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OMNI 9-11 NEWSLETTER, SEPTEMBER 11 FAMILIES FOR PEACEFUL TOMORROWS DAY, NATIONAL DAY OF SERVICE #6, September 11, 2013 (replacing Patriot Day).  COMPILED BY Dick Bennett for a Culture of Peace.  

 PEACEFUL TOMorrows Day/National Day of Service is part of OMNI’s National Days Project.  See Newsletters 4 and 5 on Peaceful Tomorrows.

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Contents of #4 2011
Collapse Conspiracy?
CONSEQUENCES of Bombings:  Fear
Book by Engelhardt:   Foreign and Domestic McCarthyism
Film by Pena:   Unconstitutional Attacks on Civil Liberties
9-11 Commission: 2 Books
  John Farmer
  Philip Shenon
ALTERNATIVES to Retaliation, Invasion, and Occupation:
September 12:    Interdependence Day
Potorti’s Book:  September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
International Police: Ali Soufan’s Book
Peace Rallies 2010 from NYC to Fayetteville, AR
9-11 1973: Chile

Contents for #5 2012
Peaceful Tomorrows 9-11-2012 Statement
Peaceful Tomorrows Actions
Nonviolence National Dialog
Dick, Consequences of War on Terror
Chomsky, The Alternatives
Democratic Senators vs. Patriot Act
Susan Herman, Taking Liberties
Nader, US Empire Devouring Itself
9/11 the Whole Story
Turkeys Not Eagles for Patriot Bird

Contents for $6 2013
Governor Beebe’s Proclamation
Emily Dickinson: Assent and you are sane
9/11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows 2013
Dick: Patriot Act, Patriotism, Liberties, and Shocks
Nathanson: Extreme vs. Moderate Patriotism
Lindorff: Petraeus, Patriot Act, Bill of Rights, Spy Agencies
Video: US the Best Country in the World?
Dick: Respect the Flag, Fight and Die for Freedom?
Majid: Importance of Dissent to US and Islam

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WHEREAS: On September 11, 2001, the peace of our nation was shattered when terrorists hijacked four civilian aircraft, crashing two of them into the towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, and a third into the Pentagon outside Washington, D.C.; and

WHEREAS: The fourth hijacked aircraft crashed into the fields of southwestern Pennsylvania after passengers tried to regain control of the aircraft in order to prevent the hijackers from crashing the aircraft into another important symbol of democracy and freedom; and 

WHEREAS: These attacks were by far the deadliest terrorist assaults ever launched against the United States, killing thousands of innocent people and striking a terrible blow to the hearts of all Americans; and

WHEREAS: In the aftermath of these horrific events, the people of the United States displayed a remarkable spirit of unity, compassion, and determination to rebuild and to remember those who died and those who worked so hard to rescue and recover the dead and the injured; and

WHEREAS: By Public Law 107-89, the Congress of the United States designated September 11 as “Patriot Day” in the United States;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, MIKE BEEBE, Governor of the State of Arkansas, urge all Arkansans to join me in observing Patriot Day with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and remembrance services, to display the United States and Arkansas flags at half-staff from their homes on September 11, 2013, and to observe a moment of silence beginning at 7:46 a.m. to honor the innocent Americans and people from around the world who lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001; and

FURTHER, As a mark of respect for the victims of the attacks of September 11, 2001, and as an expression of public sorrow, I do hereby order that the Arkansas State flag on the Arkansas State Capitol and on all State-owned buildings be flown at half-staff until sunset, Wednesday, September 11, 2013.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of Arkansas to be affixed this 30th day of August, in the year of our Lord 2013.
Much Madness is divinest Sense –
To  a discerning Eye –
Much Sense – the starkest Madness –
‘Tis the Majority
In this, as All, prevail –
Assent – and you are sane –
Demur – you’re straightway dangerous –
And handled with a Chain –


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Peaceful Tomorrows is an organization founded by family members of those killed on September 11th who have united to turn our grief into action for peace.

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Peaceful Tomorrows is an organization founded by family members of those killed on September 11th who have united to turn our grief into action for peace.

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Posted by Katharina on June 18, 2013. September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows founding member, Rita Lasar, is currently observing the pre-trial ...

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10.                         September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows - New York - Non ...
PT member, John Titus, invites you to an event in memory of 9/11 Victims on ...September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows created Unity Walk 2013.

