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Ending Poverty, Hunger, and Wars

How you can help end poverty and war with Food Not Bombs

Our new book about Food Not Bombs written, designed and illustrated by Food Not Bombs cofounder Keith McHenry

Food Not Bombs has proven to be an effective project for social change. Hungry For Peace passionately makes the case that we should take action to end hunger, poverty and war providing shocking evidence that our future is in peril if we sit by and do nothing. This book will motivate you to take acting and provides hope. This new 180 page Food Not Bombs handbook with 120 photos and illustrations, vegan recipes to provide meals for groups of 100 and families of 6 people with metric and U.S. measurements, the 30 year history of the movement and logistics on how to start a local Food Not Bombs group, how to prepare meals for hundreds, how to organize meetings, tours, gatherings and successful campaigns of nonviolent direct action. This 8 1/2 by 11 inch book also provides flyers you can reprint, the time line of major events in the history of the movement and many other useful details to help change society. This book will help you and your friends do your part to participate in the global uprising.


"I wanted to write and express my sincere thanks for sending me the new Food Not Bombs book. It 's beautifully written and was a great inspiration to me. There aren't many books that made me cry and be encouraged at the same time. Ironically, as I was reading I was also watching the police tear down the kitchen at Occupy Denver."
Hillary, Boulder Colorado

"Sharing food is a basic human function, and peace is humankind's highest aspiration. Food Not Bombs brings both of these together in a powerful way, providing a recipe not only for great vegan meals but for creating a better world right here and now. This book will serve you well! "
Randall Amster, J.D., Ph.D. Graduate Chair of Humanities Prescott College Executive Director, Peace & Justice Studies Association

Please consider helping build the Food Not Bombs Movement by placing a display ad in your newsletter, zine or on your website or blog. (Email us if you need help.)

PAPER BACK out this Fall - ISBN 978-1-937276-06-5 - Price $18.95 per copy.


Our first book helped hundreds of people start local Food Not Bombs groups and introduced thousands of others to the movement for to social change. With the addition information in our new book we expect to encourage another wave of interest. We sold 10,000 copies of "Food Not Bombs, How to Feed The Hungry and Build Community " and we were down to the last 100 books realized we need to write a new edition to make it current. So many things have changed since 1992 when the first editon of "Food Not Bombs, How to Feed The Hungry and Build Community "was published. This new book includes over 100 diagrams and photos, outlines how you can recover, prepare and share vegan meals with the hungry. Our details on how to start a local group now include the use of the web, email and other technologies not available in 1992. We also added recipes for 6 people along with our tasty recipes for 100 and also include metric measurements to make the book universal. Instead of a focus on American law as we did in the 1992 book we are including information about possible legal issues in countries all over world based on Keith's experience cooking and sharing meals with Food Not Bombs groups during his travels. We also include a history of the first 30 years of Food Not Bombs. There are many flyers and forms you can reprint to help your Food Not Bombs group be as effective as possible.

" Food Not Bombs is a glistening, beautiful arrow pointing us toward another way, rooted in belief that we are all part of one another and that we actually can feed a hungry world while helping our planet survivee. Simplicity, service, sharing and sturdy nonviolent resistance to war and weapons are among the ingredients that guide adherents to one of the finest movements of our time. I 'm delighted that Keith McHenry 's book, Hungry for Peace, will help usher us toward sanity and real security."
Kathy Kelly co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence

"Over and over, we hear the refrain: 'The problems are so big. How can I make a difference?' Keith McHenry and Food Not Bombs answer this question every single day, in words and actions. Face to face with those in need and in the face of those who oppress, McHenry and FNB have blazed a path for 21st century direct action. Their work is based on a truly holistic activist perspective - linking and defying all forms of violence and subjugation. The next time someone asks you what they can do, you might wanna give them a copy of Keith's book 'Hungry For Peace' and start taking action yourself."
Mickey Z., author of "Darker Shade of Green" (Raw Dog Screaming Press)

"The beauty and power of Food Not Bombs is that while serving food is meeting a community need, it is also building community. It is no coincidence that Food Not Bombs has become a mainstay within countless social movements around the world. From street corners to punk houses to mass protests, the humility and compassion shown by giving free food, and helping one another, is inspirational. In 'Hungry for Peace,' Keith McHenry charts the history and vision of Food Not Bombs while also providing the tools needed to get out and--without bosses, leaders or approval - do it yourself."
Will Potter, author of Green Is the New Red: An Insider's Account of a Social Movement Under Siege

"I have worked with Keith and the wonderful people of Food Not Bombs all over the country - the organization is a courageous model for grassroots organizing for effective and positive change. I honor the work and recommend this book!"
Cindy Sheehan - Gold Star Families for Peace and Founder of Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas


The first book, "Food Not Bombs, How to Feed The Hungry and Build Community " is out of print. Please make a contribution to help us distribute our new book to people interested in starting a local Food Not Bombs group. We will be publishing the first edition of "HUNGRY FOR PEACE- How you can help end poverty and war with Food Not Bombs." soon.


Occupy Wall Street Library Reportedly Thrown Away By NYPD

The idea of occupations are explained on Page 86 of Hungry for Peace and included in a number of places in the history section starting on page 103 about the 1989 Tent City Protests in San Francisco and New York City. Copies of Keith McHenry's first book "Food Not Bombs, How to Feed The Hungry and Build Community " were also among the books destroyed.

Taos author"s new book focuses on feeding the hungry - By Ariana Kramer of the Taos News December 10, 2011

"it will be a great day when our schools get the money they need & the air force
has to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber."

The poster that inspired the founding of Food Not Bombs.

Food Not Bombs
P.O. Box 424, Arroyo Seco, NM 87514 USA

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