Friday, May 14, 2010

Protest Canada's Weapons Bazaar

Quick Links to CANSEC and opposition from COAT
CANSEC is Canada's largest and most important War-Industry Trade Show.
Please join the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) in opposing it this weapons bazaar.
Whether or not you're in Ottawa, June 2-3, you can be part of this campaign. Please help!

Here is an list of weblinks about CANSEC and how you can help to expose and oppose it:

Write a Letter to the Editor: CANSEC had a free-publicity article, May 11, 2010.

Read a Summary Article: What is CANSEC, and why do we oppose it?

"CANSEC: War is Business" (50-page COAT publication. Get the nitty gritty)

"Rally for Peace," June 2, 5-7 pm, Ottawa (Our main antiCANSEC event)
Includes a list of speakers, poets and musicians, and links to their websites.

Decorate CANSEC's Fence: Submit graphics/statements online, or bring them yourself.

How you can help: Join the opposition to CANSEC, wherever you are!

CANSEC 2010 Exhibitors: Links to info about 275 exhibitors and their websites.

"Peace Bus" from Toronto to Ottawa, June 2: All aboard for the antiCANSEC rally

Get Fliers & Posters: Spread the word about COAT's "Rally for Peace"

Other antiCANSEC events: What to do in Ottawa on June 2, 2010

Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade website (for CANSEC updates and more)

Support COAT: Donate, subscribe, order "CANSEC: War is Business"

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