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Compiled by Dick Bennett for a Culture of Peace and Justice.

What’s at stake:  As others prepare for war, we must prepare for peace. We must answer the mindless call to arms with a thoughtful, soulful call to resist the build-up for war. A new, resolute peace movement must arise, become visible, and challenge those who would make war inevitable.   Dennis Kucinich

We are not alone!
     My Peace Movement Directory (2001) described 1200 peace organizations in North American from Mexico City to Ottawa alone.  When you remember the UN’s immense capacity for a better world and that the other eight following organizations represent only a tiny sample of the thousands of peace and justice organizations around the world, you will feel the hope all together give.  This newsletter from OMNI samples international peace and justice organizations:  based abroad, with chapters or members around the world, in US whose work extends abroad—any organization with global vision and reach.  Thousands are engaged in the struggle. And tens of thousands indirectly.   We are not alone in the struggle for a just and peaceful world!  
     Such dedication and cooperation have had victories. 
     Rebecca Solnit knows as much as anyone about the losses the planet has suffered in recent decades, and more than most she confronts them.  Like Thomas Hardy, she know that “if way to the Better there be/it exacts a full look at the Worst.”    But she also celebrates successes.   Her book, Hope in the Dark, relates the scum and perfidies, but also the wonderful beneficial revolutions of race, gender, sexuality, food, economics, energy, and more  that have occurred during our lifetimes—“the victories that begin in the imagination and change the rules.”    
       She takes a full look at the Worst in her opening two chapters:  Chap. 1  entitled “Looking Into Darkness”; Chap. 2 “When We Lost.”   But in chapter 3, “What We Won,” she distinguishes eight “reasons to hope for the future.”  I’ll try to epitomize each in a sentence.  1) ignition of the massive, global peace movement on February 15, 2003, against the invasion of Iraq, “when somewhere between twelve and thirty million people marched and demonstrated, on every continent”; 2) expansion of citizens worldwide who engage politically; 3) shift in mainstream media to reporting the peace movement as more than marginal rabble; 4) public resistance overcame fear and engendered lasting trust and coalitions for peace; 5) these coalitions using the Internet achieved a “global movement without leaders”; 6) dichotomies rejected, the enemies became violence, all war, all weapons of mass destruction: the peace movement; 7) the US military-corporate-congressional system became a subject of mainstream media scrutiny; 8) distancing of formerly close allies from US hegemony—Canada, Mexico, Turkey.   
-- Dick

Contents:  INTERNATIONAL Peace Organizations
Dick, Introduction
Governmental Organizations Making Peace
United Nations
International Cities of Peace
Mayors for Peace
Non-Government (NGO)
Network of Spiritual Progressives
Culture of Peace News Network (CPNN)
Institute for Economics and Peace
Peace Media Service (PMS), Johan Galtung
The Carter Center
Peace Action
World Beyond War

The peace, justice, and ecology organizations did sit on their hands during the presidential campaigns, but plunged into the middle of them.  Since both of the two major Parties are War Parties, many peace and justice organizations have intensified their “educate the candidates and Parties” campaigns.

A dramatic example is Amnesty International, which displayed a full-scale replica of a Guantanamo prison cell at both nominating conventions, to demand opposition to torture, to prolonged detainment without charge, to unaccountability of high-level officials, and other human rights abuses.  Larry Cox is Exec. Dir. of AI.

Like AI, Friends of the Earth believes that we cannot take for granted that a change of Administration or of Congress will change the carbon regime to the degree that must happen if we are to bring down CO2 to 350 PPM quickly enough.  The Lieberman-Warner energy bill was proposed, but defeated, and anyway it was deeply flawed and would not require the real changes needed to stop climate change.  So FOE is keeping the pressure on not only the Bush Admin. but also on Congress and the presidential candidates, to make sure they face facts and seek real solutions, not the greenwashing now pervading corporate tactics.  Brent Blackwelder is President of FOE.  

For a third example, the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), the Quaker lobbying organization, is “urging presidential and congressional candidates to embrace a vision of a world free of nuclear weapons.”  And they and we cannot count on the next president and Congress to reverse US nuclear weapons policy, but we must push them to complete nuclear disarmament, no first use policy, renegotiate START, ratify the CTBT, and rescue the NPT.

