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Edited by Dick Bennett for a Culture of Peace, Justice, and Ecology

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     OMNI’s MAY VEGETARIAN/VEGAN POTLUCK is Wednesday, May 9, 2018, at OMNI, Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology (2ND Wednesdays).  We start eating at 6:00.      All are welcome. 
      OMNI’s director is Gladys Tiffany.  OMNI is located at 3274 Lee Avenue parallel to N. College southeast of the Village Inn and south of Liquor World.  More information: 935-4422; 442-4600. 
     Car directions to OMNI: Take College to Harold St (at Flying Burrito), turn east (right if you’re heading north). Go one block to Lee and turn left.  Go one block to Bertha and we’re the gray brick on the corner, 2nd house south of Liquor World, solar panels on roof! 

Health, Nutrition

Protection of Animals, Empathy and Compassion for Animals

Climate Change, Extreme Weather

“Snappy Comeback!” PETA (Spring 2018). 
Suggested replies to frequent questions about veganism, including some excellent cartoons.

Matthew Prescott, ed.  Food Is the Solution: What to Eat to Save the World.  Flatiron, 2018.   Favorably reviewed by Kelly Brant in ADG (4-11-18)  The essays range across all 3 of VA’s subjects:  eating meat harms human health, is cruel to other animals, and damages the environment.  The recipes are all vegan (no animal products in any form).  Prescott is senior food policy director for the Humane Society of the U.S, and an adviser to The Good Food Institute that promotes plant-based foods.

Health, Nutrition
 Misc. from Veg/News May/June 2018.
5   Ad “Love Your Tofu?” from Tofuture.
16 Airports now providing vegan food.
18-19 Food+Health/Now
     Expansion of Beyond Burger Patties
     Halo Top Creamery, best-selling vegan ice cream, has added more vegan choices to the
             7 already provided.
     Ripple Foods’ vegan pea-based dairy is growing fast.

The author of book The Vegan Way, Jackie Day, sent her ad. Just a quick heads UP that The Vegan Way is 44% off right NOW on Amazon. No idea how long it will last, but right now, it's a great deal! Thank you for all of the positive feedback!  I have noted it before.
Vegan Cookies at Starbucks Nationwide!
“I just got back from Starbucks!! They now have VEGAN cookies in their bakery case NATIONWIDE! And they are tasty!!   That news falls on the heels of Starbucks announcing the upcoming launch of more vegan lunch options, too!   I wrote a short blog post about this awesome news! Here's THE SCOOP!   EVERYone is going VEGAN! Ciao for now! Xoxo”     Jackie Day, Author of The Vegan Way
“Sublime Classics for you to try at home.”  PETA Global (Spring 2018).  Three vegan recipes: eggplant vegan cheese bake, corn chowder, brownies.

Protection of Animals, Empathy and Compassion
Several items from PETA Global: Advancing the Animal Rights Revolution

“It’s Time to Burst the Human Superiority Bubble.”  PETA Global (Spring 2018).  PETA’s president Ingrid Newkirk encourages us all to help other human beings recognize animals for who they are: us!”  A side bar reports the new video for PETA by Wu-Tang Clan rapper RZA.  Go to

The Vegan Way

Kathy Winkler.  LTE, “Cruelty and Suffering.”  NADG (Feb. 18, 2018).  Cries out against the torture of “sentient beings” confined in CAFOs by “huge factory-farming corporations.”  She urges switching subsidies from factory farming to small farmers, decreased consumption of meat, or eating no meat best.  Cites Scully’s Dominion.

It All Boils Down to Cruelty: PETA Asia Exposes the ‘Ejiao’ Industry.”  PETA Global (Spring 2018).  Producing ejiao, a traditional Chinese medicine, causes donkeys to suffer.

“PETA Expose Shows Why Not to Buy the ‘Free-Range’ Lie.”  PETA (Spring 2018).
Investigate claims of “free-range.”  PETA investigations have discovered frauds.    See the video:   See sidebar “James Cromwell and PETA Score Big with Super Bowl [online] Ad.”  The ad, entitled “Redemption,”: shows varieties of torture.  Go to:

The Humane Farming Association (letter I recently received) is leading a National Veal Boycott, and their investigations put some officers in jail.  The letter also told about their campaigns against factory farming, and much else.  Their mission is to alleviate the suffering of farm animals, not veganism.

Climate Chaos, Extreme Weather
The world’s top five meat and dairy producers—Cargill, Tyson, JBS, Dairy Farmers of Am., Fonterra—collectively created 579 million tons of greenhouse gas in 2016, more emissions than both the entire country of France and the world’s largest oil companies, including Exxon, Shell, and BP.  VegNews (May/June 2018), p. 20.

*Existing ecology organizations attack CO2 on all fronts:
On the following two items see past numbers of Vegetarian Action:
*End meat consumption: subsidize and variously promote vegetarian/vegan diet.
*End meat consumption: end meat subsidies, ban meat
*Campaign to reduce Pentagon militarism and empire, the largest single institutional
      consumer of FF in the world.
*Tax Fossil Fuels at source plus public dividend.  Join Climate Change Lobby (has new name).
        Fran Alexander, “Making Climate Progress.”  NADG (4-10-18). 
*End government subsidies to FF companies.
*Sue the government against reducing CO2, sue to increase restrictions.         Chris Mooney
      (Washington Post).  “18 States Sue Over Plan on Fuel Rules.”:  NADG (5-2-18).
*Increase government subsidies to sustainable energy.            Andrew Khouri.   (LA Times).
      “California Weighs Solar-Panel Mandate.”  NADG (5-9-18).
*State ban on oil drilling.   “Ban on Oil Drilling in N.J. Waters Now Law.”  NADG (4-21-18).
*Sue, lobby, rally, march to demand insurers pay what is owed claimants.  “Ron Hurtibise. (Tribune
       News Service).   “Suits Mount for Florida Insurers in Hurricane Irma’s Wake.”  NADG (5-9-18).
*Lobby House Representatives—Crawford, Hill, Westerman, Womack-- to join the Climate Solutions
       Caucus.       Jan Schaper.  “Making Outdoor Plans.”  NADG (3-27-18). 

Our common interest is to replace meat with plants.
Health, Nutrition
Many of us began with vegetarianism and our own and the health of others.  Plants are healthier than meat.
“Meatless Options for Every Family” from the PTA
3 DVDs: “Unlock the Power of Plant-Based Nutrition”
“The Cheese Trap” v. Dairy and Pro Non-Dairy Alternatives
Better Diet for SNAP
Plants Just Fine for Athletes
Get Your Protein Bar

Protection of Animals, Empathy and Compassion for Animals
Others begin with or add to healthy eating the dislike of torturing and/or killing another sentient creature.
LTE: “Cruelty and Suffering”
“Cruelty in the Dairy Industry”
“Ban on Furs”
Book: Dominion…Call to Mercy

Climate Change, Extreme Weather
And recently people are adding to these motives for choosing vegetarianism and veganism their awareness that meat eating (carnivorism, carnism) contributes to global warming and climate change.
These three motives constitute a powerful agenda for choosing a VV lifestyle.
Carnivorism (Carnism) v. Environment and Climate
Vegetarian Diet v. Fossil Fuels Emissions
Taxing Meat for the Climate


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