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Stop Iran War & Stop Imperialism Peace Protests | Week 11  Protest on Saturday August 24, 2019, Court House, 11 a.m.
Abel Tomlinson
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Dear Friends,

We've now held Peace Protests in Fayetteville 10 weeks in a row!  Here are 14 photos from this last protest..  Thanks again to Pauline for taking pictures & thanks to everyone that showed up!
Once again, we're continuing these protests at least 2 more weeks until the end of August, and we meet every Saturday at 11 a.m. in front of the Washington County Courthouse in Fayetteville.  Over the next week we need to decide what to do next?  We need all the input we can get, so please respond to this email with your thoughts.  

We're probably reaching a few hundred people every Saturday, which is certainly meaningful, but we can reach tens of thousands if we hold novel actions that will gain news coverage.  (We did gain news coverage at the beginning). Creating a new story could mean a protest at Tom Cotton's office, and/or some form of civil disobedience.  This could also mean working to pass a Peace Resolution at the Fayetteville City Council, and then other cities across Arkansas.  We'll hold a meeting to decide what to do next at Fayetteville Public Library immediately after this upcoming protest.

Here is our 6th ad in this Monday's Arkansas Democrat Gazette, including a quote by the great radical Dr. King:

We still need help distributing the attached flyers, especially at Farmers Market & UA campus.  If you know any UA students that may help, please ask them.  Also, share this email with your friends and if you're on Facebook, please share & invite your friends to this Facebook event page.  Lastly, if you would like to donate, you can do so online here, or mail checks made out to Arkansas Nonviolence Alliance, 60 W. Smith St. Fayetteville AR 72701.

See You Saturday!
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IRAN NEWSLETTER, August 23, 2019.  #31

 (#11 Oct. 8, 2011; #12 Jan. 31, 2012; #13 Feb. 22, 2012; #14 Feb. 26, 2012; #15 March 17, 2012; #16 April 12, 2012; #17 May 21, 2012; #18, July 9, 2012; #19 August 13, 2012; #20 Sept. 10, 2012; #21, Dec. 14, 2012; #22 March 5, 2013; #23 Nov. 12, 2013; #24 March 5, 2014; #25 January 17, 2015; #26, July 28, 2015; #27, June 3, 2018; #28, June 21, 2019; #29, July 11, 2019; #30, August 9, 2019.)

Kathy Kelly.  “Take Heed & Seek Peace,” The Catholic Worker
The Daily Kos, We’ve Seen This Before with Iraq
Hasan, The Intercept, US Mainstream Media Lies About Iran
The Intercept Podcast, John Bolton’s War
Negin Farsad.  “Why Iran Is [NOT] Our Enemy.”  The Progressive
Thalif Deen.  Sanctions Will Undermine 1947 US Treaty with UN.  Inter Press Service (IPS)  News Agency

KATHY KELLY.  “TAKE HEED AND SEEK PEACE.”  THE CATHOLIC WORKER (August-September, 2019). Excellent short, circumstantial appraisal of US Middle Eastern policies comparing US illegal wars against Iraq and Iran and US support of Israel and Saudi Arabia.  (Sorry, I could not retrieve her article.) The US is threatening Iran, not the reverse.  Kelly appeals to US to return to the US/Iran nuclear agreement.  (She is one of our country’s greatest peacemakers, check her out, you’ll be enriched knowing about her.)

From The Daily Kos
We’ve seen this roadmap to war before.
We’ve seen this roadmap to war before.
Do you remember the last time we went to war based on thin and questionable evidence? Linking Iran to Al Qaeda is today’s version of the false links of yellowcake uranium to Saddam Hussein in the run up to the Iraq war. Senator Tim Kaine, a member of the Senate Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees reports, “They are looking to bootstrap an argument to allow the president to do what he likes without coming to Congress, and they feel the 2001 authorization will allow them to go to war with Iran.”
As I’m sure you know, a war with Iran would have devastating consequences in both blood and treasure, potentially even worse than the war in Iraq. According to.dozens of Middle Eastern scholars, a war with Iran would undoubtedly lead to a horrific toll of dead and injured, major environmental destruction, large scale forced migration, world-wide recession, as well as producing other equally dangerous and unintended consequences. [2] Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates adds, “If you think the war in Iraq was hard, an attack on Iran would, in my opinion, be a catastrophe,” and commented that such an attack would only “make a nuclear-armed Iran inevitable.”
Make no mistake, the time to prevent a war is now. Last week, Trump reportedly called off a military strike on Iran. How much longer do you think he’ll stand up to the constant pro-war rhetoric from Iran hawks like Bolton and Pompeo on his national security team? The time for Congress to act is now. Sign our petition today demanding that Congress speak out and step in to stop the march to war with Iran.

