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“It has been a mainstay of this book that successful antiwar movements are those that have been able to make direct links with those in the flight path of US aggression and to bring their struggles and concerns directly into the US political arena. Indeed, direct comprehension of their urgent struggles has often been a radicalizing factor in antiwar campaigns.”” Richard Seymour, American Insurgents: A Brief History of American Anti-Imperialism (2012). p. 193.


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1. Afghanistan's Peace Movement

Apr 8, 2011 – An Afghan Peace Movement, Not a US Peace Jirga. by David Swanson l Truthout . Kabul, Afghanistan - The United States, on the verge of ...

2. The Afghan peace movement

Jan 2, 2010 – The Afghan peace movement. As we saw in the previous blog entry, in December there were three disastrous nighttime raids carried out by (so ...

3. Building a Non-Violent Peace Movement in Afghanistan
War Is A ...

Apr 5, 2011 – ... Twitter • Search • Talk Nation Radio. You are hereBlogs / davidswanson's blog / Building a Non-Violent Peace Movement in Afghanistan ...


1. Afghanistan's emerging antiwar movement -

Oct 20, 2008 – Afghan NGOs are teaching human rights and Islamic law along with calls to end the war with a national peace jirga.


2. Stop the War Coalition

2 hours ago – Jewish Voice for Peace, 17 July 2012 Palestine and Israel. Jewish voices in ... Across Afghanistan the message is the same: leave our country now. ... Story of UK's biggest ever mass movement in pictures for first time. How to ...

3. Afghanistan Peace Movement and rescue

Now • May. Afghanistan Peace Movement and rescue is on Facebook. To connect with Afghanistan Peace Movement and rescue, sign up for Facebook today.

4. Peace activist Kathy Kelly just back from Afghanistan will speak in ...

1 post - Jun 12

In her June 12 talk, she will describe life in Afghanistan today, the growing peace movement there, and the recently signed Strategic ...

5. Peace Movement Betrays Afghan President Karzai

Apr 11, 2010 – Afghan President Karzai has been a man of peace, first noted in 1994 when he tried to stop the rebel factions from fighting with each as the ...

6. Images for Afghanistan peace movement

- Report images




1. Afghanistan Peace Movement and rescue - Résumé

Afghanistan Peace Movement and Rescue / دافغانستان دسولي اوژغورني غورځنګ/ جنبش صلح ونجات افغانستان. Mission. Comitted to Afghanistan 's National ...

2. Peace Movement of Afghanistan - Milcord Complex Operations Wiki

The Peace Movement of Afghanistan is an Afghan political party. The party's name is translated as "Da Afghanistan Da Solay Ghorzang Gond" and "De ...


3. After Chicago, After Afghanistan: The Complexities Ahead for the ...

May 22, 2012 – The peace movement can and will have to merge with the populist movements opposing austerity budgets and Wall Street crimes.

4. An Afghan Peace Movement, Not a US Peace Jirga - David Swanson

Apr 9, 2011 – Kabul, Afghanistan - The United States, on the verge of shutting down its own government for lack of funds, just forked over another $50 million ...

5. Anti-war movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to Afghanistan War‎: There was initially little opposition to the 2001 Afghanistan War in the United States and the United Kingdom, which was seen

7. 2012: Ending the War in Afghanistan « Peace Action Blog

Jan 26, 2012 – Founded in 1957 Peace Action is the largest grassroots peace ... others in the peace movement, troops are slowly coming out of Afghanistan.

8. Doubletalk on Afghanistan: War is Peace; Escalation is Withdrawal ...

Doubletalk on Afghanistan: War is Peace; Escalation is Withdrawal, The Peace Movement Is Stepping it Up. December 3rd, 2009. By Kevin Zeese. If I ever get ...

6. Come Home America
Join Citizens Opposed To War and Empire!

Add signature below the page of the full text of the or send an email to akeaton@ Posted in Afghanistan, Barack Obama, The New Peace Movement ...

9. Rethink Afghanistan - The Long War Needs a Long Peace Movement

Welcome to the School of Activism with Tom Hayden! For our fourth and final session, after a brief report on the latest developments, we will focus on how social ...

4. Antiwar Movement Plans Fall Campaign on Afghanistan - NYTimes ...

Aug 29, 2009 – Demonstrations, lobbying, teach-ins and memorials in October are to publicize the casualty count and cost of the war and pressure Congress to ...

5. Afghan Peace Movement - War News Radio from Swarthmore ...

Host Intro: The Afghan government has made gestures in the name of progress such as the recent Peace jirga, but they have been criticized as shallow a.

6. U.S. Army Vets Join with Afghans for Peace to Lead Antiwar March ...

May 21, 2012 – I'm representing Afghans for Peace. We're a global Afghan-led peace movement speaking out against the occupation and war in Afghanistan.

7. The Peace Movement and The Roller Coaster Ride of US War Policy

Feb 27, 2011 – Interestingly, current reports surrounding Afghanistan are in synch with what the peace movement has been saying since the beginning about ...

7. Now That Support for Afghan War Down to 34%, How Should Peace ...

Jan 6, 2011 – This is an exciting time for the anti-war movement, but also a time to not drop the ball. Support for the war in Afghanistan has been driven down ...