These campaigns are not new, for these organizations and hundreds of peace, justice, and ecology organizations have always been in the middle of politics against the special interests that bribe our politicians, rob the people, and endanger the planet, and especially during presidential campaigns.  Let us join with them in educating our candidates and our present Cong. delegation about human rights, global warming, US permanent war, nuclear weapons, and other urgent matters, including the power of corporations to determine national policies.  If we do not, we can be sure the forces in politics for profit will fill our vacancy.       


3 January 2017 – On his first day in office, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called for teamwork, telling staff at the world body's New York ...
About the UN · ‎UN Careers · ‎Job seekers · ‎Member States
Meet 36 new @UNTrustFundEVAW grantees, from Cameroon to Guatemala, working to end violence against women & girls……
25 mins ago · Twitter
Fun relief for children in northeast Nigeria. All children deserve to be children. via @UNICEF
4 hours ago · Twitter
It's 2017 & digital ambassador @ElyxYak is celebrating the 17 #globalgoals to transform the world, see:……
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Follow "unitednations" on @instagram to see special stories like this one: "behind-the-scenes on @AntonioGuterres's……
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Far from being traumatized, most refugees are "surprisingly resilient" says #UNHCR mental health chief via @Refugees
11 hours ago · Twitter
Global association of governments facilitating cooperation in international law, security, economic development, and social equity.
The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation. A replacement for the ineffective League of Nations, the ...
Top stories · 1 hour ago
President Barack Obama on Tuesday delivered his final address to the United Nations General Assembly. Read his full remarks.
What if the United Nations didn't exist? It's a question easily answered, because for nearly all of human history, it didn't. History “teaches us that ...
One of his first big projects: teaming up with the United Nations to create a series of short VR films highlighting some of the most pressing global ...
Information about programme and activities. Also status of the world population.
United Nations. 2224127 likes · 108852 talking about this. **The official Facebook page of the United Nations**
Created to administer Ted Turner's $1 billion pledge in support of the United Nations. Includes information on the Foundation and its activities, grants given, the ...

        An Issue of the CPNN Bulletin CulCulture of Peace News NetworkInternational Cities of Peace, September, 2016
Fred Arment via 
7:00 AM (1 hour ago)
to James  August 30, 2016
International Cities of Peace, September, 2016

September, 2016
Latest News from International Cities of Peace

Building schools, feeding the poor, teaching conflict resolution, tending the sick, promoting interfaith dialogue, and putting sports and the arts into action for peace -- the amazing work being done by cities of peace initiatives around the globe are, without question, changing the world. violence is undoubtedly on the rise. What to do? Where to start? International Cities of Peace has huge potential for creating a groundswell of change in communities. We are seeing major initiatives at the community level in so many extraordinary ways that it lifts our hearts and brings tears to our eyes.

This is peace building in action.

Can we see the future through the visionary goals of these emerging leaders? Cities of peace are nonviolent beachheads for peace, the first practical steps toward a collaborative world, and practical harbingers of communities where greater justice and compassion are helping children and families.

There is so much left to do! We need to help and suport these emerging leaders. If you want to make a true difference with your life and theirs, let us know by sending your story or a question to: Contact International Cities of Peace

Note on Photo: Congratulations to Ojai, California: City of Peace, the first city in the world to mount a sign that proclaims their community as an International City of Peace. More to follow!


For a day, a week, even the whole month of September, the United Nations gives the world an opportunity to celebrate, educate, and organize for a higher level of peace building in our communities!

Have you planned your event to celebrate Peace Day? If so, please let us know. On September 21st and the weeks prior and beyond, there will be thousands of gatherings, sports events, workshops, parades, vigils, acts of generosity, education and training, student observances, and even veteran events as humanity unifies around the goals of peace. year's theme for International Day of Peace, designated by the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, is "Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace". These 17 goals are what International Cities of Peace is about -- working on the many ways to build sustainable peace in our communities.

Website for Sustainable Development Goals

A great resource for all things Peace Day is Peace Day Philly

If you have not planned an event for September, the GLOBAL FEAST FOR PEACE is a great way to build your organization and take a moment to break bread together. Simply have a "Pot Luck" for peace sometime during September and dedicate it to peace day. A gathering, or Feast, is easy to plan and very appreciated by participants.


Nearly all our cities of peace will have a meal or gathering dedicated to peace. Even beyond our 140 cities of peace, there will be feasting and contemplating in hundreds of communities around the globe.

