Monday, July 26, 2010

Write and Call Congress to Leave Afghanistan

The Truth Has Been Leaked. Now We Must Act

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Dear Dick,
Wikileaks' incredible new release of classified documents confirms what Rethink Afghanistan supporters already know: the Afghanistan War is a brutal disaster that's not worth the cost. The only question is: what will you do about it?

Sign our petition to the Democratic and Republican National Committees to tell them you vote, and you demand an end to this war.

In this crushing economic climate, Americans are fed up with a trillion-dollar war that's not making us safer. But, that hasn't stopped either major political party from supporting pro-war candidates or from voting for billions in new war spending. In the wake of the Wikileaks release of the "War Logs," we've got to let our political parties know that we will hold them responsible for bringing this war to a close.

Learn more about the Wikileaks release of the "War Logs" and sign our petition to end the war.

Our new petition is simple: we're letting both the DNC and the RNC know that we vote, and that if politicians want our support, they have to end this war.

We've got a real chance here to send a strong message to our politicians and to drive the media narrative on the war. Please sign our petition today.

Derrick Crowe, Robert Greenwald and
the Brave New Foundation team

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