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OMN bibliography number 31 by Dr. James Richard Bennett

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We , the People: A popular government without popular knowledge is a farce. Madison.

Propaganda as a major source of social control in the U. S. is inseparable from the culture of the U.S. –it’s everywhere, in symbols, myths, entertainment, the capitalist system, the militarized economy, the two-party politics. And in public relations/advertising—commercial and political. In his public relations manual of 1928, Edward Bernays explained the “very essence of the democratic process” to be “the freedom to persuade and suggest” by “the engineering of consent.” “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.” The business community and the executive branch of government with their enormous powers have put Bernays’ lessons to decisive use.

But in many niches one can find autonomous, independent alternatives, opposition, protest, values, and pathways pointing to a more free, just, caring, and peaceful world. (See at end for a summary of values espoused by OMNI.) The books and films in these bibliographies are one of those openings. They expose the controls and controllers, and they lead to a different country. To follow up this argument, read the books by Noam Chomsky (three mentioned below), my bibliographies Control of Information in the U.S. and Control of the Media in the U.S, and the many books on Activism and Hope in my preceding OMNI Bibliographies.

So all you autonomous OMNI members who enjoy reading books, create or join an OMNI Book Forum, tell about a book or books on OMNI’s 5-minute Book Sampler over CAT. Start a book discussion group. Gather a children's group for a true history of the USA. And if you can afford them, buy books: we won’t have books supporting Gandhi/King nonviolence, world peace, social and economic justice, human rights, and environmental stewardship unless we buy them. FREADOM.

Needed: someone to gather these biblios. into one.

Our representatives are dominated by the Corporate/Military State and will not seek meaningful changes unless we insist.

SENATOR LINCOLN (202) 224-4843 Fax: (202) 228-1371.

Fayetteville office: 251-1380;;;

SENATOR Mark Pryor: Phone: (202) 224-2353 Fax: (202) 228-0908. ;

CONGRESSMAN Boozman: Lowell office: 479-725-0400.

DC address: 1708 Longworth House Office Bldng., Washington, DC 20515; 202-225-4301.

(You might have noticed that I never use the word "America," but only North America or USA. We have arrogantly stolen the word America from the many countries of the Americas, so I invite you to join me.)


--Sirota, David. The Uprising. A book that challenges the status quo, questions the media and political Establishment and asks tough questions.

The Uprising by David Sirota - Hardcover - Random House

In his invigorating new book, David Sirota investigates whether this uprising can be transformed into a unified, lasting political movement. ...

--Hertel, Shareen. Unexpected Power: Conflict and Change Among Transnational Activists. Cornell UP, 2006. Rev. Peace and Change (April 2006). Expands the work of Keck and Sikkink, Activists Beyond Borders (1998) to add to Northern/Western rights frame the Souther economic and structural analysis.

--Lisa Witter, COO of Fenton Communications and co-author of The She Spot: Why Women are the Marketing for Changing the World - And How to Reach Them

--Reich, Charles. Opposing the System. Crown, 1995. A prescient writer, arguing for constitutional curbs on corporate tyranny, a restored social contract for economic justice, and a resurgent protest movement guided by a new map of values.

AFGHANISTAN (see: Imperialism, Iraq)

Kolhatkar, Sonali. Bleeding Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords, and the Propaganda of Silence. 2006. (See Biblio. 30.)

Some older books:

Linzey, Andrew. Christianity and the Rights of Animals. Has an extensive “Guide to Further Reading.”

Nichol, John, The Animal Smugglers; Harriet Ritvo, The Animal Estate…in the Victorian Age; C. David Coats, Old MacDonald’s Factory Farm; Marjorie Spiegel, The Dreaded Comparison—Human and Animal Slavery; Collard w Contrucci, Rape of the Wild: Man’s Violence Against Animals and the Earth; George Wenzel, Animal Rights, Human Rights…Canadian Arctic.


The 2 combined nos. of WIN (Spring/Summer 2008) resemble a book. They report interviews with 90 Peace and Justice Organizers who respond to Where to From Here? An Assessment of Antiwar Organizing and Activism. Sections on: What is lacking in the peace and antiwar movement? What constraints do we face in organizing? What are the biggest openings and opportunities for organizing today? How do we build a more multiracial and cross-class antiwar movement? What roles can veterans, soldiers and military families play in ending war? What is the relevance of nonviolence today? How do we link peace and justice issues and build alliances? What does base-building look like in antiwar organizing?

