Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 24, 2009, is United Nations Day

Today, Oct. 24, we reflect on the founding ideals of the UN and the work it accomplishes around the world.

This year's commemoration is particularly significant as the United States embarks on a new era of global cooperation and engagement with the United Nations.

We at UNA-USA are energized and more committed than ever to our mission to educate, inspire and mobilize Americans in support of the UN's principles and vital work to create a better, safer world. Here is a snapshot of UNA-USA news and events and information on how you can participate:

Major Announcements
UNA Delivers Global Classrooms Curriculum in Chicago
UNA-USA President Tom Miller joined Chicago public school officials and city leaders on Oct. 23 at an international education conference on world studies held at the University of Chicago. The conference also formally reintroduced the expanded Global Classrooms curriculum to educators in the Chicago public school system, where 9th grade students are now required to take world studies courses. Read more about it here.
Board Member Nominated for Post of Ambassador to UN in Geneva
Betty King, a UNA-USA board member and former Unesco ambassador, has been nominated by the White House to be the next US ambassador to the UN in Geneva. Among other roles, this office maintains oversight of the Human Rights Council, which the US joined in May 2009. UNA-USA congratulates Ambassador King on her nomination. Read the full UNA statement here.

Take Action Today
In September, President Obama addressed the UN for the first time, calling for a new era of engagement through the world body. Although he was speaking to world leaders, the president's message can be directed to all of us as individuals. Tell Congress you support international cooperation.
The International Criminal Court is a major achievement of the UN, and UNA has a program, AMICC, to support it. Celebrate this success on UN Day by reminding the administration to support the ICC..
UN Day Events
UNA-USA chapters nationwide are holding events to commemorate UN Day. From university campuses to city halls or governors' mansions, serious debates of issues before the UN are taking place. Find an event in your area by visiting our event calendar or learn more about local events here.
Program Events
UNA’s Council of Organizations most recent event highlighted milestones that reflect the international community’s efforts to ensure gender equality and the empowerment of women. Read about their latest event here.
Official UN Day Messages
US President Barack Obama's UN Day Proclamation
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's UN Day Message
US State Department Fact Sheet: US Multilateral Engagement Benefits
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