     After 9-11, Congress quickly passed and Pres. Bush signed a bundle of laws that reduced our liberties.   And what did they call them?   In classic doublespeak, they called them the Patriot Act:  cripple freedom and call it patriotism.  It was now patriotic to diminish freedom.  Clever, especially when our deluded troops were fighting and dying for “freedom.”
     So now what do you and I do?   Now the Peace and Justice Movement, having lost the initiative as has so often happened during the past decade and before, must struggle to regain constitutional grounding.   We must, and we can, show how misguided, how destructive to democracy is the Patriot Act, and how futile it has been in the so-called “War on Terrorism.”   We must ridicule the name “Patriot Act,” by showing how false and unpatriotic it is, until it s abandoned, and we must, and we can, remove that gang of laws that lied about what freedom actual is and can and should mean in the US.
     And what else can we do (we are not ignorant, timorous wabbits)?   We can educate the public about the history of fascist attacks on constitutional liberties, and mobilize them to educate their representatives and to mobilize the public to opposed ignorant representatives who choose imagined security over liberty.   For example, the Nazis used the 1933 fire that destroyed the Reichstag in Berlin, which they had instigated, as a pretext to suspend civil liberties and in other ways to help clear the way for the Nazis’ rise to power.   We need to be well-informed about the histories of failed democracies, we need to know the process of their destruction to enable us to examine our own.    (The emergency method of grasping power is also common in commerce, by which corporations move into vacuums of human or natural catastrophes to buy cheap land, buildings, businesses, as Naomi Klein has show in Shock Doctrine.)  We need to be prepared to hold steady against fear and panic, and to demand the same from our representatives.
     We are already doing this nationally and locally, obviously insufficiently, feebly, with not enough money or determination.   The ACLU, the Center for Constitutional Rights, and other excellent groups had helped strengthen the Bill of Rights and build walls against congressional failures; they are challenging the hypocritical “Patriot Act” laws; and they deserve our time and money.   Our national peace and justice movement educates and agitates for constitutional freedoms.   The local arm is composed of the OMNI Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology, the Workers Justice Center, and other groups.   OMNI publishes this and related newsletters online on these subjects.   
But nationally and locally, we should also be looking ahead to the next shock sure to undermine liberties if authoritarians and imperialists have control; we should be planning for more shocks sure to come—like that of 9/11-- from US imperial expansion around the world, over 1000 bases globally in over 100 countries, and their ruinous expense and arousal of pushback (for example, look at a map of US bases facing China in the Pacific and surrounding it west to east, north to south, or a map at the global resistance bombings against US invasions and occupations and drone assassinations).   Likewise, we should be preparing for the shocks from climate change already also happening (Katrina, Sandy, forest fires, droughts) with their empire-size immense expenses, displacements, refugees, and deaths—to care for the victims while retaining our liberties.   Mainly as the result of wars and warming, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in its 2010 trends report estimated 43.7 million refugees and internally displaced people.

Crude Alternatives
by Stephen Nathanson, Boston Review

Martha Nussbaum thinks we must decide between patriotism and cosmopolitanism, and urges that we choose the cosmopolitan alternative and teach it to our children. Unfortunately, while only an extreme chauvinist would dismiss the humane motivations underlying her argument, the view she endorses plays into the hands of the extreme patriots she opposes and offers little by way of a real alternative.

Many of the commentators on Nussbaum's essay claim that she unfairly equates patriotism with an extreme version of it -- the "We're number one," "my country, right or wrong" variety. I agree with them that this is a mistake, and in Patriotism, Morality, and Peace (Rowman and Littlefield), I have proposed an account of the nature of extreme patriotism and why it is an evil. In addition, like many of the commentators, I argue that extreme patriotism is not the only kind of patriotism, and I describe a "moderate" form that is not chauvinistic, militaristic, or hostile to dissent. In brief, if we see the essence of patriotism as love of one's own country, it is clear that one can love one's country without hating other countries, being an enthusiast about war, limiting one's concerns to one's own country, or believing in mindless obedience and support. A moderate patriot is not a cosmopolitan in Nussbaum's sense, but such a person could well possess at least some of the virtues Nussbaum wants to promote.

In fairness to Nussbaum and against her critics, it needs to be said that this kind of humane patriotism -- the form that I defend and that many of the commentators eloquently assert -- is not the patriotism that is usually expressed in public life. The visible patriots of our society have been people like Oliver North, and patriotism has most often been invoked to stifle criticism and rally people for war. Even though patriotic ideals can, then, be developed in admirable and constructive ways, it remains true that many people -- including both cosmopolitans and extreme patriots -- will not even recognize this positive ideal as a genuine form of patriotism.