Facebook site for Global Feast for Peace

Add your city to the global map! takes so little to do so much. Be an important part of the future by donating to one of the ONLY platforms that is helping thousands of new peace leaders emerge in communities across the globe. Give to creating more cities of peace or specify a specific program. Act Now! Activate your compassion.


Hiroshima shortly after it was destroyed by an atomic bomb on 6 August 1945.

Mayors for Peace
1-2 Nakajima-cho
Tel: +81-82-241-2352
Fax: +81-82-242-7452

President: Mr Tadatoshi Akiba, Mayor of Hiroshima
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City Mayors reports news from towns and cities around the world. Worldwide | Elections | North America | Latin America | Europe | Asia | Africa | Events |
Mayors from The Americas, Europe. Asia, Australia and Africa are competing for the annual World Mayor Award. More
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Mayors from 554 cities united
against nuclear weapons
In August 1945, atomic bombs reduced the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki within minutes to rubble and killed hundreds of thousands of its citizens. Today, almost 60 years after the war, thousands of people in both cities still suffer from the trauma and the devastating after-effects of radiation. To prevent any repetition of the use of atomic bombs, the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have continually sought to remind the world of the inhuman cruelty of nuclear weapons and have consistently urged the abolition of such weapons.

On 24 June 1982 at the 2nd UN Special Session on Disarmament, Takeshi Araki, the then Mayor of Hiroshima, proposed a ‘Programme to Promote the Solidarity of Cities toward the Total Abolition of Nuclear Weapons’. This proposal offered cities a way to transcend national borders and work together to press for the abolition of all nuclear weapons. Subsequently, the Mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki called on mayors around the world to support this programme.

The Mayors for Peace is composed of cities around the world that have formally expressed support for the programme announced by Mayor Araki in 1982. The organisation is now supported by 554 cities in 107 countries and regions. Mayors for Peace is recognised by the UN as an official NGO (non-governmental organisation).

Mayors for Peace aims to build solidarity and facilitate coordination among the cities that support the Programme to Promote the Solidarity of Cities toward the Total Abolition of Nuclear Weapons. Its primary goal is to work internationally to raise consciousness regarding nuclear weapons abolition. It is also formally committed to pursuing lasting world peace by working to address starvation, poverty, refugee welfare, human rights abuses and environmental destruction.

The executive council of Mayors for Peace is made up of the cities of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Como (Italy), Hannover (Germany), Malakoff (France), Manchester (United Kingdom), Muntinlupa (Philippines) and Volgograd (Russia).
World Mayor 2014
26 mayors from across the world are competing for the 2014 World Mayor Prize

Support the Mayor you believe should win the 2014 World Mayor Prize

• Mayor Naheed Nenshi
Calgary, Canada
• Mayor Annise Parker
Houston, USA
• Mayor Mick Cornett
Oklahoma City, USA
• Mayor Kevin Johnson
Sacramento, USA

• Mayor Marcio Lacerda
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
• Mayor Álvaro Arzú
Guatemala City, Guatemala
• Mayor Carlos Eduardo Correa
Monteria, Colombia
• Mayor Carlos Ocariz
Sucre, Venezuela

• Mayor Daniel Termont
Ghent, Belgium
• Mayor Alain Juppé
Bordeaux, France
• Mayor Albrecht Schröter
Jena, Germany
• Mayor Yiannis Boutaris,Thessaloniki, Greece
• Mayor Giusy Nicolini,Lampedusa, Italy
• Mayor Nils Usakovs
Riga, Latvia
• Mayor José Ramón García,Ribera de Arriba, Spain
• Mayor George Ferguson,Bristol, UK
• Mayor Joe Anderson,Liverpool, UK

• Mayor Tri Rismaharini (Risma)
Surabaya, Indonesia
• Mayor Yona Yahav
Haifa, Israel
• Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog
Iloilo City, Philippines
• Mayor Hani Mohammad Aburas
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
• Mayor Park Won-soon
Seoul, South Korea
• Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu
Izmir, Turkey

• Mayor Clover Moore
Sydney, Australia

• Mayor Jacqueline
Moustache, Victoria, Seychelles
• Mayor Thabo Manyoni
Mangaung, South Africa
Previous winners
and runners-up
MAYORS FOR PEACE (another link)


