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Consequences of US empire on endigenous people

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Date: April 14, 2009

Sponsor: OMNI Center for Peace, Justice, and Ecology

Contact: Dick Bennett, 442-4600

SUBJECT: “SORROWS OF EMPIRE,” Displacement of native peoples to accommodate the expansion of the vast U. S. military empire: Diego Garcia, Thule, Greenland, and the Marshall Islands.

Date and Time: Monday, April 27, 2009, 6:00 p.m.

Place: Nightbird Books, Dickson Street in former Smokehouse

SPEAKER: Dud Hendrick

Traveling the world making a film about the Impact of U.S. Military Bases Abroad on Indigenous Peoples.

Moderator: Bill Williams, former president of NWA Veterans for Peace and candidate for Congress

Video: Marion and Bill Orton

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Photos: Karen Idlet


News Release: Amanda and Ryan Bancroft

Dud Hendrick, Vietnam Veteran and Professor of Peace Studies at the University of Maine, will speak on the magnitude and consequences of the U.S. military empire at the Nightbird Bookstore in Fayetteville at 6pm, Monday, April 27th. Hendrick, from Deer Isle, Maine, is President of the founding chapter of Veterans for Peace. His talk, titled “Sorrows of Empire” (borrowed from the author Chalmers Johnson*) will address, in particular, the displacement of indigenous peoples to make way for U.S. military installations abroad.

Hendrick is in Arkansas to meet and speak with Marshall Island people whose culture, economy, and health were impacted by the atomic bomb testing in the Pacific. His focus has been on the Marshallese as well as the people of Thule, Greenland and of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. In June and July of last year he had the opportunity to witness trial proceedings at the House of Lords in London when the demand for return and restitution for the Chagos of Diego Garcia was being considered. In September, he lived among and interviewed the Inughuits who had been displaced to make way for Thule Air Base, where he had been assigned as a young U.S. Air Force officer. The talk will be followed by video of some of these conversations.

Hendrick is a Naval Academy graduate and a founding member of Service Academy Graduates Against the War. In 1998, he returned to Vietnam on a healing bicycle ride from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City with other veterans from both sides of that war. He credits this transformative experience with having enabled him to appreciate the “humanity in the other”. His work is dedicated to the friendships he made on that occasion and to amplifying the voices of the victims of the U.S. military empire.

SORROWS OF EMPIRE A talk by Dud Hendrick

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Dick Bennett

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