The work of articulating this positive patriotism and making it a visible part of our culture remains incomplete. Indeed, it has barely begun, in part because disgust with extreme patriotism generally pushes thoughtful people toward cosmopolitanism, rather than inspiring an effort to transform patriotism.

While Nussbaum cannot be faulted for taking seriously what is essentially a simplistic, undesirable, and morally unattractive form of patriotism, she can be criticized both for underestimating the need for some form of patriotism to provide social cohesion, and for failing to give any genuine content to her cosmopolitan ideal, leaving it largely undeveloped and amorphous.

In the wake (pun intended) of the November elections, we cannot afford to take for granted the forces of social cohesion in our own society. We are so badly fractured, so ill equipped to bring people together in common tasks that there is something presumptuous and complacent about placing the promotion of cosmopolitan ideals as our main priority. Nussbaum seems to speak as if our social bonds were healthy and intact and simply needed to be broadened to include the rest of humanity. Of course, global values also need to be promoted, but not as a replacement for cohesive forces within our own society.

Finally, both Nussbaum and others of us who regard the cosmopolitan vision as desirable in any way need to examine it as critically as we examine the patriotic ideal. In the abstract, globalist ideals have much appeal, but it is not clear that we really understand what they amount to. Unfortunately, Nussbaum was content to wave the banner of world citizenship without really telling us how a commitment to humanity is to be made compatible with our belief that we have strong duties to our families, friends, and other more immediate communities. Of course, we are all equally human, and that humanity requires some form of recognition and respect from us, whether or not it exists on our side of a border. But what exactly follows from these moral truths? How are they to be translated into action, both politically and personally?

These are harder questions than Nussbaum seems to realize. Before we can decide whether to embrace the cosmopolitan ideal, we need to figure out what it amounts to. There's no point replacing a crude form of patriotism with an equally crude form of cosmopolitanism.

NOVEMBER 13, 2012
The Grand Irony of the Petraeus Scandal

Done in by the Patriot Act?

by DAVE LINDORFF.  Counterpunch.   [Dick: I read a slightly longer version in The Humanist, Jan-Feb. 2013.]
There is a delicious irony to the story of the crash-and-burn career of Four-Star General and later (at least briefly) CIA Director David Petraeus.
The man who was elevated to the ethereal ranks of a General Eisenhower or Robert E. Lee by swooning corporate myth makers like the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Trudy Rubin, the Washington Post’s David Iglesias, and the NY Times’ Michael Gordon, was never really that brilliant. It wasn’t his “surge” after all that quieted things down (temporarily) in Iraq; rather it was a deal to pay off the insurgents with cash to stand down until the US could gracefully pull out without having to be shooting its way down to Kuwait in full retreat. As for his allegedly “brilliant” counterinsurgency policy of “winning hearts and minds,”  we have already seen how well that has worked in Iraq, which is now basically a client state of Iran, and the writing is already on the wall in Afghanistan, where the US is almost universally loathed, with US forces spending most of their time looking out for Afghan soldiers who might turn their guns on their supposed ally and “mentor” American troops.
For a real measure of Gen. Petraeus , go to Admiral William Fallon — that rare military leader who had the guts to tell President Bush and Cheney he would not allow an attack on Iran “on his watch,” thereby quite possibly saving us all from being at war with Iran years ago. Fallon, who at the time in 2007 was head of Centcom, the military command region covering the entire Middle East, once reportedly called, Petraeus, who was being put in charge of the Iraq theater, an “ass-licking little chicken-shit” — to his face.
Anyhow, what makes the epic collapse of this consummate political general’s career so exquisite is that it was the post-9-11 spying capabilities of the FBI that allowed its agents to slip unannounced into the email of the General’s paramour, Paula Broadwell (a name that could have been selected by Ian Fleming!), and possibly into the general’s own email too, there to find the evidence, allegedly in the form of X-rated letters, of a covert adulterous relationship underway.
We now know that the FBI was alerted to this breach of decorum (if the illicit romance began while Petraeus was on active duty in Afghanistan, he could be prosecuted under the same rules that have led to the prosecution of many lower ranking offers: bringing ill-repute upon the military) and lack of judgement on the part of the head of the nation’s spooks, by a second woman, Jill Kelley, who was a volunteer military liaison and family friend of the Petraeus clan. Kelley’s closeness to Petraeus allegedly caused the jealous Broadwell to allegedly send threatening emails to her imagined rival, including one that told her to “stay away from my guy!”
It seems likely Kelley, in asking the FBI to put a halt to the threatening emails, would have been quick to point out that Broadwell was having an affair with Petraeus. In any event, once the FBI successfully go the telecom company she was using to allow them into Broadwell’s email, that would have been clear, and it would have been easy work to move on to the general’s own cache of love letters (in which he may have been referred to by Broadwell by what she told the Daily Show’s John Stewart was his childhood nickname “Peaches”).
The CIA chief was thus done in by the Patriot Act and other assorted violations of the First and Fourth Amendments, all backed by Gen. Petraeus  and his political promoters in Congress and the White House, as well as in the corporate media.
[Dick:  The Humanist version of this essay adds 2 important paragraphs.]
Of course, while we can enjoy this payback, and speculate on how it must be giving the shivers to many a White House staffer and member of Congress, it should also be a warning to us all that the FBI, the CIA, and the myriad other intelligence agencies littering the US landscape, these days have virtually limitless ability to monitor our every email message, tweet and phone call.
Maybe we should invite the now humbled Petraeus to become the poster child for a renewed battle to restore the Bill of Rights.
DAVE LINDORFF is a founding member of ThisCantBeHappening!, the new independent Project Censored Award-winning online alternative newspaper. His work, and that of colleagues JOHN GRANT, LORI SPENCER, LINN WASHINGTON, JR. and CHARLES M. YOUNG, can be found at