Network of Spiritual Progressives • 2342 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 1200, Berkeley, CA 94804 • Phone: 510-644-1200
Fax: 510-644-1255 •
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evolution: The NSP Newsletter, December 2015

In the 21st century, our security and well being depends on the well being of everyone else on this planet as well as on the health of the planet itself.
An important way to manifest this caring is through a Global Marshall Plan that would dedicate 1-2% of the U.S. annual Gross Domestic Product each year for the next twenty years to eliminate domestic and global poverty, homelessness, hunger, inadequate education, and inadequate health care and repair damage done to the environment by 150 years of ecologically irresponsible forms of industrialization and “modernization” throughout much of the world.
We support a Global Marshall Plan that includes
§  Participation in planning and fund-distribution decisions by the recipient countries’ most talented and ethically sensitive leaders as well as activists from local communities representing the poor and outstanding figures in the ethical, cultural, religious and non-profit sectors of the relevant societies.
§  Methods for ensuring that the monies are used in the most effective, environmentally sustainable and culturally sensitive ways.
§  Safeguards to guarantee that the monies are not siphoned off by governments or local elites or primarily for creating the infrastructure for large corporations, but actually reach the people in need.
§  Amending all existing and future trade agreements to ensure that they serve the economic well-being of the poor and not just the interests of the wealthy nations or local elites in countries with high levels of poverty.
§  Retraining the military to build and rebuild vital infrastructure.
§  Global leadership by the United States to start this effort and encourage other advanced industrial societies to join the plan.
We approach this initiative with a spirit of humility, not only because of the legacy of colonialism and self-interested Western trade policies which contributed to the underdevelopment in poor countries, but because we can learn much from the cultures and spiritual heritage of other societies—recognizing that their economic poverty does not signify a poverty of wisdom. Generosity of spirit as well as financial generosity are an integral part of our Global Marshall Plan , which we affirm not only because it is a central component in any rational plan to achieve “homeland security,” but also because it reflects our commitment to recognize every human being on this planet as equally valuable and deserving of care.
The NSP’s Global Marshall Plan is a strategy for real homeland security.
Global Marshall Plan News from the Tikkun Daily Blog
Network of Spiritual Progressives • 2342 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 1200, Berkeley, CA 94804 • Phone: 510-644-1200
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5:18 AM (5 hours ago)
to cpnnusa
Dear Friends,

To avoid flooding your mailbox with too many emails, I send out this notice of my blogs only twice a year.

I have just posted my culture of peace blog for August 1, under the title: "Political will – Will it be there for the global meeting on climate change?"

It is based on this month's CPNN bulletin. If you did not receive the bulletin, you may find it at

The blogs and bulletin are the basis for my newest book,
Embrace the Fire: Plant the seeds for a culture of peace.  It may be read on line at or a paper copy can be purchased at (North America) or at (Europe)

Previous blogs over the past six months include the following:

How One Culture of War Begets Another & Planting Seeds for a Culture of Peace
Nº 451 | Johan Galtung, 24 Oct 2016 – TRANSCEND Media Service. We are now living the ... TMS PEACE JOURNALISM. What Is Peace Journalism? Posted by ...
About Us. TRANSCEND – A Network for Peace ...
Peace journalism has emerged, since the ... for professional ...
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The US mountain, so rich in human talent, labored and ...
About Peace Journalism. ON THIS SECTION: What is Peace ...
Thrown under the Automated Bus. TECHNOLOGY, 12 ...
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TMS Weekly Digest 24 Oct - 30 Oct 2016
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Dear TMS subscriber , greetings.
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Don’t worry, you don’t have to read/watch them all immediately. You can always come back to it and also to our archives/database to access a wealth of knowledge, insights and information — the extensive repository of Prof. Johan Galtung life’s work.
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Nº 451 | Johan Galtung, 24 Oct 2016 – TRANSCEND Media Service
We are now living the accelerating history of the end of the US empire, in the wake of about 11 in Europe; and the general decline and fall of Western hegemony. Yet, EU creates an EU Army HQ, USA elects a president known for belligerence, Brexit England revives symbols of an empire long since gone; finding meaning in war and domination. Far better would have been for all three to lift up the bottom living in misery.
Posted by Antonio C. S. Rosa | Editor – TRANSCEND Media Service
Profs. Jake Lynch and Dietrich Fischer reply to the question.
The Global Peace Index is the world's leading measure of national ... Each year the Institute for Economics and Peace produces the Global Peace Index, the ...
We aim to create a paradigm shift in the way the world thinks ...
We believe that data and fact-based research are the first ...
This is the ninth edition of the Global Peace Index (GPI ...

