Sunday, April 13, 2008

Film on effect of war on the environment draws crowd in D.C.

To all of you who attended the lecture by Alice and Lincoln Day at Terra Studios or who knew about their visit and their film on war and the environment, and to all who care about the environment (that means you!), here is an inspiring letter from them about the film's enthusiastic premiere.
And a gratifying thank you note regarding OMNI's early support of the film.
This film will provide new motivation and energy for the peace and environment organizations to work together even more closely.
We could start the an organization to decry the destruction of land and species in Iraq as the result of the illegal invasion and occuipation (as a part of OMNI's developing Campaign Against the Iraq War). OMNI for the Land and Species of Iraq? May several step forward.
We could bring the Days back to show their film? A coordinator? Will need to raise at least some of the money.
At least to arrange a showing of their film.

Dick Bennett
(479) 442-4600

From: Alice & Lincoln Day []
Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2008 9:26 AM
To: Dick Bennett
Subject: DVD on the way

Dear Dick:
Thank you so much for passing on the poetry, "Side Effects," by Marge Piercy. It speaks exactly to what we hope to convey in our documentary.
Good to know that you are still out there pursuing peace. At the moment, opportunities for withdrawing from Iraq seem to be ever-receding. Petraeus and Crocker managed to have it all their way, hedging their bets about "progress" and putting the Democratic candidates in the position of having to bow to their "expertise" and onsite experience.
We wanted to you let you know that "Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives: the Environmental Footprint of War" was officially launched, Tuesday, March 11, 2008, as the opening film in the 16th. annual Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital.
The event exceeded our wildest hopes and expectations. The Carnegie Institution (400 seats) was filled to capacity and we are told that 100 or more people were waiting in line outside who, unfortunately, were unable to get in. The end of the film was met with hearty and sustained applause. In the panel discussion after the screening, six of the specialists we interviewed in the film participated in answering questions from the audience.
We have received many cards, e-mails, and telephone calls from people saying that they were really moved by the film. As well, there have been many inquiries about organizing other showings.
Both the turnout and the enthusiastic response have been very gratifying. In the last 4 weeks since the film was first shown, we have engaged in (or planned for the near future) some 11 additional presentations, each of which opens new opportunities.
We are sending you a DVD of the March 11 version of the film, as well as, a program note that we wrote for the Festival catalogue and a list of the final 13 people we interviewed on film.
April 22, it will be 2 years since we visited you in Fayetteville. You gave us an initial big push. Many thanks for that and for keeping in touch.
All the best to you and the Hales and the other fine people we met.
Alice and Link
Alice & Lincoln Day
2124 Newport Place, NW
Washington, DC 20037-3001
202 293-4798

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