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Climate Memo Mondays #17


Climate Memo Mondays #17

Greta Thunberg Thursday, April 22, 3 hours on ARPBS, Ch. 13, beginning at 7p.m.  Put on your calendar.


“The Big Heat: The New Politics of Climate Change.”  The New Republic (April 2021).  Three articles:

Ben Ehrenreich.  “Suicide Prevention: Why we must do everything differently to ensure the planet’s survival.”

Mariana Mazzucato.  “Saving the Climate in a Triple Crisis:  A moon shot model for the transformation of capitalism.”

Kate Aronoff.  “Can OPEC Rescue the Planet? In order to end the fossil fuel era, the United States should join the organization American presidents love to hate.”


Ben Ehrenreich/March 18, 2021

We’re Hurtling Toward Global Suicide
[In my printed copy of April TNR the title is “Suicide Prevention.”:  “Suicide Prevention.”  The New Republic (April 2021).   –D]
Why we must do everything differently to ensure the planet’s survival [my italics –D]

OMNI’S Climate Book Forum’s 15 years of study of the IPCC reports and commentary have put those of us who have read the books in the privileged predicament of knowing the truth about the rising temperature but are unwilling to cover it up as did the fossil fuels CEOs and shareholders.   This article by Ben Ehrenreich urges us to turn from studying symptoms (we've studied them conscientiously from garbage disposal to the disappearance of the stars) to concentrate on sources and causes in the capitalist system of the planetary crisis and approaching chaos.  --D


Mariana Mazzucato.  “Saving the Climate in a Triple Crisis 
The article seems a summary of her book Mission Economy: A Moonshot Guide to Changing Capitalism, and its thesis: “we need new frameworks of economic collaboration that can tackle the triple crisis before us [health, climate, economics] in a holistic way that brings public purpose [instead of private profit] to the center of how we co-create value” (p. 26 my emphasis). That hope links many of the books we have studied since 2006, a period unfortunately of increasing Republican Party, hyper-individualistic economics.  Later she praises the EU’s Horizon Europe and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which offer a comprehensive alternative to Republican exaltation of selfishness.  If only.  Her essay is a good but well-traveled advocacy of “mission-based capitalism.”    --D


Climate Change Is a Crisis We Can Only Solve Together

The very idea that we—as atomized individuals—could play a significant part in stabilizing the planet’s climate is objectively nuts.  Naomi Klein. 
This article appeared in the July 6-13, 2015 edition of The Nation.


Commit time and money to the organizations working to stabilize the climate.

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