The Carter Center is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organization founded in 1982 by former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter. › ... › Atlanta, Georgia › Charity Organization
The Carter Center, Atlanta. 109397 likes · 2307 talking about this · 9353 were here. Waging peace, fighting disease, and building hope worldwide since...
A nongovernmental organization, The Carter Center has helped to improve life for people in 80 countries by resolving conflicts; advancing democracy and ...
But Emory also has one unique link to the world: our relationship with The Carter Center, a non-governmental organization addressing some of the most ...
Oct 27, 2016 - This exhibition shows the heroic efforts throughout history to eradicate, eliminate, and control disease, including the Carter Center-led ...

PEACE ACTION, Google Search, December 4, 2017
Practical, positive alternatives for peace. Local chapter and affiliate contacts, press releases, fact sheets, articles, congressional voting record, email alerts,
At Peace Action, we believe that war is not a suitable response to conflict, that ...
Peace Action is a peace organization whose focus is on preventing the deployment of nuclear weapons in space, thwarting weapons sales to countries
President‎: ‎Kevin Martin
Location‎: ‎Silver Spring, Maryland
Executive Director‎: ‎Jon Rainwater
PAN brings together YPOers and WPOers in conflict areas through Action Forums ... to promoting peace through cross-cultural communication among members, ... › Places › Silver Spring, Maryland
Peace Action, Silver Spring. 10214 likes · 126 talking about this · 1 was here. Practical, positive alternatives for peace.
Dec 28, 2016 - Peace Action, the largest grassroots peace organization in the U.S., was founded in 1957. Groundswell exists to inform, engage and mobilize.
Peace Action Education Fund is a International charity rated 2 of 4 stars by Charity Navigator. Located in Silver Spring, MD, it is one of 8509 organizations rated ...
Tool for diverse student groups to obtain current information on the peace movement and a space for students to forge their own campaigns and visions. News ...


Resolved: To Find Peace Advocates in Every Nation

World Beyond War via via 12-29-16
9:19 am (1 day ago)
to me
From all around the globe, nearly 50,000 people, including you, have signed this statement:
I understand that wars and militarism make us less safe rather than protect us, that they kill, injure and traumatize adults, children and infants, severely damage the natural environment, erode civil liberties, and drain our economies, siphoning resources from life-affirming activities. I commit to engage in and support nonviolent efforts to end all war and preparations for war and to create a sustainable and just peace.
Anyone inclined to can sign it here:
In each of 143 countries, somewhere between 1 and several thousand people have signed. The purpose of the statement is to begin organizing a truly global movement. But certain countries are missing. Let’s resolve to add them to the map in 2017.
Obviously there exists at least one person in Venezuela and in Cuba and in Honduras and in Haiti and the Dominican Republic who wants to end all war. As in most countries, it is likely that most people in those countries want to do so. But who will be the first to put their name down?
Organizations can sign too, and several hundred have done so at:
Can we find signers who will sign online or on hardcopy in Algeria, Libya, Western Sahara, Mali, Eritrea, Mauritania, Liberia, Chad, Angola?
What about in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, North Korea, or Papua New Guinea?
Beyond adding a single signer in each of these places, we want to add volunteer leaders who will join the global coordination of educational and activist efforts to rid our species of the disease of militarism before it rids the planet of us.
In 143 countries people have already signed and in a growing list have become active. World Beyond War now has country coordinators all over the world and is hiring paid staff to begin in January and work with them to accelerate our growth and intensify our activities.
Do you know anyone in any of the missing countries? Can you ask them to sign?
Do you know anyone who might know anyone who might know anyone in any of the missing countries? Can you ask them to sign?
Can you bring sign up sheets to any events you organize or attend in 2017 and ask everyone to sign, then mail them in (or photograph and email them in)? This is how we’ll grow. And this growth combined with the power of our message will change the world.
International Peace Organizations #1, 1-6-17
Grassroots Militarism #2, 12-29-16
Nonviolence #11, 12-28
Vegetarian Action #33, 12-11
Pearl Harbor Day #8, 12-9


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