Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor DAY 2010

Reader Supported News: Krugman, Solis, Buffenbarger, Grady

On this Labor Day, while we honor the hard work of millions of Americans, let us not forget those who struggle to find work. In this special edition of Reader Supported News we bring you the voices of an economist, the Secretary of Labor, a union leader and a rank-and-file union member. Happy Labor Day from the crew at Reader Supported News!

Paul Krugman | "1938 in 2010," The New York Times
Paul Krugman: "It's slightly sickening to realize that the big winners in the midterm elections are likely to be the very people who first got us into this mess, then did everything in their power to block action to get us out."
Hilda Solis | Celebrating American Workers and Progress on Labor Day
Hilda L. Solis, Fort Worth Star Telegram
Hilda Solis: "These are tough times for American workers. There are too many parents out there who have lost a job and are choosing between losing their home and sending their children to college." READ MORE
R. Thomas Buffenbarger | On Labor Day, Remember the Unemployed Vote,
San Francisco Chronicle: "So this Labor Day, let us remember those who want to labor, but can't find jobs. Let them know they are not fighting alone. And let us pledge to do our part to help turn things around and get America back to work."
James Grady: Labor Day and Unions: Making America Work" Politics Daily
James Grady: "This Labor Day, America's unions face a back to school autumn that will redefine their relevance in our river of politics and power."

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