Monday, November 22, 2010

UN USA Magazine The Independent

The InterDependent:
Providing the Best Coverage on the UN
The Interdependent magazine, an online publication of the United Nations Association of the USA (, offers original reporting on issues related to the United Nations. Recent articles include Barbara Crossette on Iran’s failure to gain a coveted spot on the board of the new UN Women agency; the cholera epidemic in Haiti; and an interview with UN Women’s new chief, Michelle Bachelet.
Mark Turner, a former African and UN correspondent for the Financial Times, reviews a controversial new book on the vagaries of humanitarian aid, “The Crisis Caravan,” by Linda Polman. In Views, Anwarul K. Chowdhury, former UN under secretary-general and high representative, laments the status of the Security Council resolution to protect women in conflict in “When Will Progress Really Be Made for 1325?”
Readers also learn about Unesco’s latest list of intangible cultural assets – French food, geoparks, Croatian singing, among others; what it means to be a UN volunteer; the growing spread of slavery; Guinea’s struggle to carry out its first fair presidential election; the wariness between the UN and the Group of 20; how the US fared in its first peer review at the Human Rights Council; and blog posts on the International Criminal Court.
Since its founding in 1973, The Interdependent, now solely online, has provided news and features on the UN written by top reporters and essayists, the only publication in the world to cover the world body comprehensively and objectively.
To read The ID, go to, and while you’re there, become a member of UNA-USA, a new program of the United Nations Foundation.

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