Thursday, November 4, 2010

OMNI at Farmer's Market November 6

Tabling and gathering signatures continue this Saturday against US permanent and unjust war and climate change, come help us increase OMNI’s voice. Julie made an excellent poster. John and Carl are there regularly too.
We have already sent two petitions to our Senators (against the Afghan war and drones), feeling one with MLKJR’s abhorrence of silence. We continue to collect signatures protesting other tools of militarism and empire: assassination, torture, secrecy, foreign bases, and nuclear weapons; and approving WikiLeaks (open government for democracy). What petition would you like?
New this Saturday: celebration of REP. BARBARA LEE, the only member of the House to vote against the invasion of Afghanistan.
On Climate we have a petition defending the Clean Air Act’s authority to regulate C02; and we have several excellent handouts.
Next week we will mail some of these petitions. What subjects do you recommend?
And we talk with people and invite them to sign our petitions and join OMNI. People have not given in to militarism, but they need to be invited to sign petitions, most people we talk to are glad to be part of a collective voice.
Be sure you have signed the petitions. Try to come Saturday.

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