Friday, May 28, 2010

Letter to Legislators Regarding Climate Refugees

The legislature selected only 2 of the weakest of the many recommendations by the Governor's Commission on Climate Change. Eventually the realities of warming will have to be faced by the legislature. Here are one book on refugees, another on a continent, and the third pulling all strands of climate change together. Dick.

--Argos Collectif? Climate Refugees. MIT P, 2010. Stories and pictures document the phenomenon of populations displaced by climate change—homes, neighborhoods, livelihoods, and cultures lost.
--Bassey, Nnimo. To Cook a Continent. Because Africa, already growing poorer, will be hit worse by warming than other continents and unable to adapt, indust. nations must provide the money. Since it isn’t being given, some African nations are suing the polluting nations.
--McKibben, Eaarth gives the overview to these.

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