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Global warming called a war-generating machine

Global Warming is a war generating machine. Fight it to avoid more conflict.
Cutting back would hae been gentle if started iin 1990. Sarting cutting back this late, now, if to be successful - it's going to be really drastic. But even so, not as bad as the comnig Runaway Global Warming.

Harry Holloway
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Various C&C News World Environment Day

[1] “The Age of Stupid”

Simply the best film on climate change ever made. The 'Age of Stupid'
was previewed to a selcted audience in London yesterday.

This full-length climate docu-drama is certainly informative. It is also
authentically hilarious yet gut-wrenching around the folly of our double
standards on the global impacts of poverty and climate change - now and
into the future.

The film's grim prognosis is seen ‘retrospectively’ by the actor Peter
Postlethwaite. He reviews the descent into the hell-on-earth of runaway
climate change from a specially created ‘future-archive for a failed
civilizations’ in the Artic Ocean.

Picking up the words of a Katrina survivor he asks ‘how could we have
been so stupid?’

The film recognises that the only serious proposal between now and that
prognosis-come-true is C&C.

As serious critical journalism, this film ranks with Naomi Klein, Robert
Fiske and a host of eminent others. But for relevance it outranks them
all as it understand the reality in the recent words about climate
change of James Hansen: - “The stakes, for all life on the planet,
surpass those of any previous crisis. The greatest danger is continued
ignorance and denial, which could make tragic consequences unavoidable.”

An extraordinarily effective piece of work. If five-stars is tops this
gets them all.

The general release date has not yet been revealed.

All this goes straight to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Climate
Change. The news from there is that the UK Climate Bill is back for
'debate' in the UK Parliament next week. Still without any coherent
methodology behind its numbers for emissions control, it is said the
Government want its 'Royal Assent' before summer recess [Mid July].

This UK 'uni-lateralism' is at odds with the debate beginning again in
the US Senate where, the Liebermann 'Climate Act' notwithstanding, the
demand for globality [this equals at least India and China on the
accounts] hasn't gone away and the 'pragmatic' C&C answer to this
stand-off has been upheld on both sides of that divide.

We are now beyond climate denial. So the severe and worsening problem
for us is 'picking emissions control numbers out-of-a-hat' . . . that
don't add up now to a coherently safe and stable ppmv outcome. With
Hansen calling for 350 ppmv [!] all out best local efforts will be
wasted in the large global failure that attends this absence.

As the film upholds, there is a way to address this - its called C&C.


[2] Fair Shares Fair Choice: -
A brilliant local campaign in the UK South West specifically based on
C&C: -

. . . . has reached the support figure of 1,000 MPs and Councillors etc.
Here is the press release from Sustainability South West: -


[3] Nice new website for the indefatigable C&C champion Mayer Hillman: -


[4] A very funny and very clever critique of Foot-printing/C&C at ‘Cheat
Neutral’: -


[5] Some more C&C input to Government from: - [Plaid Cymru] [Brecon Beacons] [Welsh Greens]


[6] Derek Wall of the UK Green Party – “C&C is Progress”!

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Dick's Wars and Warming KPSQ Radio Editorials (#1-48)