Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vigil at noon Saturday to mourn victims of violence in Gaza

Omni members Bea Dewing and David Druding are organizing a vigil in honor of the dead and the suffering in the Gaza conflict. You're invited to join them on Saturday January 10, 12:00 noon, at the federal building at College and Mountain Streets.

Part of the vigil will be a Palestinian ceremony, called an "Azaa." That's the Arabic word for the mourning ceremony that occurs after the death of a loved one in the Islamic world. The ceremony usually occurs at a home with the women inside seated talking and sharing dark unsweetened coffee and prepared dates. The men congregate outside and share the same coffee and dates.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of these ceremonies going on in Gaza and thruout the Occupied Territories at this very moment.

Hope you can help us spread the word about this demonstration/vigil that will occur at the federal bldg. this Sat., Jan. 10th, at noon.

For more information, you can call David at 479.521.5677, or Bea at 917-885-6090

Mourning Vigil

Saturday, Jan. 10th at noon

Federal Bldg., 35 E. Mtn. St,. Fayetteville, AR 72701

Mourning vigil for the innocent victims of the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. We call upon the US and world community to demand an immediate halt to the siege and attacks on Gaza.

Sponsored by: Palestine Café ( 917.885.6096

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