Wednesday, March 5, 2008

SATURDAY, MARCH 8th, 12:30-3pm
The OMNI Center for Peace Justice and Ecology Presents

5 Years too Many
Bring the Troops Home Now!
Join the Street Demonstration protesting the 5th anniversary of the Iraq War

SATURDAY, MARCH 8th, 12:30-3pm
Evelyn Hills Shopping Center Parking Lot
in Fayetteville, 1554 N. College

Show your opposition to the War in Iraq by participating in a street demonstration Saturday, March 8, 2008.

Be one of the hundreds of people who will be standing on both sides of N. College - from Dickson to Township - calling for an end to the War in Iraq.

We will meet in the parking lot at Evelyn Hills Shopping Center, 1554 N. College in Fayetteville at 12:30pm. Signs and banners will be provided to take to your designated positions along N. College.

The OMNI street demonstration joins hundreds of Peace and Justice groups across the country who will be demonstrating against the Iraq War throughout the month of March.

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