Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 National Whistleblower Assembly

On May 24th and 25th the whistleblower community met for an intensive conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Because of the location, the emphasis was government, but whistleblowers in corporations are equally important. The Conference featured a plenary session with congressional allies, theme-based workshops and speakers led by prominent whistleblowers from Frank Serpico to Daniel Ellsberg and good government organizations, a national security panel with star whistleblowers in the industry, street law update informational sessions, a meet and greet with the new appointees to the MSPB, OSHA, and ARB, and lobby training and intensive lobbying appointments with congressional offices.

Even though whistleblowers are essential to honest and open society, apparently nothing was reported about this conference in local or state newspapers. That absence makes pje newsletters all the more important for the creation of a just nation.

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