A Call for Heresy: Why Dissent Is Vital to Islam and America,  by  Anouar Majid.  U of Minn. P, 2009.
A Call for Heresy
Confronting the fundamentalism that afflicts both Islam and the United States through traditions of dissent
A Call for Heresy discovers unexpected common ground in the deepening conflict between the Islamic world and the United States. Anouar Majid argues that the Islamic world and the United States are both in precipitous states of decline because, in each, religious, political, and economic orthodoxies have silenced the voices of their most creative thinkers. The solution, Majid argues, is a long-overdue revival of dissent.
A towering Islamic intellectual.

Andrew J. Bacevich Breach of Trust
Metropolitan Books/Macmillan, 2013.  American Empire Project.


BookAudio BookeBook
A blistering critique of the gulf between America’s soldiers and the society that sends them off to war, from the bestselling author of The Limits of Power and Washington Rules
The United States has been “at war” for more than a decade. Yet as war has become normalized, a yawning gap has opened between America’s soldiers and the society in whose name they fight. For ordinary citizens, as former secretary of defense Robert Gates has acknowledged, armed conflict has become an “abstraction” and military service “something for other people to do.”
In Breach of Trust, bestselling author Andrew Bacevich takes stock of the separation between Americans and their military, tracing its origins to the Vietnam era and exploring its pernicious implications: a nation with an abiding appetite for war waged at enormous expense by a standing army demonstrably unable to achieve victory. Among the collateral casualties are values once considered central to democratic practice, including the principle that responsibility for defending the country should rest with its citizens.
Citing figures as diverse as the martyr-theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the marine-turned-anti-warrior Smedley Butler, Breach of Trust summons Americans to restore that principle. Rather than something for “other people” to do, national defense should become the business of “we the people.” Should Americans refuse to shoulder this responsibility, Bacevich warns, the prospect of endless war, waged by a “foreign legion” of professionals and contractor-mercenaries, beckons. So too does bankruptcy—moral as


This newsletter continues OMNI’s NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL DAYS PROJECT.  Half of the Project affirms nonviolent DAYs, such as Human Rights Day.  The other half offers alternatives to violent, imperial, or generally misdirected days, as with the following:
Feb. 14:  Standing on the Side of Love Day (formerly Valentine’s Day)
May, 2nd Sunday: Julia Ward Howe’s Mother’s Day for Peace (Mother’s Day)
3rd Sat. in May: Peace Forces Day  (Armed Forces Day)
May, last Monday:  Day of Mourning for Victims of Wars (Memorial Day)
June 14:  Liberty and Justice for All Day (Flag Day)
June, 3rd Sunday:  Father’s Day for Peace  (Father’s Day)
September 11 (9-11):  Peaceful Tomorrows Day (Patriot Day)
Oct.,  2nd Monday: Indigenous Peoples Day (Columbus Day):
Nov. 11: World Unity Day   (Veterans Day) (Or Armistice Day in 1918 when WWI ended).
November: Fourth Thursday:  National Day of Gratitude and Atonement (Thanksgiving)
December 7:   Pacific Colonial War Day (Pearl Harbor Day)
December 25:  Love and Peacemaking Day (Christmas)


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