Friday, November 6, 2009

Carbon Caps Task Force to meet at 1:30 p.m. Sunday November 8 at 3274 Lee Avenue in Fayetteville Arkansas

Asking Ourselves: What’s My Role in the CCTF?

1. Define and discuss expansion of the CCTF mission.
2. Ensure members are up to date on CCTF tasks and gain their input and commitment.
3. Introduce Joanna as the CCTF Facilitator
Will be filled in as Joanna is notified and sent out with reminder
e-mail one day before the meeting.

Date, Time and Duration:
Sunday 11/8/09 from 1-2:30pm
At The New Omni House on 3274 Lee Avenue

• Introductions and any announcements members have…(3 minutes)
• CCTF Mission: Raising Climate Change Consciousness- Education and Beyond…Joanna Pollock (8 minutes).
• Art with Social Purpose, Speaking to Copenhagen…Adam Campbell (10 minutes or less) (A 1sky collaboration)
• Reaching out to Farmers and the American Farm Bureau Hypocrisy…Joanna Pollock (5 minutes or less) (A 1sky collaboration)
• Addressing Anti-Climate Change Legislation Propaganda…Dick Bennett (10 minutes or less)
• Population and Climate Change Book Forum…Joanna Pollock (10 minutes or less).
• Climate Scientist and CAT-TV Forum…Dick Bennett (3 minutes)
• Talking to Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor…Art Hobson.
• Coal Coalition…Joanna Pollock (3 minutes) (A Clean Air Arkansas Collaboration)
• Future Plans and New Ideas…Open to All (10 minutes).

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