ASSASSINATION (see: National Security State)

BIGOTRY (see: Racism)

BUSH (see: Afghanistan, Iraq, Nuremberg)

--Suskind, Ron. The Way of the World: The Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism. How the US relinquished the moral leadership it needs to deal with the world’s problems constructively, and how some people are struggling to reclaim it. A “blow-by-blow, inside-the-administration account.” Interv. Amy Goodman on CAT, 8-13 and 8-14-08.

--Callahan, Francis. Does W Stand for Worst? The Record of G. W. Bush.

--Bugliosi, Vincent. The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. Bush’s lies about WMD in Iraq deceived Congress and caused tens of thousands of deaths.

Vincent Bugliosi: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

The above is an excerpt from the book The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder by Vincent Bugliosi Published by Vanguard Press; ... - 211k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

YouTube - Hearing on Limits of Executive Power: Vincent Bugliosi

Jul 25, 2008 ... Vincent Bugliosi's opening statements during the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the constitutional limits of executive power. - 126k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

Famed prosecutor and #1 New York Times bestselling author Vincent Bugliosi has written the most powerful, explosive, and thought-provoking book of his ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Undoing the Bush/Cheney Legacy: A Tool Kit for Congress" by Ann Fagan Ginger. 2008.

The new Congress has the power -- and the duty -- to repeal or amend all

"laws" put into effect in the Bush Administration that ignore basic U.S. law.

These "laws" run from A to W -- from Agriculture/land/crops to Water

Rights and Welfare Rights. There are so many of these "laws" that each one must be described briefly in order to make this booklet handy to use -- in making presentations to Congress, to the public, and to the media.

Many of these "laws" are statutes proposed by Bush/Cheney, passed by the

House and Senate, signed by Bush, then funded in the next Bush budget passed by Congress. The basic law ignored in Bush "laws" is found in the U.S. Constitution, particularly the "promote the general welfare" clause, the Ninth Amendment “protection of other [...] rights retained by the people,” and in the Bill of Rights. "Bush laws" also contradict the United Nations Charter articles for promoting human rights and against war. And they do not enforce the three treaties ratified by the U.S. in 1992 and 1994: the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR); Convention

Against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT); the Convention on Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD). Under the Constitution, Article IV, clause 2, all of these treaties are "the supreme law of the land." (see at end for more)

CONGRESSMAN Boozman: Lowell office: 479-725-0400.

DC address: 1708 Longworth House Office Bldng., Washington, DC 20515; 202-225-4301.

CAPITALISM USA (see: Climate Change, NSS, Wars)

--Greider, William. Come Home, America. 2008. See his essay in The Nation (August 18-25, 2008), “Economic Free Fall?” “We are flirting with catastrophe, a danger compounded by dependence on foreign creditors,” a “peril…vastly larger than…the savings and loan bailout of the late 1980s.”

Two looks back in time:

--Waldman, Michael. Who Robbed America? A Citizen’s Guide to the Savings and Loan Scandal. Intro. by Ralph Nader. Random House, 1990. See Also: Richard Kluger, Ashes to Ashes: America’s Hundred-Year Cigarette War, the Public Health, and the Unabashed Triumph of Philip Morris. Knopf, 1996.


Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media (with Edward Herman).

Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies.

Deterrring Democracy.


“Constantine’s Sword” doc. film, 95 min. Storyville Films, 2008. Rev. PeaceWork (July-Aug 2008). Broadly “a discerning exploration of Christian-influenced political power, violence, and war” that explains “how Christian hegemony institutionally feeds militarism.” Film draws from the life and work of James Carroll and his 2001 book, Constantine’s Sword: The Church and the Jews. It “focuses on the roots of Christian zealotry in US political affairs—and the consequences for Jews,” reviewing “how contemporary Christian militarism in the US fits into the long centuries of violent Christian anti-Semitism.” Carroll is also the author of the greatest critical history of the Pentagon, House of War.


Dick Bennett
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