Friends Meetinghouse (Go Grannies!). Find all of these events at An interfaith movement, A Million Minutes for Peace, is asking people of all faiths from all over the world to stop at noon and pray for peace for one minute on Peace Day.

The Y-12 (July 5th) Federal arrestees were granted a continuance, and their new trial date is January 11, 2011.

And last, but not least, the Disarm Now Plowshares defendants are scheduled to be arraigned on September 24th. More details on this and other happenings coming soon. You can also keep up on Disarm Now Plowshares at their blog:

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