8. House liberals force vote on pullout from Afghanistan › Politics › In Congress

Mar 9, 2010 – "We want to light the fire of the American peace movement. ... A $96.7 billion funding bill for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan drew 60 "no" votes ...

9. Tom Hayden: Afghanistan, Obama, the Peace Movement, and the ...

Tom Hayden: Afghanistan, Obama, the Peace Movement, and the Long War February 1st, 2011. Afghanistan/Pakistan War Forum. When: Monday, February 7 , ...

10. Obama's Afghanistan Speech and the Anti-War Movement

This could represent a significant shift in the anti-war movement from a long period of shrinking and retraction into a period of growth. Of course, we should be ...

1. Afghans For Peace
Representing Afghan Voices for Peace

Afghans for Peace By now, you've probably heard about the tragic shooting of Malala Yousufzai, a politically outspoken 14 year-old girl from the Swat Valley in ...

About Us

Our Mission: The mission of AFP is to mobilize Afghans world-wide ... War and Peace News

War and Peace News Archive. Obama Anti-War Convergence ...

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2. Afghans for Peace

Afghans for Peace. 3965 likes • 845 talking about this.

3. IVAW and Afghans for Peace Lead Historic March on NATO ...

May 23, 2012 – Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans, hand-in-hand with Afghans for Peace, made history this Sunday when we led a march of thousands against ...


Afghans for Peace - YouTube

► 2:52► 2:52 18, 2010 - 3 min - Uploaded by afghans4peace

Afghans for Peace (AFP) is an alliance of Afghans from various ethnic, religious, socio-economic, cultural, and ...


U.S. Army Vets Join with Afghans for Peace to Lead Antiwar March ...

►► 27, 2012

The antiwar march at the NATO summit on May 20 in Chicago was jointly led by members of Afghans for ...


U.S. Army Vets Join With Afghans For Peace to Lead Anti-War ...

► 5:07► 5:07 21, 2012 - 5 min - Uploaded by democracynow - Sunday's antiwar march at the NATO summit in Chicago was led by members of Iraq ...

7. More videos for Afghans for Peace »

8. Afghans for Peace (afghansforpeace) on Twitter

Afghans for Peace. @afghansforpeace. AFP is an alliance of Afghans with a united vision for a democratic, all inclusive, just and peaceful Afghanistan.

Afghans for Peace

by Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox

Dear Friend,

We at Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox have been a consistent, loud, and uncompromising voice for peace during the Obama administration.

More people (US troops and Afghans, alike) have died in Afghanistan since Obama took over management of that war.

This Sunday, on the Soapbox, I talk to Fatima, from Afghans for Peace. Afghans must, themselves, lead any effort for peace in that region.

Here is the video that Fatima wanted us to watch that highlights the struggle for integrity of vision and principle even within her own community.

You can listen to this show Sunday, March 25, at 2pm Pacific at Community Progressive Radio---or any time thereafter at Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox Archives.

Help Farzana and Afghan youth find '2 Million Friends' for peace in Afghanistan

Be One of ‘2 Million Friends’! for peace in Afghanistan

Join the ‘2 Million Friends’ Campaign.

Farzana, 22 year old Afghan stage actress, and a member of the Afghan Peace Volunteers, said, “When I express the whole range of emotions on stage, I enter an awareness, and a thrilling consciousness of human reality. I have a pain and my husband and fellow Afghan citizens, men and women, share the pain with me. It is the pain of being treated as less than humans. We are human beings. We have wishes. War has brought this pain on us. War kills our joy and hides our tears.”

Farzana calls out to our compassionate imagination, “Instead of fight, talk and build, I suggest, ‘Be friends, talk and build!’”

Listen to Farzana and the Afghan Peace Volunteers say in this video clip “Be One of 2 Million Friends!”

Learn more about Becoming A Friend

Give Afghan women a voice!

Karen Jacob via

April 11, 2012 to jbennet

Dear WAND Supporter,

Rangina Hamidi is a 35-year-old Afghani woman whose family fled to the United States during the Soviet occupation in 1981. With the threat of the Taliban’s return to power and activity in Afghanistan, fear is in the air - especially for women.

Susan Shaer (WAND executive director) and I met with Rangina a few weeks ago. Rangina asks that we tell members of Congress that women’s needs are fundamental to the freedom and security of families, tribes and communities.

Hillary Clinton has lifted up the absolute necessity of having women at the tables of peacemaking in Afghanistan, and everywhere. Yet few U.S. congresswomen are aware of President Obama’s National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security released in December, 2011, and how it can affect U.S. plans for providing security for the women of Afghanistan after we leave.

Donate to WAND Education Fund now to help enlighten

Congress about the National Action Plan.

U.S. troops will leave soon, so I, you, we, feel urgency to protect the citizens, the women and children, the old and infirm, from endless tragedy. You can help tell Congress to consider how to protect them. WAND has the expertise to help these groups educate elected leaders. WAND understands what policy makers need to think about on the road ahead.

Sincerely,Karen Jacob, WAND Board Chair, Goshen, Indiana

691 Massachusetts Ave.
Arlington, MA 02476 US






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