Friday, May 21, 2010

Earth Day 2010 World Peace Wetland Prairie VideoWORLD PEACE WETLAND PRAIRIE VIDEO

Narrated by Aubrey Shepherd and filmed by Frou Gallagher, "World Peace Garden, Earth Day 2010," is an excellent condensation of this joyful day. Aubrey and Frou take us around to the activities occurring that day--from Aubrey's commentary on Lauren Hawkins's giant poster of Aubrey's photos, to the music of Donna and Kelly, Emily Kaitz, Dan Dean, and others, to Curt Richardson, our rock mason, to Amy Wilson telling about Beaver Lake water, to Joanna Pollock and Steven Skattebo at information tables, to the gardeners weeding and planting, and the children enjoying activities planned by Donna and Lauren and others, and the many visitors who came to celebrate the earth with kindred spirits. Dick

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