 Here Are Five Lies About Iran That We Need to Refute to Stop Another Illegal War.   Mehdi Hasan August 14 2019, 1:51 p.m.  (also in Transcend Media Services).
Simple Steps the U.S. Media Could Take to Prevent a Trump War With Iran.  By  Mehdi Hasan.  The Intercept (5-18-19).
Do U.S. reporters, anchors, and editors really want more Middle Eastern blood on their hands? They’re certainly acting like it.
HERE WE GO again. Sixteen years after the U.S. media helped the Bush administration spread myths and lies about the threat posed by Iraq to the United States and its allies, the Trump administration is spreading similar myths and lies about the threat posed by Iran.
The 64,000-rial question, therefore, is whether or not journalists have learned any lessons whatsoever from the Iraqi WMD debacle of 2003.
Well, consider these recent headlines:
“US deploying more Patriot missiles to Middle East, amid Iranian threats” (CNN)
“Pentagon Builds Deterrent Force Against Possible Iranian Attack” (New York Times)
“U.S. Says Iran Likely Behind Ship Attacks” (Wall Street Journal)
“Iranian threats led to White House’s deployment announcement, U.S. officials say” (Washington Post)
The evidence for these hawkish headlines? For this stream of alarmist media reports about “threats” and “attacks” from Iran? Yes, you guessed it: statements provided to reporters by U.S. officials hiding behind a cloak of anonymity. In some cases, just one official. Take the Wall Street Journal’s scoop:
An initial U.S. assessment indicated Iran likely was behind the attack on two Saudi Arabian oil tankers and two other vessels damaged over the weekend near the Strait of Hormuz, a U.S. official said, a finding that, if confirmed, would further inflame military tensions in the Persian Gulf.
Why would you trust the word of a single official on such a sensitive and contentious issue? And why, oh why, would you rely on the testimony of a member of the Trump administration, known globally, of course, for its stringent and unbending adherence to the truth?
More here:

Will John Bolton Finally Get His War With Iran?
Deconstructed Podcast.  The Intercept (5-18-19).   The hawkish national security adviser may be on the verge of achieving his most cherished foreign policy goal.   LISTEN →
The Intercept:  Betsy Reed, Editor-in-Chief based in New York City.  Glenn Greenwald, Co-founding Editor; Jeremy Scahill, Co-founding Editor.

Negin Farsad.  “Why Iran Is [NOT] Our Enemy.”  The Progressive (Aug. Sept. 2019).  Rejects half a dozen accusations of Iran threatening war, before fingering the US as the real war-threatener. (Farsad concludes that the US has real, immense enemies it should be concentrating on—climate change, for example--, and Iran is not among them.)   --Dick
Negin Farsad is the Iranian female host of the political comedy podcast Fake the Nation.

News and Views from the Global South                  
Will Sanctions Undermine 1947 US Treaty with UN?  By Thalif Deen.    [The answer is resoundingly YES!  And another treaty smashed by Trump.  Read Deen below.  –Dick]
Reprint |         | Print | Send by email 

UNITED NATIONS, Aug 14 2019 (IPS) - When Yassir Arafat was denied a US visa to visit New York to address the United Nations back in 1988, the General Assembly defied the United States by temporarily moving the UN’s highest policy making body to Geneva– perhaps for the first time in UN history– providing a less-hostile political environment for the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).
Arafat, who first addressed the UN in 1974, took a swipe at Washington when he prefaced his statement by saying “it never occurred to me that my second meeting with this honourable Assembly, since 1974, would take place in the hospitable city of Geneva”.
If Zarif is denied a visa, as expected, it will be a violation of the 1947 UN-US headquarters agreement under which Washington was expected to facilitate -- not hinder-- the smooth functioning of the world body
The Trump administration, which has had an ongoing battle with Iran, has imposed a rash of political and economic sanctions on Iranian Foreign Minister Javid Zarif — even as Washington, paradoxically, proclaims that the Iranian problem can be resolved only diplomatically while, at the same time, it keeps the negotiator-in-chief away from the US.
The sanctions on Zarif will also prevent him from being a member of the Iranian delegation – and also from addressing the six high-level summit meetings scheduled for late September.
If Zarif is denied a visa, as expected, it will be a violation of the 1947 UN-US headquarters agreement under which Washington was expected to facilitate — not hinder– the smooth functioning of the world body.
While the PLO was not a full-fledged UN member state, Iran is a founding member of the world body.
The Trump administration has already reneged or abandoned several international agreements, including the 2015 Paris Climate Change agreement, the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal, and most recently the landmark 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty with Russia which helped seal the end of the Cold War.

UN Charter
George, Abel, Art about Tulsi Gabbard and building the peace movement.
Who Wants War?  The Warmakers!
Republicans Boozman and Cotton v. Udall-Kaine-Lee Amendment.
Action: Call or write AR’s Congressional Delegation, WOMACK
Chomsky v. Bolton and the other War-Lovers ruling our government.
Peace Action v. Bolton and Pompeo et al.
Dick: NADG and Mainstream Media
Dick:  UAF Panel on Iran as US threatens WAR
Foreign Pushing to War: “Coalition of the Killing”: Netanyahu, bin Salman, bin Zayed
Uri Ben-Eliezer, Israeli’s Militaristic Nationalism
Iran Newsletters 27-29

END IRAN NEWSLETTER #31, August 23, 2019.

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