Sunday, November 7, 2010

OMNI's Table Saturday Morning at Farmer's Market

Thanks to all of you who stood with us Saturday morning at Farmer's Market or stopped by to sign petitions or offer greetings. We have already sent on drones and leaving Afghanistan. This past Saturday we continued gathering signatures on assassinations, torture, nuclear weapons, WikiLeaks.
This week we'll send off our petition on assassinations.
Only two more weeks remain for the Market. We hope to see you against US permanent wars and their despicable and catastropic results. What petition do you recommend and will promote for these last 2 Saturdays?
This past Saturday we celebrated Rep. Barbara Lee, the lone House voter against the illegal invasion of Afghanistan (goole Representative Barbara Lee and Afghanistan).
This coming Saturday we will celebrate Sen. Russ Feingold, the lone Senate voter against the Patriot Act (google Senator Russell Feingold and Patriot Act). (We need a large sign for him.) Domestic repression is the inevitable consequence of the National Security State and Empire of the past 70 years (reinforced by Bush II's Homeland Security), and Sen. Feingold had the courage to expose it with his vote. That he was the only Senator who saw the dangers to Constitutional democracy and had the courage to vote the truth, and that Wisconsin voters rejected him Nov. 2, alert us to the work we face ahead together in OMNI.

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